Who else visited Kabul in the recent days?

I saw lots of other players in the air while flying there so I guess, many of you might have visited it.
So, what is your opinion on the ground texture, housing models and the look of the city in general?

I looked it up at Bing maps before and was expecting well visuals.
I took a flight from Dushanbe via Kunduz to Bagram and then Kabul. Dushanbe had some mesh issues along river lines but the ground textures were pretty acceptable all the way beyond south of the Amudaria river, which is the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. South of Kunduz you enter mountainuous terrain which eventually had some patches of generic textures looking pretty ugly.
After leaving the mountains southbound, the Bagram area was quite okayish and my expectations began to peak when getting closer to Kabul.

Unfortunately Kabul looked dreadful. Very dissappointing… satellite ground textures were mixed with generic ones, with ugly transitions and the grey OSM-streets on the generic ground looks unbearable.

Yes, there are currently other and way more serious things about Kabul to find sad (please don’t drift into any other topic then the scenery quality in this thread) but its really sad to discover subpar scenery so often when venturing into the more exotic spots in the MSFS world.

Bagram, view to the North, looks quite ok, besides that generic patch in the lower right corner

The Kabul swamp checkerboard :nauseated_face:, viewing NE, airport in upper center

ugly transitions :face_vomiting: grey cubes floating in a white/greenish swamp, a web of grey streets in the left center

the greyish OSM streets, mixed with rice fields and all sorts of mixed building densities, that just don’t match each other. Blackish patches of satellite photo cloud shadows in the background :expressionless:…

I am one of those who love to use their sim to travel around the globe visiting all kind of places I won’t probably be able to see with my own eyes in this lifetime. We are really depending on Asobo to never stop improving scenery especially outside the usual routes…

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You are trying to say bing maps? Small explanation
on this tiling behaviour can be found here: Giving up on simming after update V? - #142 by scriptkid

Many areas that are hotspots and also areas where nation states unfriendly to transparency have not allowed or released updated aerials. This include North Korea and the People’s Republic of China. Smaller nations with security sensitivity also disallow updated overheads and PG. And in some places, it’s simply because there’s no commercial value in updating the aerials, so no one is spending money on it. MS-Asobo only has access to what is commercially available on the Open Market that meets Bing Maps technical requirements. Jorg and Martial explained this many times in previous Dev Q&As.

This could be a very recent change. Guess: northern part of the city includes Hamid Karzai airport and this handy drone camera overview in MSFS is currently off limits for some people with bad intent planning terrorism ? Very sensible decision… No 3d, that is in this case: no Blackshark AI buildings.

Let’s hope Kabul can be restored anytime soon :anguished:


I like the texture around in the mountaIns. Looks like minecraft.

But here is a little city update
Welcome to Kabul » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Seriously, I didn’t exactly expect or demand MS/Asobo to order aerial photos or photogrammetry quality footage. The current quality on bingmaps (for example) is way higher, so there is definitely data available to build a better ground texture for the area than what we have in the sim right now.

Thanks for reminding me on Jörg’s comments. In one recent interview he gave in German regarding the coming Germany+Austria+Switzerland World Update, he confirmed that he aims to put updates out until the whole globe is serviced, so this can give us hope :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course we will have to live with satellite-data instead of aerial images in all the areas around the globe, where the security situation doesn’t foster commercial interest for aerial imagery or even forbids any flights for obvious reasons.

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