Why are we not talking about the fact the mouse is dead in VR, this is GAME BREAKING

Why are we not talking about the fact the mouse is dead in VR, this is GAME BREAKING


We are talking about it, but they close the threads. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/the-silence-since-su7-was-released-is-deafening/476626


There’s many things broken but I agree, the mouse not working properly is a big one. I have mapped the control-0 to a button because I need to use it so often. It’s a constant battle.

Sometimes the mouse completely disappears and I have to peek under my headset to see my monitor. I can press the win-tab keys to go into task view, wriggle my mouse to find it again and then click on the game window to return to the cockpit. Finally press control-0 again and then the mouse comes back.

It’s crazy. Where’s the hotfix?


Because its not dead. I’m using mouse fine in VR. The only issue is the toolbar which requires mapping a button to ctrl-0. An inconvenience yes, but pronouncing it dead is a tad melodramatic.


I fully agree!

I mapped ctrl-0 to one of my mouse buttons, press it as soon as I get into the cockpit, and use my pointer as usual during the remainder of my flight.

No need to ever repeat ctrl-0, once pressed the mouse pointer works in VR.
Really no big deal!

The toolbar not working isn’t the only issue. For me personally, I don’t care much about that bug since I rarely use the toolbar. What I do care about is how moving many of the switches in the TBM 930 with the mouse has become a nightmare post SU7. I spend all my time in the TBM 930 but I guess this issue can be found in other aircraft as well.

I really do like MSFS but seeing how Asobo keeps releasing known bugs affecting people in a very bad way. Bugs which are very obvious to spot and not complicated to figure out and address, that’s really sad and takes away much of the good feeling with MSFS. Especially when the same story is repeated over and over again like in this case.

Turning home cockpit mode on in camera settings works best for me.

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Can you reset your viewpoint using this setting? I can’t…

I do turn home cockpit on too, and it does allow me to move the panels, but I can’t zoon in or out to read the instrument, and the moving the camera button on my flight stick does not work either, I saw other remarks about mapping Ctrl-0 to one button, not sure exactly what it is, I am a bit new to this, but I will ckeck, I suppose there is one way to go around this, just have to find it or wait for a hotfix…

I just move myself around using the hat switch on my stick, and up down using the thumbstick on the twcs throttle.

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I have a Logitech pro x52, it is probably a matter of mapping or remapping something in the camera options, I have to look a bit more into this

What a frustrating update for us VR users…


Seriously… how do i use the toolbar ig. My left click doestn work… with the oculus controllers the same. After pressing tab i cant activate… tower or map or anything… i searched for keybinding but didnt found. So what to do?

Yes, can’t remember which ones specifically, just experiment while in the plane.

As this sim is now completely broken for us VR flyers I have given up with MSFS 2020 and have gone back to X Plane 11 and Aerofly FS2 . Been having a great time in VR in these sim, its reminded me how good these are especially in the HP reverb G2, looking forward to X Plane 12. No more MSFS store purchases from me as will be buying X Plane goodies for Xmas.


Please see Known Issues.

I had a similar challenges after the update. If you have not already done so, in your controller settings make sure your mouse is using “default configuration”. Then I recommend setting your joystick to the default profile. See how this works. If this helps, I would duplicate the default setting, give it a new name, and then start tweaking it to your needs. I hope this helps ya. . . . If you still have problems, I recommend you try some other msfs 2020 site forums as this one is certainly not the most helpful or polite place to get help. Happy flying WesiWeso

Why are there threads labeled “bug logged” that do not appear in “known issues”?

I get your idea…but consider that if you have to custom map a key to get the mouse to WORK…then it IS broke. I.E. it is NOT working as designed.

And I think everyone’s point is…why is it STILL broke…when obviously as you demonstrated with CTRL-0 hack, it’s a stupid coding issue that would take maybe all of 20 minutes to fix?

And now it is not just the mouse in VR and a host of other issues in VR, the thing will not even boot up in SAFE MODE. If I could get back the money I put in this sim I would take and it and never come back at this point…it is more frustration than fun.

UPDATE Well many months later, still here. Things have improved, but the overall VR experience using the mouse is still an issue.

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