Why so many negative comments?

I don’t understand the amount of negativity. Yes, this sim is far from perfect, but also far from a typical out of the box sim we have been accustomed to all these years. People should really take a breath and give this sim sometime to get up to speed, because at this point, it’s way ahead of any other sim.


I am assuming that those who are playing it without problem aren’t likely to show up here.


from a visual perspective? yes. from an “ability to accurately and reliably SIMULATE a flight from point A to point B” standpoint? no.


I think people wouldve been fine with the product they bought if microsoft named this release as an early access release instead of a full blown actual release, me included.

Im not very satisfied with the current state of msfs2020 what so ever. It looks good, but thats about it.


Just do like me…

Don’t listen/read and fly because despite some bugs (which will be fixed), this sim is just amazing.


Because many of us long life simmers are disapointed,why Because this was being told and we were told it was a SIMULATOR NOT A CASUAL GAME…if you can use an xbox controller its a game.
for the price paid for the deluxe version we expected better systems that worked,example the latitude had a hud that sits there not fuctional lazy.
.the wind always reads 3knts on the nav display and i am getting bounced like a ping pong ball even OTTO the co pilot cannot fly it stright. the dynamics on most of the plane is horrable what they used for controller i have no clue same settings and stick i used for FSx and xplane that worked flawlessly does not work for ■■■■ here the settings page is not accepting key inputs to assign commands I have to scroll to each one clicking the button I want to assign it does nothng trying to assign combo keys does not work because you can only scoll to a single key.
Many of the planes are the same how many single engine sport class glass cockpit planes do you need?
no real seaplanes or float options. where is the 737? the platus, the beaver with floats and tundra tires. the cubs are cool simple but one with skis would have been nice. why no floats on the caravan or a dehavaland beaver? you have a baron and a king air why do i need the diamond when the other two are much better,and 90% of them are twitchy and wobble as hell even with senisitivity adjusted. the project is about half finished. the weather and visuals are great yes…its a foundation but the rest of it is rushed. incompleate.


My opinion from the position of a 10+ year simulation engineer and software developer at the day job… it’s definitely rougher around the edges than it should have been for a release, even with everything considered. And certainly for those who have struggled just to download or start the thing, I can appreciate the frustration there.

As an aside I think the “is it a simulation or is it a game” debate is ridiculous. Almost anything can be a simulation. The old school game “Pong” is a simulation. And as for whether something is “realistic” or not - as the saying goes, all models are wrong and some models are useful.

With that said, I’m still enjoying the experience. Blows default X-Plane out of the water IMO. But still a rougher state than should have been shipped out the door, IMO.

Is what it is. Only question now is what the path will be moving forward, what the cadence will be for updates, and how quickly issues will be addressed.


My grief is the high volume of random crashes. I can’t even make a flight from LAX to Vegas without the game just magically shutting down mid flight.

I love the game to death and it’s such a relaxation when it works. When you’re suggested to reinstall a game with a 90gb download it becomes an annoyance.

At this point if I were to measure my time downloading against my time flying, downloading would win.


Sorry, can’t help you. You are in the wrong thread. There is a Wish List thread, where those who did not even bother to inform themselves about the WIDELY ADVERTISED features of F2020, can also state their wishes. Helping you here with simple tasks like making setting, tuning or assigning keys is not possible either because you don’t explain your problem and I don’t make house calls. Just moaning won’t solve your problems.


To be fair, what you say really depends on what type of flying you do. If you happen to be doing VFR low level in a general aircraft, you are going to be amazed and very content. On the other hand, if you are flying IFR, you are going to be not so content.

And that said, there are a lot of rendering problems for a lot of people when they fly NYC – even VFR low level. For me, it looks bombed out. None of the buildings have the right textures, and it looks like post apocalyptic re-imagined version.

I’ve spot checked a few US cities and don’t see anything really working. But when I fly Europe, boy does it work well.


Widly advertised exactly and guess what its NOT as advertised no need to be RUDE…for a VFR prop plane sim yes for big planes NO plenty of threds complaning about dynamics…I have many posts on the key assignment issue I am not alone in this and everything is updated.


It IS as advertised - that is, for the proper release date sometime just before Xmas (probably) to coincide with the new XBOX release.

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I’ve just come to expect this from the FS community over the decades since internet came to be. We’re a passionate and varied bunch, with different ideas of what we want, and what makes a good sim.

Some criticism is legit. Some, not so much. It’s not up to me to judge which is which much of the time, so I’ll leave it at that.

Things will calm down somewhat, eventually, and the final vote on success will be with our wallets most likely.

Like most, I have my wish list of features I want to see, and my list of things that need fixing to make my experience a better one. I’ll lend my voice to the throng when I feel the discussion is constructive. I’ve long since learned to just avoid the less constructive exchanges however.

Sometimes it’s just best to let frustrations be vented in the long run. People who feel like they’ve been heard often calm down on their own eventually. The result is often a more constructive form of criticism, that actually will help shape the future of the program.


Whoever is responsible for scenery and graphics is a genius and cudos to them. Whoever is responsible for simulation realism and controls need to go back to drawing board. They should lock 10 pilots in a room with devs and don’t come out until all 10 agree this is the best simulation


There is already there https://www.flightsimulator.com/known-issues/, it’s only been 4 days, they need to accumulate issue and fix them for patch, never saw hot fix after few days. Every release of sim are emotional in different way, mostly all buggy.


I have seen that. Believe me I have seen that. Making a Post with common problems and potential solution is not what I have in mind when I think in ‘communicating better’. Thanks for the info tho.

it is not better, it’s the same thing, the fact proven, many users are one sided thinking, tell them anything you want technical or anything, they do not understand. I can post many technical things, from law, license, commercial restriction, deep sdk, they would just reply with their own thing, because they do not understand these language, there is no communication when it’s one sided.


Its kinda like hotel reviews. People who visit places, have a good time and go home generally dont review, its the ones who had a bad time and bad service that do review. The forum may be on fire with angry people but i promise you 90% of the people who purchased the product (of which they had a lotttttt of sales) are too busy enjoying it looking forward to the future rather than forum’ing.

Fact is the only people i feel bad for on here are the ones who have major issues (cant install, cant play, CTDs etc). I don’t really have any pity for the people complaining about the things they would know if they did any research at ALL before release day.

All the testers who were not NDA’d said the same thing - in its current state the game is amazing for low speed low altitute VFR - not so much the IFR high altitude commercial stuff until later on when the study level stuff comes out. EVERYONE was saying it and now there are people here shocked and awed by such a revelation.

Fact is - no sim has ever been this good on release and that’s a fact but some people are more concerned about what they don’t have than what they do. Look at the weather system - the weather looks phenomenal and transitions so naturally from place to place however there are loads of people hung up on the fact it isn’t “Live”, ignoring the fact no other FS outside serious and expensive mods (even they don’t do it nearly as good) has weather transitions even close to it.

At the end of the day just enjoy it and let those who dont refund it and go back to x-plane :).


Really you don’t,one of the largest companies in the world promoting a sim for a long time, flying U tubers to Seattle , none of them experience a bit of trouble with their betas, yet when we put down our money for the game it doesn’t work for a large portion of customers.
Where they surprised by the numbers of customers? Doubtful due to their none stop promotion.
Could they have allowed the game to be downloaded< say a week before launch? Sure they do it all the time with other games.
Oh I don’t know maybe have staff on to do live streams to answer questions and show how to resolve some of the issues.
$128 Bucks ain’t peanuts to a lot of people, so yea I get why there are so many negative comments.


This list is a joke.

Where are the reports of weather and wind being wrong?
What about only a handful of the planes actually being able to stall?
What about the default sensitivity being so absurdly bad you have to set your controllers to -75% to have any semblance of control?
How on earth was the Baron released without an altitude control knob?
Why are all the jets double digits % too powerful?
Why is ground handling so bad for a bunch of the planes? It’s hard to turn them.

This thing was released MONTHS too early. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until they fix it.