Why the silence MS and Asobo?

All I know is before SU5 and the Hot Fix all my peripherals worked. Now they don’t all work. I got some GREAT help from members of this forum in getting everything working before SU5. I assume that after while things will get better, I certainly hope so. Problems that I currently see are the clouds are now “weird”, the scenery looks like one is looking through a blue haze and I don’t like the trade off MS did in regards to frame rates - faster speeds for less accurate scenery. I also don’t like that every update seems to reset everything - why is that??? Why not just leave the users settings alone? I bought FS2020 to use but I seem to be having to “repair” it every time a new update comes out. That is not really what I wanted the app for…I just want to fly!!! FWIW

Here’s Vancouver at 28,000 feet

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“Halt” would insinuate that they can pick things up from where they were left off.

The whole point is that this update erased their progress. So consider it cancelled.

There’s a third reason.They release a statement and people jump down their throats, give abuse, misinterpret what they read or build up false expectations only to have those hopes dashed even more. Don’t get me wrong it’s frustrating but they are ■■■■■■ if they do, ■■■■■■ if they don’t.

here my Milan at FL350


No. Not at all. It simply means the “project as a whole” could resume in the future, which was never denied by anybody.

i think now more than ever they need to come out from under there rock and say sorry we goofed up and at least give us some sort of coms

Are you on ultra? and what level of LOD?

Just tried UK

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What lod sliders? Mine are set to 4 and 4 in the configuration file. Have you tried that? Will hit performance slightly

I think they are referring to the “Terrain Level of Detail slider”, that a lot of users had set to 200, and now seem to need to edit the text file directly to push this higher to get close to what we had before.

Thsts what I mean sorry. So I’ve set the sliders to 4 and 4 (equivalent to 400 and 400) through editing the configuration file.

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See above

Blurry textures are, I think, more likely to be server load issues

sorry, I am not fiddling with config files.
Did that for way too long with earlier sims.
With MSFS it wasnt necessary till SU5

My sliders are at 100 in-game options and that’s exactly how it was before SU5 and it gave much clearer scenery with that very same settings. More or less the same quality you have with the manual editing.

I know, that I can pimp my visuals by changing values in the cfg, but this isnt what it should be.

Quality was reduced for better performance on same settings.

But at least this clarifies why your screenshot is so much better.
You applied the manual workaround, I wait for the Developers to fix it properly.


200 is the maximum in the GUI.

“agile”… “agile” is the root to all problems in this line of work.

+1 to think that ever since downloading the update (forced pushed) to download is a complete shambles the very very slow download and installation which took near enough 24hrs on a 100mbps internet connection. Then to load up and then have to install the content to then waiting for compatibility and then to find its in the mess that’s the sims in atm. I understand the anger and I’m angry also yes it’s Asobo/Microsoft fault and which they cannot to even be bothered to write a post so say we acknowledge the problem and fix is in the works. They should at least let people revert to the previous version or at least to put it through a beta cycle to make sure everything is okay. But yet rushing the Xbox release making us all download at the same time. There is no logic and it’s only going to get worse now that Xbox users are on to it from a download point of view. I get why people are frustrated, angry, disgusted and disappointed


I’ll post a 100/100 slider pic shortly so you can compare. I’m not sure it will be much worse, but we’ll see

I’m only experimenting with editing the configuration. Normally I use 200/200 on the sliders.

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I know, but you seem to miss the point:

I had 100 before SU5 and I still have 100 after SU5 and the quality decreased significantly.

Bottomline: quality was decreased.

I even tried 200 and it still wasnt as good as it was before.


Ah okay. If i set mine to 400, my fps might be 2 lol. Thanks.

Sorry, yes I understood that, but didn’t clarify. For you 100 then does not equal 100 now, and that is what a lot of people are complaining about. Having to change “2” to “4” because the GUI doesn’t allow you to set 400, for example.