Why the silence MS and Asobo?

The SU5 has to be one of the most controversial releases out there.
Some say it has upgraded their performance.
Some say it has downgraded it. The third group is telling how it broke the game and how they get ctd.
It didn’t took long and you replied with a hotfix which must have been as controversal as the su it was supposed to fix.
To some it fixed the problems the previous update brought. To others it broke it. And to some it didn’t do a Jack’s square.

It’s been now (almost) three days since the hotfix and this is where things start to go scary, if one may say so. You haven’t informed anything to the masses.
No “We’ve heard you”, no “We are looking into this”-messages. Nothing.
Some of us haven’t been able to play the game since the su5 and that was almost a week ago.
To people like me it’s been a very long and frustating week. And I know one should not get so hooked up on a game, but oh boy did you got me hooked up with this beauty!

I’ve felt anger, desperation, giving up on the game, like I’ve been let down by you and what not.
It’s been a rollercover of feelings. And I’ve also noticed I’ve let myself go along the feelings as I’ve read threads here on the forum.
And this is where I’m aiming with this post. People are getting emotional on the forum.
People are getting toxic. Peaple are getting tired.
There are only rumors, quesses, intuitions. These only fuel misconception. And misconceptions is the last thing we need right now. It only divides the community!
Heck, some might even know something but not enough to solve this whole fiasco. And it’s not even their job, yet they keep helping the community and I appreciate that!

Please shed some light into this dark situation and let us know you’re out there!

We love this game and see the potential it has .That’s why we get so worked about when something like this happens.


The sarcasm is unwarranted and only adds fuel to the flames.

Chill, all of you!

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I would assume that there is a lot to investigate, some have had degraded graphics, some haven’t. Some are still experiencing CTD’s. 3rd party add on developers need help to solve the issues they now have. It’s a lot to dissect and annalise and too soon to make any statements one way or another.

Same post here


Morning Folks

At least it is Monday morning here. This is a newly started topic on a valid subject.

Over the past few days there has been a lot of anger and a lot of posts have been removed and topics closed. I don’t want that to happen here.

So I am asking that folks please be respectful to each other

Thank you


“We reap what we sow” people wouldn’t be angry if Asobo / Microsoft had handled things properly in recent days … I can imagine that the situation is not comfortable on the Asobo / Microsoft side, you in any case remain responsible for the situation, the lack of communication always exacerbates the frustrations. Good luck for the days to come.


Many of us are (very) disappointed and upset. But since they got the hotfix out, it has only been the weekend. I believe the Devs love flight sim just like we do, also they are real people and will surely be upset as well to see all the feedback. I agree it would be nice to see something but remember they will need a little bit of time to discuss, assess and decide on the best next steps.

Here’s hoping they are able to make us happy again and we aren’t waiting too long!


I agree. Surely it would’ve been better if MS had come out with a statement as to what went wrong and what they’re planning to do to fix the problem.

If they had done that sooner then it may have helped calm the anger in the forum.

I reckon this must’ve been a PR disaster for MS and Asobo as let’s not forget it’s not just the official forum that’s been critical of this update. There’s probably been articles in well known flight sim publications as well as multiple posts and videos on Facebook, twitter, reddit, YouTube and Avsim all criticising the update.


It doesn’t take long to briefly calm down the community on the forum by making an official announcement … even if it’s the weekend. Or on weekends, the Internet is turned off for Asobo employees?)) Let’s be honest … the topics and negativity on the forum did not start on Friday, but on July 27th. There was enough time to react and share information with users … I do not argue … this time is not enough if we are talking about an error (the specifics of which need to be clarified and investigated), but in our case we are talking about a change in the visual component (I suspect that deliberately).


There are just 2 reasons why you would not put out, at least some kind of statement, following the uproar over SU5

  1. You don’t care
  2. You don’t have anything to say that will calm people (i.e the poor downgraded graphics are intended and here to stay)

Now we can almost certainly eliminate reason 1, which unfortunately leaves us with reason 2

We need to hear something from MS/Asobo!!!


remember this game was a full release game not early access or beta, it should work from the off,


I am pretty sure, every communication has to go through Microsoft.
They released a hotfix on friday.
Then we had a weekend where I assume they are not in office and right now it is still very early morning in Seattle.

So while I share the dissatisfaction wizh the update and hotfix, I understand that there can not be any comment on it yet.
Especially not when we expect them to dig into the issues and think of solutions before reaching out…


By the way, any reasonable developer should know that you should never deploy anything on a Friday! This is the basis :man_shrugging:


Of course it was deliberate. They had to “make it fit in the ($300) box”.


Sarcasm is a form of communication and frustration…especially when a product has BROKEN due to the developer. Venting also helps people as long as they’re not rude to others, etc.


You’re taking that comment completely out of context. That doesn’t indicate in any way, that it has an adverse effect on other versions.

Maybe you didn’t notice… but it did have an adverse effect, didn’t it?

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“Some have degraded graphics, some haven’t”

Everyone has degraded graphics, but there are multiple reasons that someone might not have noticed them -

  1. if you were previously playing on low/medium settings
  2. if your display is less than 1440p. Playing on a resolution lower than this, there’s a good chance that you won’t have noticed the absolute shambles that anti-aliasing is now
  3. if you only fly at very low altitudes - much less likely to notice pop in and culling
  4. some people are just less sensitive to graphical changes

There’s plenty of other reasons as well, but these are the main ones I think


Just to clarify things, at least how I see them. I’ve not read anything yet to indicate performance has downgraded, only certain aspects of the visuals, such as reduced LOD, objects being removed when not looked at, then loaded again when you turn your view back, those kinds of things.

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