Will MFS PC version from now be bottlenecked by the Console?

Cool. Apologies for being worked up. Agee to disagree.

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No need to apologize, my friend. I have no personal issues with you and I understand your concerns. Check the update btw! Good news

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The answer is no option will be added and LOD will be higher then previous SU4 as well.
Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix

By this downgrade Asobo allowed the BEST looking volumetric clouds and weather at the moment, specially when flying in VR to become that of DCS 2.7. Anyone can install it for free and get the default airplane that comes installed for a ride. Check the graphics quality. Then look at your fps. Don’t forget to inspect the cpu utilization to see how most cores receive load. Then think about SU5 again. It won’t matter that much.

Yeah, it’s got great streaming capabilities, which definitely explains why they optimized for that.

However, many PCs do not match that memory bandwidth - which is a problem for PC users. I’m optimistic they can make adjustments, but it’s not the greatest look for the graphical quality of the game on PCs with this particular patch.

Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix

The PC will be higher then xbox with option not available on Xbox, and if we are talking next year and after, will be even greater, xbox is limited with fixed memory.


I really think alot of frustration can be avoided if they reschedule the road map. Release updates that are stable instead of by a timeline.

I remember back when I had my 386 in 92’ that I rebooted the computer with a different boot disc to set up for the different games I wanted to play. If I used Windows 3.1 I would reboot so it was optimized.

We don’t want to do that anymore. Hopefully Asobo/MS will give us an update to separate the XBox limited game from the PC unlimited possiblities. Then we can all tune our graphics to what we can live with based on our own personal desires/system capabilities.

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The average Xbox gamer/simmer has other needs than a average PC gamer/simmer. And therefore should not have the same version of the sim. But be careful with speaking about the Xbox, several topics have just been closed.

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Yes be careful

Btw that was my point all I was saying was that pc issues will be different to Console ones and what crashes a pc will be fine on Xbox.

So pc owners adding their issues should be given a voice.

Yup it will.

it’s obvious the market needs two different versions

  • a pc simulator *


  • a console game

(*) that’s my thing and will stay so


Console manufactures and fans can boast how powerful their systems are all they want. At the end of the day the fact remains that they are, at best, low-mid tier pre-built PCs. Those of us who have mid-top range systems will, always have been, and always will be, held back by games that get console releases because the game has to be built to that console standard.

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This makes no sense to me . . . because guess what? They have to design for the low end PCs too, at least the ones that meet the minimum requirements. But the low end PCs supposedly don’t hold back the games like consoles do . . . because reasons.


Look at what defines “low end” (and everyone’s idea of low end and high end will be different).

Prime example: Xbox Series X runs on an AMD Zen 2 APU. APU’s are integrated graphics processing chips and are considered the lowest of the low in terms of gaming PC capability. Using APUs on consoles is nothing new, in fact APUs owe a great deal of their advancement to the console market. But they cannot compete with the performance of an independent graphics processor, as a vast majority of gaming PC’s utilize.

In a more practical sense, games are designed to run minimum settings at acceptable frame rates with APU’s in mind. Bear in mind that key term there; MINIMUM settings. This is the balancing act that gamers (PC players in particular) have to contest with. If your PC meets minimum spec, you can run at minimum settings. If your PC exceeds minimum spec, you can run at higher settings.

From a hardware standpoint, consoles meet that MINIMUM spec and thus cannot give the same graphical fidelity and performance that higher end hardware can handle.

And this brings on a massive question that the PC community at large on this game have. Why is this game performing so poorly on our systems? Why, after looking great and performing reasonably well in SU4 is it performing like ■■■■ on SU5? Specifically why is it performing this way when we were assured that performance and fidelity wouldn’t take a hit?

That being said, console fans will constantly praise how powerful and “pc-like” their systems are. And not to take way with how far consoles have come in terms of performance, it makes zero logical sense that they are as powerful as mid-top tier PC’s considering that those very PC’s designed the games and software they run.


Not quite.

Its 16GB. 10GB is GPU optimized with bandwidth of 560GB. The remaining 6GB has bandwidth of 336GB. There’s no limitation on what part of that memory is used for frame-buffers but obviously, putting your frame-buffers in the ‘faster’ 10GB is recommended for performance.

And as Coppersens stated, its all GDDR6.

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I think you’re talking about sampler feedback streaming, which is also present on any DX12.1 Ultimate GPUs.

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hotfix in friday-monday August 6th, 2020 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator

Why wouldn’t there be? This question has been raised throughout the last 20 years and yet PC is still a viable platform that caters for those who do not want a console experience or like myself, see the benefits (and negatives) of both. Many gamers prefer to play on PC. You only have to see how many PC players get banned for cheating in Warzone to see that!
PC simmers will still be here in 10 years time. The question I would ask is how many will still be simming on xbox? Sure there will be some just as serious as anyone on PC about their hobby, but I’ll wager that many will have lost interest and moved on to the next hyped up, shiny AAA game in the next two or three months.
I am not having a go at Xbox players here btw. You can get much better performance from an xbox for £500 than any pc for the same price. My point is that a high number of console gamers will more than likely just move on.

Is the PC version bottlenecked by the ability to run on PCs that are lower spec than the Xbox?

No. Obviously not. Scalability is part of the sim. Always has been.