Will MFS PC version from now be bottlenecked by the Console?

At the moment they may be - we’re talking about ten years from now.

They will still be mid-range. 10 years from now. Consoles are PCs. They are targeted at a specific market, those wanting to pay mid-range prices.

If you want a cutting edge console, one with the very latest tech, one you can upgrade as new tech launches, one where cost doesn’t matter, I have great news for you - they exist today - they are called PCs.

PS5 vs. Xbox means that you only need to be a little better than the other console. That’s it. Why would you want to push the boundaries if you only need one more teraflop or a bit more GPU in order to be better than the other console. Consoles are not trying to be better than a PC. It’s only console vs. console.

Microsoft can sell their game pass on PC so why would they invest tons of money to create a superior console. Do you really believe a console for 499 will have the newest hardware?

A console doesn’t need the newest hardware to perform better than a top-spec gaming PC though, does it?



You are right, some people were calling it LOD popping including Microsoft themselves:

But i agree they mixed up the definitions.

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Series X runs an AMD Zen 2/RDNA APU platform. That is an integrated CPU/GPU chip (which in PC terms is the budget, low-end option) and is also a platform originally released in July of 2019. The current Zen 3 platform dropped back in November of 2020, and benchmarks have shown it to be leaps and bounds ahead of Zen 2.

It doesn’t matter what hardware the consoles have as long as MS/Asobo still want to support budget hardware on the PC side.

So if you’re saying the XBox is blocking improvements, you have to say that budget PCs do as well.
There are a lot of people here using a GTX 10x0 graphics card which is far less capable than the RDNA2 GPU in the XBox.
The CPU usage shows that the sim isn’t even close to utilizing a 8C/16T CPU, so there’s still a lot of room even before maxing that one out.
Also please don’t compare regular desktop APUs to the architecture in the XBox, it’s simply superior due to its memory bandwidth and other optimizations/customizations.

And in what world is supporting weaker hardware a bad thing? Check out Crysis which was running on very weak systems and still was able to exhaust the power of highest end hardware.
It’s all just a matter of options.


Have some faith, the devs are flight simmers too, and I doubt they play on Xbox. I believe they are gonna fix it. All these problems we have right now is cause the promise of the July 27 xbox release date. There’s a hotfix coming Monday, then more fixes coming with world update sometime around the 26 of august.

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There’s nothing wrong with supporting lesser hardware or making a game more accessible to those who can’t get the upper tier, more powerful stuff. But when it comes by holding back those that do have the more powerful gear (as is the case which is well documented in these forums) that tends to ruffle a few feathers.

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Asobo have been developing console games for years, it’s their specialty - that’s why Xbox Game Studios gave them the contract to develop MSFS. They surely DO play on Xbox!

People here are arguing that MS is reducing quality for the sake of XBox players who allegedly are no simmers due to the platform.
But that argument is plain wrong if you do not want to discredit people with budget PCs.
That was the point of my post above.


The point is it had to run on 8GB RAM for the series S. So they changed the sim and now it’s using less than 8GB even if you have 64GB of RAM installed.

Virtually nobody has a PC with 8GB RAM nowadays, even budget PC’s.


Wow! 100 new replies when I opened this topic :scream:

The point is that people using PC benefit from it as well, just not those that bought new PCs just for the sim.

Not sure about that. Maybe not those buying budget PCs now, but just 1-2 years ago, 8GB was all you needed (and for most games is totally sufficient if you don’t have many other applications running).
More than 35% of PC players on Steam have 8GB or less as of July 2021.

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Technically, there is no bottleneck at all for tuning things up again !

When talking graphics quality and effects, these are in General Settings / graphics.

Relevant - the PC still has a General Settings screen for graphics, with all 4 levels… the XBox user hasn’t got these. XBox is fixed on its own quality level, that allows it to run at 30Fps. So the answer to your question is: no… for PC’s there are no limitations, more levels just need to be activated !

Personally, I love making screenshots. I hate this level clipping. But I think the current settings only served the available time table for Asobo… and Microsoft XBox marketing purposes, on the first day of release. I expect with SU-6, you can fly 12-25 Fps again with super quality, if you choose to do so. When you’re an XBox-user, you may be able to tweak the UserOpt.cfg file if you don’t need 30Fps, but I’m not sure about that.

Developments in graphics are never finished. I think PC users have an advantage: they will get to see ray tracing appear first… a more advanced weather model, better streets, better cloud shapes, better reflections, better ground textures… PC users will get all of that first. We will be the testing ground for these changes. We have been a testing ground since august 2020.

Basically we are bottlenecked by that 8GB limitation in the future.
So in the coming 10 years they won’t implement new features that can potentially make the sim exceed that 8GB limit.

No, we’re not.

We are, new features of the sim need to run on both Xbox and PC. Those features cannot exceed the 8GB limit of the Series S.

They don’t need to, as long as you have settings that allow tuning down the memory usage.
That’s how things in the market work for decades now.