Will the "mega pack liveries" cause performance issues?

I downloaded the megapack and also am very selective of the liveries I need - I ended up using only maybe less than 40% of the megapack as I only installed real-world operators of A320 NEO, 787 and 747.

My question: will the installation of all these liveries cause any decrease in performance? (e.g. game loading time, FPS, etc.)

Also, the in-game AI aircraft should now include installed liveries/airliners as a result of the megapack correct?

Thank you.

I don’t observe AI using the Megapack liveries, I doubt there’s a possibility at this stage for that.

Regarding performance, I did notice a minor “freeze” when loading liveries in the sim, considering how many A320neo liveries I have installed (around 30?). You might notice a performance degradation in the livery selection menu as well.

Thank you Eefoe. The “sluggish” response in livery selection is also what I experienced.

The reason I thought AI aircrafts use the installed liveries is because I start noticing more than just the default MSFS AI airplanes (mostly green, amber, color…) on the ground when I taxi. I start seeing airline planes with the installed liveries.

So, if these are not AI airplanes… are they just “static” on the ground for show?

I find the active AI traffic don’t use liveries. The megapack is nice, but the structure is messy and not standardised. I end up picking a few 8K resolution liveries that I install and only use a few liveries that I want from the megapack.

I find that enabling AI traffic only affects the aircraft parked on the gates and not the active AI traffic with the nametag on top.

that’s helpful; so if I understand correctly:
-Installed airline liveries only show up on parked/ground airplanes
-actual flying AI aircrafts will still be the default planes with these green/orange colors

is this correct?

From my observation, that’s correct.

The flying AI aircrafts uses a completely separate aircraft models, and not using the same aircraft models as the one in parking.

the only way to get the flying aircrafts use the livery is to have a separate livery that applies to those models. I think this is very rare as livery modders only create liveries for the flyable aircrafts and not the flying AI traffic.

I found this that adds traffic liveries. but since they’re separate, they keep track of its own livery library than sharing it with the ones you already have installed. Live Traffic with working Liveries!

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