Win 11 Update causing stutters?

why? It literally fixes the game.

You can download those for free from MS.

A real ■■■■ for me too in ALL the PC the update W11 22H2, desktop, opening windows, games, web browser etc., slow, stutters etc., reverted to a yesterday OS backup, and all is normal again.

No, unfortunately not an older version

Exactly this. It doesn’t only affect MSFS, my whole computer got laggy. Rolled back Win 11 and not updating again until this gets solved.

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Same here. And I thought it was SU10 fault :smiley: Nice to know it’s Windows, I’ll roll it back and let’s see if it works.

Can’t way to try those DLSS!

Had some time to try some more troubleshooting. If I make sure that the PC is fresh boot and my HP G2 hasn’t been turned on, then the sim is fine. If you turn on the headset (and not use it) then stutters/perf issues start. If you use the headset, same perf issues. If you turn the headset off and restart the sim, performance issues remain. Geforce Experience is installed, overlay is off in settings.

Haven’t had chance to see if any other VR games are affected but to me the handling of VR in 22H2 is the culprit, not the overlay. If HL:Alyx runs bad then I will know for sure.

My stutter-problem after updating to windows 11 22h2 was also fixed by this advice.


One thing I noticed tonight with 22H2 is that VRR (variable refresh rate) which I hadn’t ever enabled before was enabled by default with this latest windows version (in advanced graphics options). I run FS locked at 30FPS/60Hz and was wondering why it wasn’t locking on 30FPS, sometimes dipping below, sometimes above, then I went digging around and noticed VRR enabled. Worth checking if you are not expecting this option to be enabled.

Afraid stopping that capture didn’t fix the stuttering for me. The only way I can get FS to run stutterfree is to ensure a clean boot with the G2 powered off and just use the monitor. Even if the headset is powered on once and then off, the sim will stutter until reboot.

I did find HAGS is now On by default so turning that off has helped a little.

Yes. Same here. The sim ran fine befire this stupid win 11 update. Its so bad its un flyable. Massive slide show. I have had continued problems with msfs and win 11. I spend more time trying to get it running than i do flying. I am fixing to tey X plane. It may not look as good, but if its stable, then i can actually fly more.

Massive stutters for me… VR starts with 40fps then after a few minutes of use drops to 12fps and starts stuttering. I have 12000k 3080ti with Aero … Very disappointing Are there any workarounds or do I need to roll back Win 11?

Just read this…

NVIDIA investigating, roll back the update to fix the issue

Anecdotally, after rolling back the update, the gaming performance issues will disappear, according to reports from multiple affected users.

“Got the 22H2 update for win 11 this morning and my games immediately started to lag… Using MSI afterburner, I found that in games (BFV and NFS Heat) my cpu usage had dropped from around 50-60% to only 5 % it was the same in all of my games,” a user report explains in a long thread with others confirming the issue also impacts their systems.

“They all ran perfectly yesterday. Rolled back the update and the games are running perfectly again using 50-60% CPU.”

While Microsoft is yet to jump in and investigate these user reports, NVIDIA Software QA Manuel Guzman confirmed that the company is aware of this issue and is prompting affected Reddit users to provide additional feedback.

For the time being, Windows customers with NVIDIA GPUs might want to hold back from updating their devices until NVIDIA or Microsoft shares further information regarding what causes this gaming performance issue.

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I decided to try the Studio Driver 517.40 and I still get the problem, so the easiest workaround for me is go to Computer Management → System Tools → Performance → Data Collector Sets → Event Trace Sessions. In this list, find HolographicShell, right click, and choose ‘Stop’.

This resolves the problem even if you have already started the sim and are experiencing the stutters.


And the beat goes on . . .
Continuing my story, here is where it now stands. I had rolled back Win 11 update and all returned to normal. Then, after reading several “fixes” for the update, decided to give it another go. The fixes seemed to have a little effect, but still not as good as before. Then this morning there was another update to Win 11, something to do with .NET Framework, so I went ahead and installed that one. Update forced a restart. BIG mistake!! Started FS and very shortly after that, up pops a message, “Insert Game Disc”. I had never seen that before. Thought I had no choice but to roll back the Win 11 update one more time, so did that. Looked as though all was back to normal and once again saw no stutters and frames in the 30-35 area. Flew the C152, JF Piper Arrow and the DA40. All was just wonderful. Then I thought I’d try the DA62. Hit “Fly Now” and immediate CTD!! Rebooted the PC, loaded up FS, chose DA62 and BAM!!! CTD!! I am just about at wits end once again. Well, almost bed time, so I’ll see what tomorrow brings. Sure do enjoy it when all is working! Thanks, everyone!

Can completely confirm this.
Was stuttering massively when looking around and FPS jumping from around 60 FPS to 20-30 FPS with massive stutters. While inside the sim flying I did this and FPS went up to 70-75 FPS and all the stutters have stopped and FPS are stable. Thank you very much

The only fix I applied was to turn off the Overlay on the Nvidia Geforce setting. Now it’s all fluid.
I searched for the “Holographic Shell” but it don’t appear for me. Only a “HologhaphicDevice” already halted. My guess is it probably only appear for WMR VR users (I’m all Oculus).

Lenovo Explorer (WMR) here, so you might be right.

Hi all
I should add that I do not use nvidia geforce experience and also use the debloat technique on the nviidia driver. VR remained horrible
Rolled back and updated MSFS and now using DLSS in VR no problems high settings and no stutter lag whatsoever and very nice looking.
I wont go 22H2 until someone or microsoft fix whatever is broken in the update.

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Thank you!
Worked for me.