Win 11 Update causing stutters?

I confirm too. Win11 is a mess with oculus software.
I rolled back to win10 and still hold with it for now.
No Issue in VR now.

@Kurbo26 ,
How did you figure out (suspect) about HolographicShell (fortunately I do not see it in my list) ? Did you perhaps report it to Microsoft / MSFS? I don’t think I have any serious stutters (Win11 22H2+9700K@4.8Ghz+RTX3080ti+Airlink Quest2+OVRTK)

Quote Kurbo26:
“Computer Management → System Tools → Performance → Data Collector Sets → Event Trace Sessions. In this list, find HolographicShell, right click, and choose ‘Stop’.”

Have others with stutters checked this possible fix?

I had this too


The stutter fest is now over.

It really is. Believe me.

Installed the new studio driver. Running dx12 on su10 beta. Dlss quality. That’s it.

Everyone. Go get the STUDIO DRIVER NOW.

DX12 works.

All the stutters are gone. Yep. Was always basically unplayable until now.

Remember to ddu the old driver.

Stutter free maxed out 1440p 75-80fps above NYC

Stutter free ultra / high 45 fps non MR VR (hp g2). Beautiful.

No stutters at big airports either.

Basically never limited by main thread anymore.

I am so effin happy I could cry.

12600k @5.3p / 4.1e / 4.1r HT off + some (probably now useless) affinity tweaks in process lasso
240mm AIO
Strix 3090 @+70 core +250 mem
32GB ddr4 3200mhz CL 16


And yes I AM on win11 22H2. That ■■■■ broke everything about a week back.

I’d also like to add that MR is also very usable now. Next to none when it comes to warping and artifacts. Even at 22.5 it was still OK.

Actually contemplating changing over to TAA on MR. It Is that good.

Amazing change. I’d never have believed it had I not experienced it.

Kinda feel deflated. Every day I’ve been fighting this sim, tweaking, changing one thing here one thing there… Now it’s over… I can just fly.

Until they break it again.

Great! But DLSS is a NOGO til the blurry glass panels are fixed. Your’re flying GA, aren’t you?

Yes. The 172 mostly.

it’s much better with TAA. That’s why I’m moving over to TAA / MR 30

Cant believe how good that got too.

Hi. After some long standing issues with W11 (cockpit “bouncing” around in sync with my heartbeat), G2 getting really warm, etc. And after reading about all the 22h2 issues, i finally had enough and did a Win10 clean install. I am getting similar performance in MSFS (which was never an issue for me even in w11), but i’m getting substantially better performance in all other games, especially steamVR games. Not to mention all my other problems dissapeared as well (cockpit headset tracking issues, G2 heat issues). I’m not saying it’s advisable to go back to Win10… Even though i do everything possible to keep my system as clean and updated and tidy and optimized and virus free as possible, it’s possible there was something else going on with my system. Some trash is bound to heap up in 4 years, no matter how much you try. I know the head tracking issue is a win11 issue and that was my main reason for the “rollback” to win10. I was waiting forever for someone to adress that, i even opened two tickets with Microsoft for it.

TLDR: Not advising you should go back to Win10, but fact remains, going back to Win10 fixed a heap of my problems.

Now for a new problem . . . running Win 11 21H2, SU10, DX 11, nVidia Studio Drivers (newest). Getting absolutely wonderful stutter-free 40 fps and just loving it!! So . . . decided to see what DX12 is all about. Having never tried it before, I switched over and it looked beautiful until I hit CTRL-TAB to switch to VR. Immediate CTD!! Disabled Open XR as some have suggested, still CTD. Not sure what else to try. Any ideas? In the meantime, DX11 looks great and is the smoothest I have ever experienced!

Intel i9-9900
RTX 2080 Super
Reverb G2

I deserve no credit for finding that HolographicShell workaround. It was posted by @Kilumbus5901 here:

I have no idea how he found it, but I’m glad he did!

I have not reported it anywhere yet. I only have stutter problems in MSFS. I was hoping the new Nvidia driver would fix it, but the Studio version did not.

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If you’re using the OpenXR Toolkit by mbucchia you need to download the latest version 1.2.0. which was released yesterday, it fixes the CTD in dx12. If you’re not using the toolkit at all, then i don’t really have a suggestion, i’m sorry. Also, dx12 (for now at least) is not worth it in any case. Much worse performance than dx11.

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Oops! My bad. I did have OpenXR Toolkit running as I had disabled OpenXR by mistake. Please forgive me, I am 83 yo and have cataracts. I disabled the Toolkit, and all worked fine. Couldn’t tell what my frames were, but seemed pretty smooth but the scenery quality seemed a bit worse. Thank you so much for your reply. I will update the Toolkit and try once again!


Discovered I had disabled OpenXR but not the Toolkit (stupid me!). After disabling the Toolkit, worked just fine. Seemed quite smooth, but graphics seemed a little poorer. Going to download the new Toolkit (thanks ExeRay!) and try again.

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I’m not using the OpenXR Toolkit (or GeForce Experience). Seems to have a few different causes (VR in my case, since disconnecting headset or disabling HolographicShell resolves the problem). Other people report success with disabling some sort of overlay in GeForce Experience, etc.

I’ve reported my experience and workaround to Microsoft, Nvidia, and ZenDesk.

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Yes. I am Win 11 and Flight sim is now unplayable. I thought it was Windows update KB5017321, but even after uninstalling it, It’s still a slide show. So I can only attribute it to the MSF SU 10 update and whatever version of Win 11 I’m running. MSFS has continued to cause problems, crashes, ets since I loaded it up 6 weeks ago on the new Win 11 pc. From what I can tell, it’s Windows 11 that’s the problem. I should have never installed it.

What headset are you using?

One more data point for my situation is that I only get the stutters with DX11. DX12 is fine (but I lose a few FPS).

If you are using an NVIDIA GPU and are seeing lower performance after updating to Windows 11 2022 Update, please install the latest GeForce Experience 3.26 BETA from the URL below:


That will only fix problems with the game bar overlay imao. I never install Geforce Experience and had to roll back 22H2 to fix really bad stuttering. Its a shame that beta testers reported those problems a long time ago and 22H2 got released without Nvidia fixing their drivers first. Maybe presenting the 4XXX series was more important.

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Not on new studio driver released a few days ago. On that it is :100:. Remember clean install with no bloat.

Hp reverb g2 v2 @ 100/100 render. I can pinpoint the new studio driver being the definite game changer for me. Sideshow msfs - safe mode - ddu - nvcleanstall ST driver - restart - butter on msfs.