Windows 11: Did you experience any issue running VR, or w/o VR on MSFS?

I keep getting this reminder to update to Win11 for free. Should I or should I not ???

Reverb G2 is running fine with Win10, not perfect but fine.

MSFS is running fine without VR, and less perfect with VR, but it runs fairly reliably.

I don’t want to introduce another problem(s) by going Win11. What’s your experience? any issue running with Win11 ???

Stating it in a different way, is it “worth” upgrading to win11 if everything is operating fine with win10? What’s the “return” ?

Ive been on Win 11 for a while now. and use MSFS in VR with it. I have an Oculas rift-s.
I had some issues with micro stuttering down at very low altitudes initially, but tweaking my settings in MSFS, I was able to almost eliminate all of the stutters, at least to the point where it doesn’t bother me. I should mention, I had the same micros stutters in Win 10, but in win 10 I was never able to get rid of them as I have in 11, but I don’t think the OS had anything to do with it, I think I just got the right settings for my system and all is good now. I wouldnt be afraid of win 11, but I also dont see a compelling argument to jump on it either at this point.


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I have Windows 11 and run the sim and TrackIR without issue related to either. I am not using VR, however.

I’ve been at Win11 since before November and have noticed no ill effects. I did not get any enhancements either. Having said that it took a while to get used to it but I really like Win11.

I upgraded to windows 11 pretty much as soon as it came out. I fly pretty much 100% in VR with Reverb G2, high end pc with 3090 card and I have had no issues since upgrading to Windows 11 at all.

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No problem for me with W 11

You’re lucky that you have a G2. The Oculus isn’t officially supported on Windows 11 yet and I have one. The micro-stutters are terrible. It’s just not a smooth experience and after five minutes you feel sick. Unfortunately I didn’t know it was a bad idea to upgrade to Windows 11 so now I’m stuck with it as I can’t roll back.


If anything, Win 11 has been better for me in VR (G2).

@andersinho, Comanche163 said that he was able to tweek it out in win11. Ask him what his adjustments were.

win11 will have to support Oculus Quest 2. Quest 2 is a very different product compared to Reverb G2. It’s a game console right on your face with tons of memory, whereas the G2 is really a display “device”. Pricing of Q2 hits a sweet spot to drive volume, which makes economy of scale possible to go even cheaper and eventually (if no technical flaw) become dominant VR as a household device. FBook made a good decision, as they will compete with iPad as software distribution to households. That is, unless MSoft intends to fight FBook’s strategy.

Meanwhile, G2 will stay low volume for technical geeks like me.

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No problem but no visible improvement now. Just stable as it was with win 10.
When I upgraded windows to 11, there was minor stuttering and feeling of sluggishness with the MSFS. But those problems were disappeared when I uninstalled and reinstalled the MSFS and other related drivers & apps including nvidia driver, oculus app, traytool, etc.
i-7 9750H 32G ram RTX 2060 Quest 2 Link cable

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Win 11 since the fist insider release, running very well my Pimax on a 5950x and a 3090. Not related to VR there were some issues with M2 SSD performance, specially the fastest PCIE 4 ones, which were for the most part resolved. I say most part since Win10 is still a little faster with this HW at the moment, but not by much. However this is not a concern for VR as the limit is entirely on the GPU which is not impacted by anything related to the OS version.

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everything is fine on Windows 11 for me. No visible improvements but as (un)stable as Windows 10.

Same issue here, I rolled back to windows 10 which looks far more smooth to me.


I intermittently experience this as well. I happened to have upgraded my machine when SU7 came out so I don’t know if the cause is due to DDR5, SU7, Win11, or something else.

Ya know what.

Up to now, no one has come up with an overwhelming reason (any significant value-added) to move to win11,
other than #11 comes after #10.

Did you do a clean install or an upgrade from within Win10?

I have 2 PCs running FS2020 and did both. Both FS2020 runs the same with clean and upgrade.

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I did an upgrade, that’s why I was able to rollback to windows 10 later…

Only headset I have had trouble with in Windows 11 is the Vive Pro 2, I get a shaky stuttering image once a game is launched. I have been able to narrow it down and disable my secondary monitor in Windows 11 to get it to work properly at least most of the time. I did not have this issue with the VP2 in Windows 10.
My Reverb G2 and Index both run fine in Windows 11.

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