Wish List AI Live Traffic

For all virtual plane spotters and AI enthusiasts out there, let’s make a wish list what we like to see improved. Some of the points will probably be on Asobo’s list already, like this first one’s:

  • All planes are of type GEN
  • Large airliners sometimes show up as small generic planes
  • Sometimes there’s no AI aircraft at all. After a restart at the airport it suddenly works
  • Lots of aircraft on FlightAware are not shown in sim. Looks like only 10%.
  • Please add more AI models, B737, B777 etc, etc.
  • Planes spawn in about 10 minutes before departure, resulting in empty gates and ramps. The ground aircraft slider is not an option, dum*y aircraft that are not the same for everyone, so other players can park at the same spot. Solution: FlightAware knows what aircraft is on the ground, let these spawn at the gates/ramp. Or let aircraft spawn 2-3 hours before departure.
  • Landing lights are too dim. They should be visible in the distance on a bright day. You only can see the navigation and strobe lights in the distance.
  • After landing, planes taxi much too slow and don’t take the nearest exit from the runway, resulting in many go-arounds.
  • AI planes at the gate should always get the full service, airways, external power, baggage, fuel etc. (I’ve seen this a couple of times working after arrival). Also before departure.

Asobo/Microsoft thank you for this great simulator, let’s make it next-gen in every aspect!


I’m with you 100% on this wish list. I just doubt that Asobo will make available the time and resources to sort much, if any, of this out. I can’t imagine fixing A.I. traffic rates very highly on their ‘To Do’ list, given there are likely to be a hundred other more pressing technical issues for their limited team (teams?) to be working on.

Hopefully, I’m completely wrong about that. A.I. traffic, if working properly, would really help to fill out this world and bring it alive. I’d love to see it fixed along the lines you’ve suggested.


Please add your comments to the following thread:

The thread already has 27 votes on the official wish list for MSFS.

There is also a thread for improving the live AI traffic which is ranked number 10 on the wish list with 120 votes. I think that there is a lot of interest from users in having improved AI traffic. Once the live weather issues are worked out I think more AI traffic issues will be voted into the top ten.

This is just my opinion for what it’s worth.