Working Title G1000 NXi Discussion Thread

or fix the Altitude problem. Is yours working?

I haven’t upgraded as yet.

We are not receiving any other reports of these two issues. Could you both try with a stock livery and an empty community folder, to rule out a mod conflict?

If you are referring to the Display Backup button capability added to planes in SU8, the NXi is not yet compatible with that.

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no issues as far as altitude settings are concerned but is it correct that RA cannot be displayed?

Yes, on-plane radar supported features (radar altimeter, weather radar) have not yet been implemented but are planned.

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Thank you so much WT for this amazing update.
I’ve tested with the C208 and B58 Baron.
No problems with setting the altitude or changing QNH so far.
I use the timer quite often and I have recognized that the timer on the PFD (above the UTC time) does not update (it always shows 0:00:00).
It works fine in the Tmr/Ref menu.

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I will try and let you know

Great news ! Updating now.
I made a new mod for cockpit builder wishing to fly the TBM930 with the WT G1000 NXi :
Daher TBM 930 - WT G1000 Nxi Mod retrofit for cockpit builders » Microsoft Flight Simulator

The add-on program that does not allow me to adjust the Altitudes was this one: WT-NXi-Bushtrips-Enabled » Microsoft Flight Simulator

After I removed it from the Community folder all OK. The only thing is that in Bush trips the NXI is not loading the flight plan. Pitty because I use and enjoy the Bush trips a lot

Will update it when I have the time and be in the mood to.
Coding for my living, coding for racing sims, coding for flight sims, that’s the priorities.

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@BetePlacebo2 @TemperedPaper48 @EnsiFerrum666

Please start or maintain separate threads for your utilities/mods or conversations about same. We want this thread focused on the NXi. Thanks.

That will be really, really great.

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Love the NXi thanks for the update.

Trigger me confused as a relative newbie to flight systems; the TOD (Time Of Decent or Destination?, in the ‘Active VNV Profile’ Display after clicking the FPL button) used to work just fine (see screenshot), but in an update sometime ago it stopped showing up.

How do you get this to show up again? Thanks


No solicitation discussions please. Take that offline. Thanks.

TOD = Top of Descent

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I am not sure but I think mine only shows TOD on map when I have approach loaded to show GS. I don’t see that on your screen.

Got a CTD with the new version in the C208B when scrolling with the outer FMS knop to system page in flight.

What is solicitation?


Is there a way to delete a Direct To destination.
I tried using the manual but I don’t get the option to delete after pushing direct-to and menu.

(Also are we going to get the option to enter our UTC offset?) Nevermind on this I just figured it out. Outstanding!!

thanks in advance

Such a creature comfort to have local time in the cockpit!