World Tour with sight seeing

Hi everybody,

this is going to be a running thread. Im trying to make a world tour includign many of the Sight seeing locations marked on the world map and other places i know, that are beautiful.

I will post my route and screenshots and the next leg, im going to fly. if you have suggestions, what places to visit, feel free to give me a hint.

THis is NOT serious simming. I will use real weather, but not always real time (or else i would spend most of the time night flying). I just fly direct gps route and dont give a S**** on safety heights, restricted airspaces and so on. If i need to save time i will use slew mode and stop in between for Screens.

Let me know if you are interested in Updates.



So is started in Lisboa (portugal) and flew to Vigo (spain) and visited its beautiful old town.
No. Type Code/Coordinates Country Name Description
1 Airport LPPT Portugal Lisboa
2 Location 42.243172, -8.721799 Spain Vigo Scenic Location marked in MSFS
3 Airport LEVX Spain Vigo
212 nm

Leaving LPPT head north until you hit the shore line. Follow it. When you think you followed it long enough: Follow it some more. Its basically a long beach most of the time. At some point you notices that the shore line becomes a bit jagged and some island show up. You have two Options: 1. when over the two first very small islands, head directly northwest to get to LEVX. 2. Enjoy the ocean a bit more and when you reach three island - bigger than the ones before - head directly west to get to the airport.

Next leg:

The plan is roughly this one:

I dont think i will ever finish it, but its worth a try :smiley:


finished Leg 2 today from Vigo via Pamplona to Blagnac

Location 42.813524, -1.645932 Spain Pamplona
Airport LFBO France Blagnac

Take Off

This Sim is visually stunning

Pamplona. Not as beatiful as imagined :slight_smile:

The western foothills of the pyrineas have some clouds and turbulences in petto

Arriving at LFBO

Next Leg we will visit Asobo after that we will visit Le Mont-Saint-Michel and land at LFRW.


So yesterday morning, we went to Mont-Saint Michel and landed on a smal grass strip next to it. Here are some Pictures:
Departing LFBO

Everybody say Cheeeeeese! Thank you Asobo for this great Sim!

Mont Saint Michel: absolutly stunning

Next Leg we will do some Sight Seeing. There are some castles, id like to see and finally we will take a tour around paris and land on Charles de Gaulle Airport


Very cool project! Nice screenshots as well!..i wish i had the time to do somethin like this! :+1:

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I don’t have the time too :joy: every morning 30 minutes before work and at weekend sometines an hour or two .

That’s why I use slew mode for long and boring parts. Haven’t figured out a way to accelerate the simulation rate like in fsx.

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I believe there’s a default keybinding of R++ to increase / R+- to decrease the current simulation rate.

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erwin: Thanks. wasnt default but i binded the keys accordingly. Is a little tricky because the aircraft will tend to lift the nose and drop it stronger and stronger on high rates. Even with AP enabled. will use slew until i find a fix for that.

Anyway, next leg. I changes the route and skipped the castles. We are heading to a small airfield near Calais and will visit Omaha Beach on the way, to salute everyone wo fought and died to liberate Europe from Nazi Germany.

Location 49.371074, -0.872170 France Omaha Beach
One of 5 Beaches the allied forces landed on on D-Day. From here we will just follow the shore line and hope for some scenic weather.
Airport LFIS France
Small Airport next to calais. From here we will jump over the canal to Britain.
ca 200nm

Beginning of a new day

Omaha Beach - hoped for a better depiction

Beautiful fields of france

Arriving at LFIS with the last fumes of gas, immediatly after landing the engine died :slight_smile:

Next leg:
Visit the clives of dover and the city of London with me. After that we will head to Ludlow, a small english town that is know to be the town with the most distance to another town in england :slight_smile: i spend some time there a few years ago and its beautiful.
Landing at Shropshire Aero Club.


I have circumnavigated the globe [IFR] many times in my Mooney [FSX and P3d] over the years.
So once all the major bugs are sorted I will be up and away again. But this time I am thinking that the scenery is so good that I can go fully VFR. Lovely.

I will keep an eye on your post to see how you get on.
Clear skies to you.

@anon81017491 your welcome!
@all im open for suggestion where to go, and awesome places to visit. This is not planned completly. Im usually planning the next leg when i finished one and post them here as seen above. So when you say: “Visit this place. i know it and its awesome” im gonna do that. Honestly: Time on pc is my idle time and i aint got nothing better to do :smiley:

i Just baught an xbox controller to have a better control over the drone cam. had some trouble getting it to work (seriously Microsoft? A Microsoft device, that doesnt install flawless? i mean come on!). Solved everything (turning on and off pc helps you solve your problem since win95) and now Screenshots will be even better :slight_smile:

So next leg has been flown:

Location 51.136381, 1.358215 Britain Clives of Dover
Visiting the impressive Clives of Dover

location 51,517638, -0,092556 Britain London City
Just a little sight seeing. Dont Have the Landmarks pack yet

Location 52,369692, -2,710503 Britain Ludlow
Spend 4 weeks here on an internship. Beautiful small town just next to the welsh border.

Airport EGCV Britain Shropshire Aero Club
Maybe you already realized that i dont like the big airports :slight_smile:

leaving france and the continent. Just see how the sun hits that little hill in the middle of the picture.

The cliffs of dover aint no cliffs :smiley:

beautiful green english fields

London is full of other Players. Many have fun bouncing around.

Ludlow; not very accuratly, but recognizable. see those greens on the field? This is not overly saturated. It looks that green irl.

Next leg we will just cirvle around in Ireland.


You are leaving out Japan? Really? Try to incorporate - must fly around Fuji-san etc. right? :wink:

Yeah I realized that I’d miss some country’s. I will make sure to visit Japan.
Iceland would be missed to so I will do a short hop from there too.

So ireland was today and i must say: WOW! This is until now the most beautiful place i flew in MSFS (and i flew in more places than shown here). The Scenery is completly stunning and very high detail not just around the star airport (Donegal) - the whole island!

location 53,694440, -6,475146 Ireland Newgrange
location 51,887216, -8,383183 Ireland Cork
location 52,326410, -9,780190 Ireland Ardfert
location 53,488917, -10,019295 Ireland Clifdon
Airport EIBT Ireland Belmullet Aerodrome just flying bye
Airport EIDL Ireland Donegal beautiful handcrafted strip
ca 700nm

Leaving england, heading east

Around Newgrange


More pics


On another note: Does someone know a way to make a screenshot with a button on my xbox controller? Windows Game Bar and Nvidia Overlay dont work. Cant map the Controller.


so while im doing a round trip over iceland, i did a little more and in detail planning. nothing too detailed, but roughly how i will round the earth and visit as much countries as possible. i really just now realized what a massive task that is.
i just picked google earth and sketched away with the distance measuring tool. i made a video of it.
here ya go.

next countries are island of faroe, scotland, benelux, norther germany. any thing i had to visit on my way?

Nice, I’m exploring the world as well, currently exploring Siberia while on the way back west to Moscow and Finland. I got there through your current route then Northern Germany to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Svlabard, Nova Zembla to Siberia.

Must see, Nordschleife in Germany which passes through Adenau, Spa-Franchorcamps in Belgium next to La Sauveniere, Brussels is a very cool city to fly over. North and South Holland look very cool from the air with all the irrigated fields and colorful tulip fields. Zndvoort circuit is also along the dunes. The wadden islands are very nice to follow into Northern Germany. West coast of Denmark is nice as well, Sweden and Norway are amazing.

I need to get on with a thread to put it all down. I have everything logged and create flight plans after the fact to re-create where I’ve been. There seems to be no limit. I have been editing flight plans together with hundreds of stops (I land everywhere I see an airport / strip)

Good luck and fly low, don’t miss anything :slight_smile: My cruising altitude is generally 2,500 ft.

Oh for Scotland Loch Ness of course, Loch Lomand and the Trossachs as well as the Cairngorms are cool to see.

thanks for the input. i will gladly visit some of those places.
loch ness is a must. will visit edinborough for sure, cause i know it a little from real life. I intend to visit brussel, Amsterdam and Utrecht and then head over to Germany. i will concentrate on the ruhr area and the frisean islands with a hop to Hamburg (i grew up next to Hamburg and visited some of the island usually more than once a year).

So iceland is done. had some trouble with ctds, but i finally finished it. Screens are not so many, because weather was bad. But the few bits of iceland, i have seen are as beautiful as ireland. Asobo did a good job here.

next leg will be to the faeroe islands.


So on it goes to the faeroe Islands. There is no default airport in MSFS, but there is a Freeware for EKVG Varga.
|Airport BIKF Iceland Keflavik||
|Airport BIRK Iceland Reykjavik||
|Airport BIFM Iceland Fagurholsmyri Refuel! |
|Airport EKVG Faeroe Islands Vagar not in default MSFS! Freeware!|

Last stop before hitting the Atlantic. had to refuel!

Scary Clouds!

finally, we found land! it was quiet a ride! ![WT8_4|690x388]

Having a 100$ Burger in town before heading on to our destination

EKVG Varga

Next leg: Faeroe Island via Broch of Mousa to Lamb Holm Airfield (somewhere on a scottish island. never heard of that place before. Lets hope they have fuel :smiley:

Almost forgot: if you want to join me sometimes. My gamer tag is Jazznow85, just add me as a friend. I usually fly early mornings on weekdays and on weekends at varying times (timezone UTC+2)


It’s so awesome isn’t it. Thanks for sharing the photos, if interested please do throw some videos up on youtube, I’ve started recording my trip across eurasia in 50km hops, it’s actually really easy: Windows key + G to open the gamebar and then hit record, after that a few clicks to upload to youtube.

BTW, I was originally thinking of flying along the north coast of russia, but checked out the scenery there and its poor, so planning to follow the tran-siberian railway. When I get to Alaska who knows, maybe fly down the whole west coast to cape horn and then up the east coast to greenland. Will take me my whole life I’m sure.

One thing I can’t do is fly the routes in cockpit view, it’s got to be external to take in the scenery.

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