World Update 4: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

Either the moderator higher up the thread is confused about the release date due to Asobo’s strange calendar or Asobo didn’t properly announce the different date.

Both ways prove the PR for this game is a mess.

Nope, not confused. :slight_smile:

I kindly ask if you could clearly state the WU IV release date without leaving any doubt behind, then. Because we the simmers are almost all confused enough. 13th or 15th ? My understanding was initially 13th, BTW.

Can you point me to your source then?

I do not accept the webfriendly roadmap as a source for the simple reason that it always has been wrong: it always said Thursday, it always has been Tuesday.

If there is no other source, but what you say is still correct, then they haven’t properly announced it yet.

(I’m sorry for being so stubborn, it’s just that I can’t believe my eyes that suddenly the webfriendly version would be correct, without announcement)

*For anyone in charge of making this date officially known to the public. After this confusion (a kind of confusion that has existed since August 2020), I would seriously reconsider how your roadmaps convey this kind of information. It’s this same kind of Tuesday vs Thursday discussion with every release.

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Is the update due for release on the 13th or the 15th of April?

Glad to see everyone is anxious and excited for the upcoming World Update!

Other than a couple small adjustments, every single update has targeted a similar cadence. Update gets pushed on Tuesday, Development Blog (partnership series, trailer, etc) gets updated on Thursday. Sometimes the roadmap details this in parenthesis, sometimes the web-friendly version does not. But in the end we are talking about the difference between 48 hrs. And in software development, I’d personally never consider these hard deadlines anyway. Official word on release dates come from the production team, not moderators. And is subject to change. If we hear of any more details we can pass along, an update will get posted (likely from a community manager).


normally, tomorrow the 13th

many thanks for the clarification


April 15th:

  • Trailer (World Update IV)
  • World Update 4: France & Benelux
  • Feedback Snapshot
  • SDK Update
  • 3rd Party Update
  • SDK Features
    • General: External Installer Sample, Liveries Sample, Airport Creation Wizard
    • Devmode: Release Notes displayed in DevMode
    • Documentation about VR for Cockpits
    • Simconnect: Addition for Simvars to allow better Control of the Flight Model

and then on release we can expect the usual complaints from people who dont follow the instructions before updating then complaining the FBW is broken and how it is there worst day ever. 4th update 4th influx of the usual complains from the usual same names yet again no doubt


Didn’t expect this to look this incredible. I did come across this scenery at the website, didn’t install it. Surely gonna install this!

Wish other sceneries crop up this way, I would keep a dedicated hard drive for this!

Interesting, No one cares about Middle East, OMAN, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, KSA etc they need the to get PG update.


They should first make the PG a bit lighter. Every time I fly over a PG area it looks like a warzone. Now I avoid PG areas because it’s an attack on my already high-end system and to fully enjoy (for as far as possible) you have to fly at least below 1500ft.

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Yes the cube houses ! They will do Rotterdam, so expect these to be in… I’d like to see the harbour as well… but hat is BIG…

It’s not wrong as such, just in my opinion very poorly considered for ease of use by anyone not familiar with their particular way of doing it. It doesn’t help that they seem to omit the date in parenthesis from the web version while it is present on the visual version.

The date header given is always a Thursday, and can be thought of as a their weekly developer update day. Any events/content that falls within that Thursday’s week will be summarised under that date on the roadmap, even if it falls on eg a Tuesday. On the visual roadmap the specific date of any given content follows in parenthesis if it differs from the date header, but as mentioned for reasons only they know it doesn’t seem to carry over to the web version… so all you can conclude from the web version is that any update listed will fall sometime between Mon-Fri that week. Sadly we don’t have an updated visual roadmap from last week’s dev update so we are left to guess, but if history is any indicator World Updates have typically been on Tuesdays.

It caused a lot of confusion last time, and the time before that and the time before that… I understand there is a certain logic to it but they could really make things easier for the layperson to understand and avoid this debate each time. At the very least it would be helpful if going forward they could carry over the date in parenthesis to the Web version as well as the visual version @Jummivana


I guess it’s going to take a while to get to Asia and Australia then…

Hopefully #4 ‘France’ sharpens up the Alps a bit!

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In all honesty neither did I!

It looks amazing. I’m particularly impressed at how it retains the detail even at distance.

Having said that, it’s not without it’s flaws.
Firstly, it is taxing, and you do need a powerful system.
Secondly, it does stand out quite a bit from the default scenery, especially when you’re just approaching the area. It looks quite bright and a bit oversaturated in places, hopefully it can be colour corrected to blend in a bit better.
Finally the photogrammetry trees kinda look like warped blobs when you get closer. Hopefully it’ll be possible to replace PG trees with actual tree models in the future.

Either way, an amazing scenery that will transform the area. I certainly won’t be able to go back to the default scenery now lol.

That’s exactly what I meant. People are taking that date as the launch date, which is wrong.

Look at user rhumbaflappy a couple of posts above you. Even after me going the lengths to explain why that date is not the release date, there is someone new saying that is in fact the release date. The moderator above still believes it is. It’s confusing, hence wrong.

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Lol…world update is the 13th. This discussion happens every update.


Every dang update we get this… and every dang time we need point this out.

Just to make things clear…

Got it? Good :joy: