World Update Canada

Canada is a vast and beautiful country, with a large population of Flight Simulator users. Please consider it for an upcoming World Update!

Thanks for starting this vote! I would love to see Canada’s cities, landmarks and airports updated. Personally, I would love to see CYQB!!


im working at cyqb IRL and it hurts to see its state ingame


I’m sure it will be in a future update.


Agreed. Old Québec was well implemented in the sim but as soon as you want to explore a bit further you notice none of the bridges and landmarks are there


I thought Canada is just a white void north of the USA?


I’d love to have a more realistic CYEG and area(my FS home base)


That’s a common misconception. The southernmost parts of Canada only see snow 10 or 11 months per year.


there’s 2 seasons in Canada

and the Next Winter


Would love it and give me a reason to explore Canada again.

I just finished touring the rest of Canada in my world tour

The legs in Canada

I went kinda fast through Quebec, eager to get going, the later legs are far more detailed. A nice update would get me to do another Canada tour.


Would love to see a world update on Canada too.

In the meantime, there are lots of great scenery at

And some for Quebec:

And a little self promotion:

The first two are airports in southern Ontario, with Kingston about to receive a major update, taking out the MSFS default scenery with its sea of blue taxi lights and short runway to replace it with more accurate scenery. Once I get the last of the quintillion blades of grass right, up it goes :slight_smile:

The next two are small communities that were missing airstrips in the default scenery. The last two are old Distant Early Warning Line sites that are abandoned but the airstrips still are there. They are missing in MSFS default scenery.

Even with a world update, I doubt the last two would appear.


CYGK Kingston has just been updated with a rebuild of the airside of the airport, longer runway and accurate taxi lighting.


Seems like a no brainer to me. Epic bush flying and general scenery of all sorts, from Gros Morne to Coastal BC and up to the artic! There’s so much! And beautiful cities and a rich aviation heritage. (Where’s my Beaver at!!! Someone release a Beaver! Take my money!!!).

I’d love to see more seaplane infrastructure!!! I’d love to see upgrades for Victoria, city and airport/aerodromes, and Vancouver metro area, especially downtown and the ports on the coast of the north shore. All the places served by commercial seaplane service should get at least a basic representation of those aerodromes. In a world update and/or paid add ons!


Those look great!!! I have yet to do much flying in Canada east of the Rockies, but those add ons will help encourage me to explore out that way!


Fantastic! One nice thing I’ve noticed at least is that we’re used to not being first for updates, so our industrious modding community more than makes up for it!


Totally! Harbour air which has major hubs in downtown Vancouver and the Victoria harbour is the world’s largest all seaplane airline.

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Exactly! I live 10 minutes walk from the Vancouver seaplanes! Most of my exercising is done on that Seawall!! So, fantastic to get the FSimStudio CYVR that includes the seaplane infrastructure. I’d really love to see seaplane operations for all the places Harbour air flies! And I’m still DESPERATE for a ■■■■ Beaver on floats!!! BC is a seaplane paradise (other than all the rain!). Flying to Seattle, Victoria and all the smaller islands in region, etc. I’d pay good money for seaplane infrastructure in the region! Victoria seems glaringly missing, there’s commercial or community based add ons for just about every airport/airstrip in lower BC, but Victoria airport, city and seaplanes have NOTHING??? I’d love to see hand crafted Victoria and Vancouver urban areas and would pay top dollar for those too if they were well done.

It’s a great big planet, and there’s plenty of places I think would make great candidates for World Updates, but Canada seems like it should be up near the top! I’d love to see Australia/New Zealand. The Pacific islands, Mexico/Central America. Argentina and/or other parts of South America. Africa has many opportunities, but it’s so vast! Asia too. It’s an endless list. But Canada surely should be in the next 2 or 3 world updates??! Hope so!

I’d also love to see Asobo spend more time on terrain accuracy, more variety of trees and more accurate placement. So much goes into improving cities, I’d like to see natural areas get some love too. And where man made meets nature has room for improvements. Roads far from cities, especially on varied terrain are really horrible. Surely they can do something to keep roads from being at 45 degree angles on the sides of mountains??! How hard is an algorithm to make sure roads only have angles along their direction and be flat side to side.

But I digress, pretty badly. In short, yes, Canada World Update please!!! A Beaver on floats please!


You should know that some States are north of Canada and I am not talking about Alaska.


Well, Canada is such a large area that if the update is anything like the US, you’ll likely be disappointed.

It’s not too difficult to shape the terrain to the road data, just like mountain roads are build in reality. The problem is the stretching textures and lack of accurate tunnel and bridge start end points. The digital road databases I worked with only had relative height/level information to determine what road goes on top if it’s not a level crossing. And railroads where unfortunately only represented as a single line, which is probably why they are not in the game.

Rivers have the same issue, however first polygon data for rivers and lakes need a lot more accuracy and detail. In many places rivers are straight lines with a data point every 100 meters or so. Better to turn them off them let them ruin the picture. It’s also a problem of who is correct in a lot of places where river height clashes with terrain height. But some logic could improve rivers a lot, like water only tends to flow downwards :slight_smile:

It all starts with better height data, then better aerial imagery. It’s not easy to map an entire world which won’t sit still either. Some of the PG data is already 6 or 7 years old,

Anyway, I would love to see colorful Nova Scotia in high detail. And Canada needs proper seasons!