World Update VI - Germany, Switzerland and Austria

What I would love to see in this update:

consider, that generic religious buildings (which seems to be implemented within any world update), we have a special situation in D-A-CH -Country, mostly in Switzerland:

  • churches in western Switzerland (french speaking region) have more similar architecture to french churches (seen in world update of F-BENELUX), while in italian speaking areas churches have more that architecture… so they don’t look like german (-swiss) churches!

Italy style in Ticino & Grisons:
Mosaico-1 - Mendrisio – Wikipedia
Morcote PC - Morcote – Wikipedia
Gotthard-Leventina 01 - Airolo – Wikipedia
Poschiavo Kirche Sta. Maria - Poschiavo – Wikipedia

french style in Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg, Neuchatel, Valais-Ouest (Est is german speaking):
Bernex katholische Kirche - Bernex GE – Wikipedia
2004-Romont-FR-Kollegiatskirche - Romont FR – Wikipedia
2019-Moutier-Collegiale - Moutier – Wikipedia
Sierre-Catherine - Siders – Wikipedia

german style in north & East (german) switzerland:
EyholzKapelleMariaHimmelfahrt - Visp – Wikipedia
Alpnach-Kath-Kirche - Alpnach – Wikipedia
Hindelbank Kirche1 - Hindelbank – Wikipedia
2008-05-19 Sargans Schloss 5527 - Sargans – Wikipedia

just a few examples… considering this would enhance the sumertion effect for generic areas

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For marital reasons I’m currently living in Nuremberg but I must admit it’s a bit of a trial.

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I hope, they will fix all the broken runways and taxiways in germany, like Nuernberg, Halle/Leipzig, Bremen… We can not start and land with small GA airplanes, because it ends always with a crash…!

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I’m hoping for photogrammetry of the Ruhrgebiet. It’s also called “Metropole Ruhr”. Basically a giant city made up of a bunch of tightly grouped smaller cities.

They already have covered Oberhausen and Duisburg, but photogrammetry covering the whole “Ruhrpott” would be fantastic.


I hope we can get rid of skyscrapers on top of mountains instead of radio antennas…


… or the “extruded bunker” that is visible on the St. Gotthard pass, for that matter :wink:

Yes, there is an ancient WW II aera bunker on - or rather “under” - the St. Gotthard pass. Today it is a public museum, and its outline can be clearly seen on Bing maps:

Unfortunately no one seems to have told the Blackshark AI that this building is under the surface - “it’s a bunker!” - so instead a huge, ugly “office building” is constructed on the St. Gotthard pass.

But at least it made for a good story during my first “Tell Tours Switzerland - From North to South” guided tour back then.

UPDATE: Oh, and a note to myself: remember my words! :wink:

Quote: “… and who knows: maybe Asobo / MS will do a “Switzerland Scenery Update” in the future, so I have to do the entire trip again”


Upper Austria here, but AK is also my favorite Part for flying. Scenery could use a bit of work though, around Juneau, for example. But I think we will getr there, eventually…

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I would like to see Bremen city area updated. It’s photogrammetry one, but the data is so outdated.

For the airport I hope for the FSDG release tho

And the runways between 258m to 400m on the dune in a real North Sea storm (blanken Hans) are a really good landing challenge :slight_smile:

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I’ve upgraded Helgoland here - EDXH - Duene Airport - Helgoland - Upgrade » Microsoft Flight Simulator

I will be rather annoyed if they do hand craft it for the update, but it does seem like an obvious choice.

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Have been flying around your Helgoland scenery yesterday. Great addition to the sim! Big thank you!

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I think they stated there will be another US update next year, I hope alaska will get more attention this time! :mount_fuji: :mountain:

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That would be nice!

This update is going to kill my Rockfall LS60 Challenge Strip » Microsoft Flight Simulator. It relies on bad topography! :rofl:

It’ll be interesting to see how much they put into this next release. And where to next I wonder?

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I just realized that most parts of Switzerland having still the silly winter photoground textures are now updated with novel summer photos in bing maps. So I really, really hope they will make it into WU6.

Or even better: does Asobo implement new satellite photos from bing maps regularly on the fly? I guess not, but who knows…

I’m pretty sure they’ll use the newest available for their world updates

Thanks a lot for the heads-up. It’s the aerial imagery (and presumably also DEM) from Swisstopo, the Swiss office of topography. Neumann already mentioned they‘d get their new data from them. Apparently it‘s already been implemented in Bing Maps. Looks stunning! That‘s what we‘ll get in the sim. Amazing.

Hello, what means DEM?

Great news! Can’t wait! My favourite region!

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First world update was Japan…the second world update was the U.S.A… Now let’s talk again about this Eurocentric game :wink: