World Update VIII: Iberia

I imagine many of us cannot forget the joy of having “fixes” during world update rollouts in the past. I believe the devs realised that quite well, that’s why you now have WUs and SUs.


I hope so too…

I bought Barcelona scenery from Marketplace. Will the WU 8 Iberia overide this?

Whoever made it (LVFR or JustSim, I’m guessing) may have to make some adjustments for it to work perfectly with the Iberia update.

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standing ovation

LVFR have a problem with these two products, Madrid and Barcelona airports. In addition to the airport (they are good products, there can be no doubt) it installs several landmarks in the cities (for example, the CTBA Skyscrapers or Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, or the well-known Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, etc.) that are very deficient in their design; overlaps original Asobo photogrammetry and ruins the VFR flight experience over these locations. Also, they cannot be disabled/hidden. They 're completely attached to airport scenery. If you want to hide them, you need to remove/disable the airport as well.

I suppose that this ‘concept’ problem will worsen now that, predictably, tomorrow in WU8 Asobo will make and position quite new landmarks perfectly recreated by hand on original photogrammetry, which will continue to be hidden underlousy LVFR landmarks.


In light of recent tragic aviation news, we have made the decision to postpone our release of World Update VIII: Iberia until Thursday, March 24th at 2:00 AM PDT (0900Z). We extend our deepest condolences to those affected by this event.

Thank you,

Source World Update 8: Iberia postponed to March 24 - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Also important is AIRAC


What tragic event?

Ah that one

Though it was an accident related to the WU region :man_shrugging:t3:


I enjoyed flying around this area looking forward to the update.

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737NG and Max crews are still flying worldwide at this moment including at the related airline.

The industry has not had a shutdown until Thursday.


The difference is that China Eastern is in the transportation business and the MSFS team is in the entertainment business. Nobody has to get this update tomorrow, especially since it is unlikely that there are any bug fixes in the patch that are going to help people get flying again.

World updates are a time of joy and celebration, and I don’t think that the team wants to be celebrating the day after this tragedy.


As Yoda would say - patience, show, these ones must.

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I don’t think the update being delayed by 2 days is going to really wreak havoc upon anyone. Let’s be cool about it and if the team wants to take a couple of days out of respect, it’s a nice gesture and not really the end of the world. Certainly nothing to be upset over. Everyone is affected differently by tragedies. Let people process the way THEY need to.


It’s only a couple of days, not a big deal at all. I applaud the developers in this decision made out of respect in the wake of a terrible tragedy. Too many times we don’t think about others enough.


I can understand a China update delay but I don’t see any respect here, the update concerns Iberia, not China.


For all you know M/S could have some employees or families of affected. It’s only a two day delay. Some perspective please.


if its not ready, say its not ready, don’t use this accident as an excuse to buy 2 more days and smoke screen a crunch.

i agree its a tragic accident, but i don’t see how or why it should affect a flight simulator content rollout, especially a content pack for a region that was not involved in the accident.


I think that you need to temper your expectations. This is a world update, not a SU. So scenery only, no bug fixes. That would be SU9 at the earliest.