World Update VIII: Iberia

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So do we know if Canary Islands, Azores, Baleares with have also DEM update ?


Not much is known at the moment about what’s in it, I was hoping that, despite being delayed, we would get some sort of notification of what’s being improved


I think tomorrow is when the trailier was going to be released. Initially it was going to come after the update itself, but now that it got this small delay, we will be able to see it as a real preview tralier :slight_smile:

The update is ready. The WU8 release build was finished and had already been submitted for certification before the tragic crash in China. No changes are being made to the build during the 48-hour delay. This is absolutely not a conspiracy theory to hide an update that wasn’t ready for release.

Besides, if the build wasn’t ready, we would just say so. We previously delayed WU7: Australia by a week and were up-front with the community about it. We have no reason to lie to you about this.


there are many theories about Japan getting an update… here are some
1# There was a Microsoft Japan scenery way back in the early days of FS
2# Have you seen the amount of high quality Japanese Freeware Airports available… amazing
3# Its a group of islands
4# xbox sales in the land of sony
5# lets make it very clear from the start that this isnt going to be an anglo-centric sim
6# Unlike China… lots of high quality data

I’d be surprised if Japan get a second world update. It’s content may be refreshed, fixing airport issues, but I doubt it would be considered a formal Japan update 2.


No one would have a problem with the delay, the reasoning is BS though. Just tell us that there was a problem and do not use the victims of that crash as a pretext.


As I mentioned above, the WU8 build is ready and was already submitted for certification before the crash. There’s no conspiracy here. We’re not lying to you about the reason for the delay. If it wasn’t ready, we’d just say so, just like we did in January when we said we needed an extra week of dev time to polish the Australia world update.


Like it or not, they are the owners of the product and content, so they made the decisions. If they decide to postpone a couple of days, it’s their decision. Nothing to do about it.

At the end, we are lucky, discussing our 1st world problems about a delay of a couple of days to play with a better scenery. We, all the people discussing this are privileged people that are alive and have the option to entertain ourselves playing a simulator.

Let’s celebrate that.


When the xenophobia riots in South Africa broke out in 2017, one photographer had what everyone assumed would be an award winning photo. It was the riots in the background, but a South African man standing over a Zimbabwean man on the ground, and he was swinging. That one photo captured the rage of the South Africans, and the fear of the foreigners. It went on every tv news show and cover story of every paper around the world.

The thing is, that photo, it captured the last milliseconds of that man on the grounds life. The mother in Zimbabwe, she was so distraught. No matter where she went, so was seeing the fear in her sons eyes in the last milliseconds of that young mans life. She pleaded for media around the world to remove that photo. And everyone did. That photo never won an award, and you would have to look really hard to find it on the internet anymore. That pleading mother, it made media around the world think about, what the family of the victims feels.

We had a plane crash yesterday. Not just a normal one, but one that the plane took a complete nose dive into the ground. Every passenger on that plane must have been terrified knowing this was their last couple second and there wasn’t a thing that they could do. Family members of that flight are looking for news now. One of the last things those family members want to see is articles celebrating flight. To honor the families of the crash, Microsoft decided to delay the update for 2 days. Just 2 days. Honor the family of the victims and let them have their grief.


Any word on what new airports this will include?

I have a third party Bilbao airport installed, as it’s my hometown. Being one of the most interesting looking airports in Spain I was wondering if it’d see an official update, and if that’s the case, what happens when you have third party content clashing with a game update like this.

No info as far as I know, I just hope we get GCXO, noone has done a payware version so far and the freeware is outdated.

just delete the Asobo one in content manager if they do

Hey guys… Are just 2 day, i know and I understand your disappointment (not taking part in anyone) but in the end it is only delayed for two days… One thing if was a month, and thats not good, but you know… :wink:



I’m hoping for Malaga and menorca. Seems odd that neither have been developed for MSFS yet.


Guys, do you think that are in the world update some bug fixes for the real world weather? as example these popcorn clouds. I mean the weather is also a part of the world


Do we know what airports are included with this update? Kinda hoping Malaga is one of them.


We know pretty much nothing about this WU :man_shrugging:t3: