Wrong Autopilot Logics

  1. The autopilot on any aircraft should disengage upon stall warning activation, instead the autopilot in MSFS gives full up elevator input + full up trim in an attempt to maintain whatever vertical mode is active at the time.

  2. In real life you can’t physically move the controls with the autopilot servo’s engaged (except in CWS / TCS mode), when applying force on the controls with the autopilot engaged the controls won’t move but when applying sufficient force on the controls this will be sensed by the autopilot servos and this will trip the autopilot (disengage). In MSFS you can control the aircraft with the autopilot engaged without tripping it off, this isn’t correct. Asobo should make the autopilot ignore manual flight control input, if manual control input is excessive the AP should trip and hand over control to the pilot.

  3. Autopilots should disengage when selecting manual trim!

Doesn’t the flight control disengagement depend on the autopilot system and the aircraft? I question that it applies the same to all aircraft.

I have never seen an autopilot in my career which remains engaged at stall warning activation, even the basic ones disengage. Definitely the Garmin 1000 / 3000 disengage at stall warning activation.

Completely agree with the stall disengagement. Even the old Century system would disengage on stall warning.
I do find the auto pilot will disengage on significant input from pilot controls though. That said, it is almost as though there is an ‘automatic CWS’ activation across the board. You can make gentle control input against the autopilot in the sim without any deactivation. That is not right. Most systems require the autopilot to disengage if the controls are moved without CWS activated. I have no real world experience with Airbus or the new Garmin systems but I expect they would be the same.

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Exactly, in real life you simply can’t move the controls through the autopilot servo’s when engaged. When exceeding the force limit the AP should trip. The problem is that you can control the aircraft with the AP engaged up to a certain point in MSFS…

This also means that if your joystick is not 200% centered and is giving a little bit of input it overrules the autopilot.

They should make it such that the controls are completely ignored unless a certain level of input is given at which the AP disengages. I’m not 100% sure but I believe the MSFS AP also stays engaged when using the trim switches.

I would say yes, trim does NOT disengage AP. I have my trim on the hat switches and have caught my sleeve more than once, reaching for a key or my mouse, (or my beer), without any ill effect. The same action by a pilot a few years ago resulted in total destruction of all passengers and crew.
Glad they gave us a warning on the Garmin now. Too bad it is almost impossible to inadvertently disengage so the warning would make sense.

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Its obvious that MSFS 2020 has multiple issues. The few buttons that work (G1000) such as AP, Flt plan - Program, CLR (never works), scrolling to the required position (Approach, Arrival, Departure) very erratic. Also, in some cases, so far, does not follow the flight plan and goes off bush-walking in the sky… had I known of these issues, (x Box S, unsure of other systems) I may not have bought. It appears that the PC guy’s have a better experience. The other issue is no one appears to mention what system they are on which is essential IMO. Most posts appear to be from … ?? who knows.

I assume this is because a little over a month ago there wasn’t even an Xbox version online :sweat_smile:.

Ironically this post mentions it is for #pc :smiley:

Apologies. Me be a newbie. Thought msfs-2020 xBox-S version was released last November??

OMG, did it…OK. This may have but I did say most… :grinning:

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No last month or so together with sim update 5

Thanks mate. Appreciate the gen.