WU 6 When again?

When exactly should WU6 come now? it was supposed to come to me yesterday, I had a note like that.

Sept 7th =_=

September 7th.

ahh okay thanks !!

Well at least we will be able to fly for a few more weeks. Hooray!


I’m ok if its delayed by a year if it means they make the sim more reliable and stable first.


Hope they won’t close the forum on 8 th of Sept​:thinking::flushed::rofl:

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The original date was the 24th.

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After the last world update without any new photogrammetry cities or noticeable changes to my home country of Sweden I lost excitement for the world updates. Actually, I’m happy it’s postponed because as we all know every new update brings lots of bugs anyway.

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OP’s question was answered. See the latest information in the development update here:

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