WU15 - Unable to continue a leg of bush-trip

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Contrary to what is said in the Bush-trip description (WU15 - Greenland), we cannot make one leg in parts. In the menu, it say “continue” the leg, but when I click, I’m back at the start at the take-off, instead of my last position (that was, after half an hour of flying)

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Start the Greenland bush trip (Leg 1). Stop it after half an hour of flight. Quit the sim. Open the sime, go to the bush trip, and continue it. You will be at the initial take off

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Are you stopping in the air or landing somewhere?
On some other BT, landing anywhere, shut down then exit allows a restart at that location. Not always, but most of the time(older bt’s)

Are you stopping before the first waypoint? Maybe, it takes you back to the last waypoint crossed?

Does your issue not the same as those 2 topics ?

I have read somewhere that an interrupted Bush Trip will resume at the last POI (waypoint) flown.
Concerning the first leg of the Greenland bush trip the 1st POI is more than 30 min flight time away from the start at SU01.
Consequently, it is correct that you restart at take-off when resuming the leg.
I have experimented this myself by interrupting the leg between POI2 and BGUK. When I resumed the flight the day after, the situation was effectively at POI2, at same altitude, same speed, same heading, etc…

Unfortunately you have to go thru the pain of 2 hours manual flying without ADF to reach Upernavik. I used LNM to assist. Worked for me.

It’s not a question of flight time, but of crossing POIs or finishing the leg.
To help, use LittleNavMap rather than the VFR map.
The flight plan to load (if you have the Steam version) is here:
You’ll see that the first POI is 108NM from Summit Camp on a heading of 306°M.
As long as you haven’t crossed it, you’ll be starting again from Summit Camp, and once you have you’ll be starting from there.

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There’s a way to avoid uninteresting hours of manual flying.
See this post:

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Quote from the description:

Flight instructions:
No landmarks are visible over the Greenland ice sheet. Use the GPS course at the beginning or switch on “Route and waypoints” in the navigation aids.
You can interrupt the flight at any time. The journey will continue from the last waypoint.
After each landing, taxi to one of the parking lots and turn the aircraft to cold and dark.
Pay close attention to the fuel supply. Not all airports offer fuel.
Use ATC if you wish.

If you cannot use LNM, switch on “Route and Waypoints” to check that the WP has really been flown over. Only then can the flight be continued from this point.
By the way, the mod from @PlumbGlue67 works wonderfully via Thrustmaster and keyboard, without any other aids.

Greetings, Koschi

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.Users can only restart from waypoints, which are usually the airports at the start of a leg in the bush trips. Users can’t save midway through a flight/leg and restart from that same location.