WU6 … frequent CTD at LFSB Basel airport

Since WU6 is about the AT-CH-DE countries I did buy some of the airports and tried to visit them.

While exploring some strange 3D asset bugs near Basel in the context of …

I did run into countless crash on the freshly installed LFSB airport.

In 8 out of 10 cases the sim crashes within roughly 10 to 15 minutes after I places my aircraft “cold and dark” at one of those gates or ramps. It never happened immediately … it always took at least around 10 minutes.

I used the H145 and the King Air … I used different parking positions … and I used different weather settings.

I did not have to start up the aircraft or touch any buttons … after the mentioned period I typically did get a CTD.

In one case the CTD happened shortly after I did a takeoff.

I tried similar experiments at some other airports, but I did not get similar crashes. So it seems “unique” to that locations.

It is not 100% reproducible and there are obviously unlimited permutations of possible cases or triggers … but maybe others have seen this as well.

So I guess this is just “for the record”.

Also had a couple of CTD’s at LFSB but I don’t have an add on installed. It’s just the default Asobo airport. So I think it has something to do with the location.

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Landed my TBM930 yesterday at LFSB without any problem !

Hello, so far I have no problem with the “Justsim” extension. No problem, even the ILS works fine. I fly there every day. Regards.

For clarification … I did not have any issues in the two cases when I did fly into Basel … but I noticed this CTD issue when I tried to depart from LFSB. Perhaps there is a difference.

I also had a CTD at LFSB today. It happened shortly after landing my 777F on Runway 15.