WU7 Photogrammetry Citys

So here’s Brisbane after the update. Am I missing something, or did Godzilla just take a stroll through town?

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Bummer that dataset didn’t turn out better, but that’s photogrammetry. :man_shrugging:

Gotta fly higher, or get a third party scenery if it’s available.

Blame Bing Maps…


They haven’t figured out how to remove reflections on buildings with large glass curtain walls. It’s just a limitation of photogrammetry sadly.

I appreciate almost everyone’s feedback. Ya, I get the photogrammetry limitations, but I thought that some of the larger cities listed in the WU7 release notes were already photogrammetry and somehow got improved with the update. I guess they were autogen prior to WU7? Anyway, it is what it is.

Compare Tokyo photogrammetry to this, London, and Paris.

Great PG can be done. It’s just not being done in every update sadly.


It’s true that PG looks awesome above say 1500ft and it gets dodgy the lower you go. I think they rolled out the data leading up to the final polish for the update release.

An example, Canberra looks way better now than it did at launch, parliament house was a flat 2D image. I was there in December and saw that it looked totally different and better, PG enhancements made perhaps apart of the update prior I’d guess.

@AirStew0620750, yes Brisbane was made up of Autogen stuff. The Gabba was a weird looking skyscraper wrap-around type object and Suncorp stadium was another 2D image flat spot. The current Brisbane is way cleaner and sharper than what it once was. I’m a Queenslander and fly there often from my town Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast, and see a definite positive transformation along the coast as well.

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I think by and large, that the PG scenery is to be viewed above say, 2000’. That screen shot looks to be around 500’ or lower? so the detail isn’t going to be there. I’ve never been to Oz, but I’m enjoying the sim update, exploring Sidney I can see why they’re so good at Cricket as ever street seems to have a fully lit ground.

I took a few shots of all the PG cities in WU7, and I’m impressed with how they look for me. Experience can obviously vary and depends on server load etc. See here:

Ya, the A320 is normally my ride of choice, so I’m usually viewing the PG from higher up. Just thought I would head down with the drone camera to take a look

well the pg brisbane looks awesome for me, not melted at all.
australia pg is one of the best in the world now.


I just did a flight with the VL-3 from Archerfield across the Brisbane area. When you go really low, tree top altitude, the PG looks terrible. When you fly in 1500ft it’s absolutely beautiful and extremely detailed.

Treetop level in detail, would require something like integrating street view photos and is way beyond what photogrammetry can achieve. Though good photogrammetry seems to work down to about 300 -500 feet.


Unfortunately yes. It‘s a bit of a pity with MSFS being about to support helicopters soon. There will come a lot and we‘ll want to land outside of airports. With photogrammetry like this it won‘t be a pleasure. But we will see how and if they are going to improve it until then.

I haven’t had much time to spend with WU7 yet, but I found the PG of Cairns to be really good except for the ships in the harbor, and Darwin quite awful, with lots of artifacts hanging in the air. As others have said, Tokyo is an excellent example for photogrammetry, and I really like it in my home town of Munich as well. So it seems the quality of PG in the sim depends mostly on the quality of the raw data and its processing before being integrated into MSFS, not a limitation of the sim itself.

ORBX has Brisbane city pack


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I have been flying with PG off since . . . SU4 or so. I was seeing spikes and boulders on the ground everywhere. I turned PG back on with SU7 and I see the PG issue with these spikes and rocks is still happening. So back off it went.

WU7 PG Cities look pretty good to me, maybe I would have liked Sydney to be larger but its a small concern.
USA has the best quality PG IMO.
London unfortunately for me is a melted mess - a great shame as I often fly in/out of UK.

Has anyone noticed that besides the Sydney city precinct, the rest of Sydney is not in photogrammetry? This would be one of the first World Updates where a showcased city does not have its suburbs in photogrammetry. Or maybe it’s just me, but many YouTube clips seem to confirm it. I’m really hoping it comes soon.