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It’s not opinion or point of view. You’re telling me something I already know about and have fully acknowledged - you’re diverting the discussion away from the topic. If you contribute like so many others already have in the correct way, then I would be open to your opinions and views.

It’s not a PC vs. Xbox discussion. It’s problems whatever they may be effecting Xbox users.

Let’s just leave it at that. Anymore and a report will be filed.

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And that’s how you get what’s essentially a $1200 PC (Xbox) for $500. They sell it at a loss but make that back in subscription fees and other paid services over the life cycle of the console.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. What you save up front you pay for on the back end if you want full use of your hardware.

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Once again, this isn’t a PC v Xbox discussion, and you’re mistaken. I bought the Premium Deluxe PC\Windows 10 version from the MS Store and got the Xbox version for free, without an Xbox Game Pass, and fully functioning with all features active.

Points of interest in France are ridicules.

This is very bad and I play on a Series X.

Here you are another “Point of Interest” on France:

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Interesting to read the ongoing comments about performance.

I’m overall still really pleased with the Xbox port - particularly when I think back to the stuttery blurry iteration I used to get on my mid range PC.

I’ve also had some excellent flights on prop and turbo prop aircraft with minimal performance issues.

In contrast, it does still seem like the Xbox Series X is struggling a little with the larger airliners on longer flights / during descent and approach. I’m sure we’ll see improvements in future. However I also wonder if a optional ‘performance mode’ could be considered for Xbox Series X - in common with some other games - where the resolution and some other elements are sacrificed to allow for a more fluid and stable performance.

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I know how it works. I was replying specifically to the other guy who wonders why he has to subscribe to services once he has the hardware, nothing more. This isn’t an Xbox vs PC thing at all.

Nobody has to subscribe to services to get fully functioning hardware, and that isn’t what spacegrass8092 was complaining about.

Thanks for your reply but a certain Bush is clear while others left and right of it are very blurred!:thinking:

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You’ve got photogrammetry on?

I think that’s just the way the sim is rendering foliage. It may be improved, it may not. I wouldn’t worry about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve listed it for now, but if you could let me know whether it’s resolved or remains like that - would be very useful. Potentially something else that is causing it?

hello I introduce myself Gregory Corazza I am on Xbox Serie S when I am piloting the A320 neo at the end of the flight the screens were so I can see each time I want to land at an arrival airport. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Was going through my data options and noticed my rolling cache was off. I initially changed my cache to 16GB from 8, but never disabled it. Anyone else notice this behavior?

Why do the A320 On Xbox go to the right if I activate the AP and have a Flight Plan?

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Unfortunately performance on the series X continues to decline for me . Today clouds looked pretty terrible and stutters over certain areas are becoming par for the course, this wasn’t the case at launch. It’s very disappointing, causing me to lose interest to be honest, radio silence on issues that appear to be well known amongst us as well. It’s not really good enough


I had this too

It’s declined for me also unfortunately and lots of crashes and freezing after clicking ready to fly and I’ve just decided to delete and install again see if it makes any difference.

Performance continues to degrade and some really significant issues with servers too on the Xbox. It’s a real stutter-fest, at the moment. What is the plan here going forward for Xbox? A lot of these problems would have been hot-fixed on the PC by now, so I’m curious as to the plan. The Series X is running the sim higher than Ultra in many areas, so it’s nothing to do with the power of the console - it’s faster than the vast majority of those using PC.

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Add 10-15 percent deadzone.