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reinstall make sense… .also helped a freind of me. i did yesterday a 5h flight - no ctd, no fps issue…

Yes but now I’m adding the world updates from within content manager on Xbox and I keep getting certain files failed to download such as nice airport and points of interest? It downloads and gets to decompressing and starts downloading the file again but eventually says failed to download and no idea how to resolve this.

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I have the same issue on XBox S

I just kept closing the sim down and restarting my Xbox and trying again and eventually it downloaded everything but it did take a very long time.
Early to say but I did do two short flights with no ctd and no freezing and tomorrow will try some longer flights and see how it goes.

Thanks OP for creating this thread. I love MSFS and Xbox. However im starting to get that cyberpunk 2077 feel about it. (ok not as bad). 50%of the time im loving this and given the leap forward I feel kind of bad whining however I do believe the game on Xbox is getting worse.

I have average 200MBPs with ping to google and other servers of between 4ms and 25ms, unlimited data and plenty of bandwith, I have tried rolling cache on and off (8gb 16gb 32gb)
Many of you here are better versed in the technical understanding and verbage than I, so any feedback is appreciated

Here are my issues with the game on xbox series x:

  1. Terrible terrain at times
  2. Blurry
  3. LOD and pop in (really bad)
  4. Poor frame rates
  5. Possible server lag ( I say this because I know locally im fine but xbox auto gets me 150 200ms on average)
  6. Strange landcapes (almost cartoon like drawing overlays)
  7. CTD (everye second or third session i play)
  8. No fauna
  9. Live weather not working
  10. Clouds are awful
  11. Water is not what the trailers showed for xbox and no animations does not get choppy in say strong winds etc (does not move most of the time)

I can also say I have never seen the game update for me since the second it became avialable and I pre installed it on the xbox series x. I have updated all the world updates from content manager as well.

Sorry for the long post and if anyone has had similar experiences or a fix pls share,



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It was not a puntual error.

Textures of the new Points of Interest in France are very bad, I dont know why, but I didn’t see any new point of interest with good textures.

Yes, photogrametry works well (but with popping).

Anyway, I think I cant change this options on Xbox.

You can’t change graphic settings are they are not available on Xbox. They are all set to Ultra


You can turn the data streaming and photogrammetry off, which significantly degrades terrain formation and texturing

It needs to at least be acknowledged because I’m fast losing interest in something that appears to be going backwards in almost every single way.

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first of all, thanks for having this forum and a place for us to help make the product work better.

I also noticed that my rolling cache got turned off somehow.

Performance has declined for me as well lately but I’m optimistic that in time, it’ll be resolved. Honestly, I expect many more bumps in the road ahead since it’s less than a month old on XBOX platform. Overall, I’m thrilled with what it can do.

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The fact there’s been nothing mentioned about the issues on Xbox since release is very telling. I’m concerned overtime the platform will be abandoned and not see parity with the PC version, due to the false narrative that it isn’t a serious place for the simulator. Which is incredibly disappointing having moved from PC, myself.

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its getting worse. got the 737. gauges engines dont work pop ins worse, stutters, terrains have blocky textures. Can we be certain CD Projekt didnt develop this game

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so true man

The 737 has known to be a terrible aircraft. Get a refund


Unfortunately it seems to be true regarding the 737 by Bredok. I decided to give it a try, but ended up with refund, as result of CTDs every time within 5 minutes after loading any flight using any aircraft. Once uninstalled all back to normal.
But I would still consider another attempt if the product gonna get updated…we cant expect all payware aircrafts to be PMDG quality, but wont ruin my sim just via supporting smaller devs.

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@edge0408 From what you say it seems like you have not downloaded the hotfix you have to launch either Microsoft store or Xbox app to find it!
Hope it improves things for you!

I’ve given up playing this on the Series X, I’ll just wait until the update comes out next week. Hopefully, it’ll fix the many Stuttering, CTD and frame rate issues.

I tried doing a 3hr last night from Dalaman to Gatwick using the A320Neo, only for the cockpit instruments to go black and then on final after flying manually for 200nm it crashed on final approach.

It is such a shame as the game is beautiful and somewhat enjoyable, I just can’t deal with the issues at the moment. It’s more of a shame that I brought the Series X just for this game.

I have got the latest update and tried different options from system settings to game settings but nothing.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the game and happy flying.

Slightly concerning in the latest development nothing has been acknowledged, regarding performance issues on Series X. Thanks for your help - @Jummivana


The update is postponed to the 7th of September.

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