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Ah okay, thanks for that! Back in the skies then on the 7th September.

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Yes , this worries me too. Just a general statement about crash fixes but nothing specific about the Series X situation:

-Several crashes have been fixed across the title

I really hope there will be fixes for the memory leak problem on the Series X (no flights longer than 2 hrs max, after that CTD) as well as the absolutely annoying bug concering the freezing mouse cursor and several major landscape bugs in the UK and Ireland (introduced after the UK world update).

Ah well, we just have to keep on hoping…


The freezing mouse cursor is the most annoying one, definitely agree. And I have not found any workaround yet.
Regarding the CTDs, it helped me to delete and turn off the cache. Since that I was able to complete several 5+ hrs long flights, but I am not sure whether that helps on all consoles…

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This happens when you use the cursor. Turn off the cursor and move the LS stick to the left, then it’ll fly where you want it to

The 787 brings a lot of stuttering, but the A320 is smooth for me (On Xbox)

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Interesting. Is it smooth in the A320 even on final descent / approach after a long flight?

I’ve found a workaround for this, which is that I save and then quit the flight when I start to notice things get a bit juddery when descending. I then reload the flight from the main menu and pick up where I left off and - hey presto - no juddering.

I also hope they fixed these memory leaks. It’s impossible to take a long flight on XBOX. These CTDs are killing me with rage… Better to postpone and test the update sooner than release without QA.

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How true. I used to fly most of the time IFR and of course most of the time for more than 2 hours. Right now the sim is more a tech demo than a flight simulator because the very basic thing it should accomplish is to run stable for many hours, without crash, freeze, stutter, lag or FPS drops. Only when this goal is achieved FS2020 will become a true flight simulator.

I really hope we will get there in time because the sim per se is awesome and breathtaking and has a huge potential. Time will tell if Asobo/MS can manage to deliver the most technological advanced flight simulator or not.

Personally, I want to believe that they can and will - given enough time - fulfill their promise. Even now, without AI traffic, without live weather and with only rather short flights I have (again) experienced the wonder of flying. Even if this may sound a bit cheesy, flying - at least to me - is some kind of emotion and I think, many flight simmers feel similar in a way. I have witnessed sunrises and sundowns in a qualitiy never seen before (in 4K on a big screen); the ground below me is (when everything works as intended) unbelievably photorealistic and when I fly low over the english countryside and land in the morning mist at Exeter airport, at least for a few moments I forget that this is a sim and that I’m not in an actual cockpit of a real aircraft but instead only in my living room.

So yes, the CTDs are outrageous but still… let’s hold on to this feeling and why we want to use a flight simulator in the first place… ‘to slip the surely bonds of earth’ and to soar high in the great blue yonder… :blush:


How do you do that though? I try saving and it only saves my FLP? I’m not very experienced when it comes to this stuff.

Edit: Yes, it is kinda smooth not the best but still a lot better than the 787 which I know has loads of problems.

I have packed it away to Sept 7. Dont even know if that will address the xbx issues or just PC.

Liveries and th lack of them …

Every airport departure lounge I’ve been through have had tacky children toys emblazoned with one airline livery or other. Surely its in the interest of airlines to have their fleet positively promoted in MSFS. I just wonder how much compensation they might be wanting for this and perhaps suggesting a charitable donation in their names from the MSFS community might be a better way of dealing with this beuracratic wrangle. Adverised liveries could show the Airline supporting such and such a charity, making it a win win situation for every body.

Just a thought …


You don’t need a subscription to own an XBox X/S and you can buy the FS2020 software outright to own it. You don’t require gamepass subscription to do this. They hope to suck people in with gamepass and access to other game titles but it isn’t a mandatory requirement as far as I can tell.


My main issues on the Xbox Series X are the games frequent CTD and more recently it occasionally takes 4 or 5 attempts to start the game from desktop.

World data doesn’t load in reliably either, especially destination airports which never load in the buildings leaving me with a very flat and boring looking airport to park at.

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Until someone with a grudge posts a video on YouTube and claims it to be real life footage. It’s VERY hard to distinguish some real life photos/videos from MSFS these days and there seem to be some highly organised ransomware hackers out there who could also attempt blackmail/extortion with such footage.
The same applies to those who want fully working warplanes in MSFS. A screenshot or video showing a warplane in action with realistic markings in say, the Mid East, could quickly start something we’d ALL regret if it were claimed to be real footage.

I have a constant issue with water levels and random large sheets of water appearing while flying around my local area!
Xbox series x,

Wow! Now that’s a reply I wasn’t expecting!

Yep, just had to close the sim and restart it from a point mid-air because the stuttering got uncontrollable even at FL390. It needs to be fixed at some point.


The livery problem could be easily tackled with an in-game customisation market place, where the user base can upload their own livery’s online (with some rules of not using copyrighted creations). It would make it at least more enjoyable.

That would be an extremely silly reason to avoid liveries. Anyone who wishes to fake up an image or video can already do so with modern tools.

The existence of liveries wouldn’t affect this one iota.

I had exactly the same yesterday, when I flew from Dubai to Heathrow. I was probably only get 5fps at FL380. I had to save and then spawn back in.

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