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Just wanted to say thanks to the OP for continuing to update the rolling list of issues at the top of the thread. Hopefully it’s useful for the devs. :+1:


Please enable online multiplayer for those without a $10/month Xbox Live Gold subscription.

PC simmers are already skeptical about consoles. Making them navigate the byzantine steps and extra cost to turn on multiplayer is not helping.

For the uninitiated: buying the sim outright on Xbox does not come with multiplayer. Game Pass for Console does not include multiplayer. Game Pass Ultimate does include multiplayer, but only because it includes Xbox Live Gold. However, be careful in signing up for Xbox Live Gold/Game Pass Ultimate because there are tricks for getting it cheaper. E.g., buying Xbox Live Gold codes from third party sites and adding them to your Xbox account. But you have to do the steps it in the right order or it won’t work.

Never owned an Xbox. Shelled out the money for the console and to re-buy the sim, which I already own on PC. Now to get multiplayer, which is free on PC, I have to subscribe to an additional monthly service that I do not want or need, other than for this single, relatively minor, functionality.

You may know this already but I’m afraid this is par the course for multiplayer on console.

With the exception of a small number of free-to-play games, both Xbox and PlayStation (and Nintendo Switch as well) require a monthly or annual subscription for online multiplayer. I’m afraid this applies to most games (Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Forza… the list goes on) even when in most cases the same titles can be played online on PC for free.

There doesn’t seem to be a good reason for this other than console players generally have accepted this (it’s been the case since at least the Xbox 360 era) and PC users haven’t!

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I put this issue up earlier in the post and the avionics screens go black after an hour or two flying . Also submit your reports to zendesk.

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That is the impression I was getting, but thanks for confirming. I am totally new to consoles, and am just learning about this topic. I did read that Xbox recently dropped the Xbox Live requirement for free-to-play games. That made it even harder to understand why the requirement remains for paid games, and especially for a $120 simulator.

Maybe console gamers have accepted it, but I suspect PC simmers looking at Xbox will have a harder time doing so. In my opinion, Microsoft would be wise to remove the requirement for this particular title.

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dont forget many xbox gamer are using gamepass - so they can play online without any charges and Fligh Simulator Flight Simulator is in the gamepass.

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Hi gang, I’d be interested to know what fellow Xbox simmers make of the latest patch. I’m seeing some possibly significant improvements to colours and lighting.

I’m also seeing a big improvement in overall smoothness which has gone a long way to addressing the issues I was having on descent and approach.

I cannot believe how good this looks on my Xbox. Just completed an approach to Marseille over southern France and my jaw was on the floor over how pretty it looked.

Guys I need some help from the pros. I’m heading West toward POI 5 at a heading of 287 degrees toward the landing strip SCAZ, my position is correct on the VFR map so why is the pink line on my heading compass directing me to the East away from my correct destination? I haven’t been able to use the horizontal situation indicator since Leg 4 which is when it got all backwards. HELP!

Thanks. If any of you want to report to Zendesk as well, that would be helpful. There’s only so much I can do. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I did report the degradation over longer flights / during descent and approach. However, this seems to have improved significantly since yesterday’s hotfix. I’ll need to do another couple of longer flights to be sure but initial signs were promising. :crossed_fingers:

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I’ll cross it off the list when we know for definite that things have improved. :slight_smile:

I cant give any technical stats or anything but I’m running a XSX on a 4k gaming monitor. Flying my C152 through the mountain ranges up from west Sale to Hotham was incredible last night. Never looked so good. Even with poor Internet, the clouds, trees and volumetric lighting just added so much depth to the visuals. It was wicked. Very happy.

There’s no backcourse mode on the cub hey?

Could just need to re-input the direct to function, as it might still be trying to direct you to an earlier established direct-to line. If that makes sense

Hey, thanks for adding the HDR bug on Xbox, shouldn’t be too crazy of a fix for Asobo to implement.

Also not sure if you can add these issues to the thread either, but all the Xbox Official Peripherals are having issues on the Xbox, both the Thrustmasters T-Flight HOTAS ONE, and the Razer Turret Keyboard. Since these issues are Xbox related/only, it might be a good idea to keep track of them.

Hope these issues could get added to the list as well.

I still have the Long Haul Problems, particularly with the 787. It will stutter and then it will completely crash.

We’ll I followed it for a time to see if it would eventually line up but unfortunately it did not, seemed it was leading me to the previous waypoints so I continued on using landscape and geographic landmarks to find my way following the line on the VFR map. If this could be patched next update that’d be great.

I have problems with many CTD when I will land and I have problems with the A320 - sometimes all instruments are turning off, but I can land the plane correctly.

Has anyone else noticed an issue with night time flying? I get random color flashes everywhere it’s dark on my series x. It randomly changes colors but happens about every 5 seconds in the same spot

Hey - running on X Series X, I get very regular CTD on the World Map screen.

Strangely it seems to always happen twice - as in boot game, go to map screen > CTD, repeat > CTD, repeat then it works ok. It wouldn’t be so bad but you need to sit through two instances of the software loading again, so each time I’m looking at a 7 minute delay to get in the air.

Adding this because I didn’t seen in updated list of known issues but think it must be fairly common.

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never had a issue with the world map - so i dont think it is a common issue