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It would be useful if we had some acknowledgement of this topic from the devs as the list is already 17 deep and counting. I hope the fixes they announce also mean improvements and fixes to the Xbox version - essentially they are the same builds, so I assume so?

One possibility (works on PC, but don’t know if it does on xbox) is to toggle real time traffic off then back on (assumign you have that on). This can occasionally cause performance degredation over time and toggling it somehow resets it and all should be well. Worth a shot maybe.

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You would like to think so, but you are correct, some acknowledgement would go a long way for now

Devs do read the forums, but very rarely respond. The best way to get these bugs raised and captured is via the formal bug reporting through zendesk - click the “support” link at the top of the forum pages. There is also a bugs/issues section of the forum, where you can create topics for these bugs that allow people with similar issues to share their experiences and vote on them to raise visibility.

Note that forum rules require one bug per topic (so you’ll need a few topics). However, I suspect you’ll find that these issues are mostly not xbox specific and so someone will almost certainly already have created a topic for these already and so you can add to that and vote too. Try to avoid duplicate topics because then the votes get split. The search function in the forum is very good.

For example, this thread exists for the toolbar handle not hiding:

Hope this helps, and sorry if you were aware of all this already.

I believe the A320 operates normally IMO. You gotta switch to Mach speed (selected) when climbing FL200+ and then your climb rate will constantly stay at 1,000+ FPM. Remember, the air is thinner the higher you go! But I do have a couple points to make regarding your post:

  • Occasionally CTDs do happen on Xbox, mainly related to using the menu while in-flight.
  • The 787 is a massive problem considering it is a premium deluxe plane. The flap configuration numbering on the aircraft is completely incorrect, on both the EICAS and centre pedestal. This has killed my joy in it, no point in flying something so broken. VNAV is also a disaster. Not sure how one year on, it still hasn’t been fixed.
  • Lastly, the LS button mouse cursor is a bit bugged. If I try to turn the altitude or speed knob with it, it’ll send the altitude/airspeed to hell.

Overall, I love the sim. I can’t stop flying! I’m having a blast with the A320, I think it’s sufficient enough to fly under proper operating procedures, even if some systems are not simulated. They just really need to fix the 787 because that’s the whole reason why I got premium deluxe.

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Agreed about the A320. Been flying it lots for the last week. The bugs and issues with it are minor enough.

Cessna Citation Longtitude sways from left to right when AP is in NAV mode.
ILS apprpaches at many airport are incorrect or the frequencies used by FMC.
Of course the previously mentioned altimeter/altitude bug which is annoying on long hauls.
Impovements?? Much more real liveries for airliners.

Apart from these things…excellent job by Asobo, enjoying it through the bugs, it is long process. Will reach the mark of 50 flight hours tomorrow.

Cheers and happy flying

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Occasionally CTDs do happen on Xbox, which is too bad. Hope they fix this soon. I’m feeling a lot of Flybywire’s A32NX, hope to be able to fly it on the XBOX too.

Again in the Baron 58, I’m able to mouse click the AP buttons on the G1000 and the buttons move but the mode isn’t engaged and doesn’t appear in the Annunciator panel on the PFD screen. I have to use the Xbox controller to engage AP modes correctly.

That’s strange. I’ve been flying the G58 the last couple of days and the autopilot has been working fine for me.

I’ve also used the G1000 NXi from the marketplace without any issues.

That’s good to know, thank you. I’ve just tried it again and it’s working fine now. I think I know why: I also have the PC/Windows 10 version and the Xbox always syncs data on startup. This includes my controls settings, and I think the sync data process is sometimes glitchy, maybe due to my internet connection slowing down?

I’ve had that a few times too.

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Jeepers! What the hell is that? I am not even sure what I’m looking at!
(It’s a runway? Which airport?)

Due to the nature of the sim this is quite common.
Almost all scenery is streamed. Therefore if you approach a busier area (especially if also descending) all the scenery + ground assets are being loaded both from servers and also those assets which are stored locally.

You can try reducing the amount of ground objects (vehicles, ai aircraft etc) to reduce some of this load.

I’m guessing server congestion during busier periods may also play a part.

When loading in as you describe (on final) that load isn’t all happening live…so you don’t experience as much stutter.

Appreciate the response. I’m not sure that’s necessarily what’s happening here.

Yesterday I did a few flights where I used the ‘travel to approach’ (rather than final) function and this gave me a much smoother experience than I get at the end of a longer real-time flight. I had this smoother experience despite the fact that I was spawning quite far out from airports (including busy ones like Heathrow) which still left the with lots of work and scenery streaming to do while in transit coming into and then over big cities. For me, the performance issue does seem to be connected with a descent after an uninterrupted flight

Asobo please fix the Citation Longitude oscillating issue, I’m fully aware that there is a mod on PC, but this is no help for anyone on Xbox. The issue starts once you get to the first waypoint then continues for the rest of the flight.

We’re currently left with an aircraft which has issues and this has been reported before. All paid aircraft should work, we’ve paid money for them.


I’m having trouble turning the G1000 altimeter and other knobs with the Xbox controller. Sometimes the altimeter jumps to -99000 feet, and when I try to enter an approach or arrival in the procedure menu, it’s very hard to get to the selection I want. So far I’m having this problem with the DA40NG, the DA62 and the Caravan. I’m absolutely loving the sim so far (and it’s great for learning to fly IFR), but the G1000 is a bit troublesome.

vote here
(XBOX) maximum\minimum values bug (?) when using knobs - Bugs & Issues / Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I think if we try and focus on core Xbox issues or improvements in this thread, rather than those already well documented. For example, the Longitude sway bug is not exclusive to Xbox or is not significantly worse than PC and we will have to just wait for that fix to arrive. But performance, stuttering and objects not loading in correctly might be Xbox specific so that would need to be listed. Of course, if issues arise with an aircraft on Xbox and not on PC then we will try and document it in here.

Thanks all.

I agree it’s not exclusive to the Xbox, but PC users are able to install mod’s which resolve the issue. A moderator on this very forum has told users to install the mod to correct the aircraft behaviour until it’s fixed by Asobo. We have no idea as to when this will happen and currently Xbox users have no way of resolving this issue and this isn’t a new issue.

Just because it happens on both platforms, I don’t personally think that it should be excluded from our list of bugs/issues.

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