Xbox/PC screens go black then CTD

Sent, if you need anything else just let me know.
Additional info: I have continously issues (black screens, CTD) en route from CDG Paris to Denver.


Additional information:

We will be able to get the crash dump only if the “error report” is enabled at that moment!

How to enable the crash report:

From the console:

  • Navigate to Settings > System.
  • Now select Console info.
  • Enable Allow enhanced error reporting.

Once that’s enabled, launch the sim again and try to reproduce the crash.

  • Providing the approximate timestamp of the crash (date and time) will be very helpful.

Thank you.


I’m just as frustrated as you are. I’m so upset with this simulator. It’s unplayable.

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See, I disagree. ‘Unplayable’ by definition means you can’t play it. At all. I understand you’re frustrated but resorting to hyperbole won’t help you.

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this is so ridiculous, it is not unplayable at all for most people.

CTD again, on 01.04.2022 1.08 pm according to the local time of Hungary, on the way fom CDG to JFK, where I never had any issues.
I don’t understand it…

I had about 10 CTD in 2 hours one day recently. It certainly felt unplayable then. Today I’ve been doing various stuff and no CTD in 2 hours. My advice if it’s being a pain is to just try flying something else somewhere else. If you keep trying to do the same thing it’ll likely crash in a similar way.

This just happened to me. After a few hours of flight in the Boeing 787-10, the screens went black. Everything, including the autopilot displays. Then, after about half an hour of flight like this, I got a CTD. :angry: The sim hasn’t collapsed on me for months, this was a surprise.

Do you guys play with live weather and live traffic on?

I always play with live weather and live traffic.

Increase the rolling cache to 16 gb.
Since I did it, I haven’t had any issue and the game runs better.

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Could someone give me a run down of what the current situation is about this issue? I haven’t been on the forum for a while and need a summary. Thanks

It really actually depends on what you use the sim for. Some may find it playable if you fly around in a Cessna. Not so demanding on console anyway. That drastically changes if you fly the A320 out of a payware airport and suffer serious performance issues make it unplayable. 3rd party addons actually are a big deal for serious simmers. If MSFS can’t handle that on console, then I’d deem it unplayable. The vanilla MSFS just doesn’t cut it. No vanilla flight sim ever will.

If someone bought a 3PD airport which CTDs every time when loading in, that’s unplayable. As it means you can’t use the airport. So again, the term “unplayable” really just depends what you try to make out of the sim.

Do you think they finally going to fix it so we can fly long flights like New York to London and Asobo to Seattle for the achievement?

You can in the mean time. I have done many flights long haul ones with NO LIVE WEATHER AND NO LIVE TRAFFIC. There is a very small chance of a CTD OR BLACK SCREENS so try this while they work around this.

I don’t know, but since I increased the size of rolling cache, I had no issues and I always flight long haul:
Actually I am on the ways from CDG to SEA and no issue since the departure (it was 3 hours ago).

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Rolling cache 16Gb. Black screens right after jetway connection. Camera view changed from cockpit to external view and back. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

”Flight time” about 25sec… nice

Will do… If we’re on the SU9 Beta, should we also do this? Or would this only be applicable to SU8 at the moment?

But this bug has been know about sense release July hopefully they finally have idea ?

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CTD while loading in the Sim it CTD at the check for updates screen ×3 is this helpful?