[Xbox Series X/S] Visual Downgrade - LOD Reduction

I loved the graphics on Xbox Series S with SU9 and SU10. Now, with SU11 a painful downgrade to LOD and ground textures.


was just about to post the same thing. and also in Chicago. It’s like every neighborhood turns on their lights all at once and the other neighborhood down the street turns theirs off simultaneously. Ridiculous how broken this game became in one day.


This is an example of graphics downgrade on Xbox Series S. Its hard to believe how drastic are these LOD changes and how blurry the textures become in S11.


Guys I don’t know what I’m doing that you folks are not doing but my game looks the same as it did before the update. I’ve no complaints at all. Maybe I need to play the game more to notice these visual anomalies?

Very important: did you guys go into Content Manager and update all the locations from there too? There’s around 25gb or more that you need to update from the CM too! :smiley:

Everything from the content manager is up to date; that definitely isn’t the issue. Have you tried replicating the issue by using the drone cam and ascending? You should notice that you’ll cross a certain threshold at which the ground imagery drops in quality and polygon count plummets on buildings/photogrammetry.


Oh I see… No, I haven’t tried that. I’m just too busy flying and admiring the view so while flying… Everything looks as I’d expect. I’m not even on a 4k screen man… The game looks fine to me.

Maybe I really need to nitpick and take it apart but so far I’m not noticing the visual downgrade on SX people have been complaining about.

Really, people are disappointed by the visual downgrade so they will use exaggerated terms like, “Disgusting” or, “The sim is broken.”

But if you don’t know what to look for, or don’t fly too often, or sit far back from your screen, it is quite possible you might not notice what other folks are fixated on.

I noticed it on day one and by say, day five, I had all but forgotten about it until I see threads like this get bumped.

So, if it doesn’t bother you, you might get the impression from reading this thread that you aren’t experiencing the same issue the other posters are experiencing. But you are. The level of detail on Xbox has been reduced for everyone with SU11, and it is very noticeable if you know what to look for, or are used to looking in the distance where terrain now pops in, or are accustomed to looking at citiy skylines like Manhattan, San Francisco, or Chicago from nearby airports.

It is an issue. It is noticeable. And in spite of that, it really isn’t as disgusting or as game breaking as some in here make it out to be in order to make their point loud and clear to the developers that they want their graphical fidelity back!


40" screen and no I’m not sitting 15-20 feet from it but just 6 feet. The game looks the same to me but then again I don’t do a lot of zooming in or drone cams while flying.

If this is indeed a genuine issue I hope the Devs address it but not at the cost of performance.

I am noticing the hiccups and stuttering which are back in heavily populated cities and towns - before this update it was literally buttery smooth 30fps no matter where you were on the map.



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It is a genuine issue, and the developers have logged the bug as an issue, so it is confirmed by them to be real.

But I would venture to guess you are not alone. Many would not notice without it being pointed out to them.

Now, I sit like two feet away from a 4K 50” screen. So as you can imagine, I am sometimes looking at details that you (or your screen) would let blend into your overall view. And it does make things like pop in more noticeable from where I sit. But my mind filters it out rather quickly, and I still enjoy flying, and I still take plenty of screenshots.

But I know how things like this go. Some users will fixate on the downgrade. And if you fixate on it, it becomes all you can see. And that can really make the experience less enjoyable for you.

I might filter this out, but there are certainly bugs that I have fixated on to the point where it sours my experience and this is certainly the type of thing that will get under a certain percentage of users’ skin.

I’m not sure that I’m correct about this, so maybe someone with more insight can set the record straight. I was under the impression that the ‘bug-logged’ tag just means that the moderators have added it to the ‘bugs’ list, similar to what we see in the feedback snapshots. I think this means that it’s in line to be investigated at some point, but the devs may not have even seen it yet. Then again, I’m not sure who curates the bug list that we see in feedback snapshots. Maybe a moderator could shed some light on this?

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You could be right. But at the very least it means the issue has been confirmed by folks on the MS/Asobo end to be real.

History shows us that things that are logged as bugs tend to be fixed before things that aren’t.

And this is blowing up at a scale and scope that will prove hard to ignore. Xbox issues don’t typically gain so much traction in so little time.

You can rest assured it will be fixed.

Now, will it be fixed in six days or in six months? That’s above my pay grade. :joy:


Well to be fair they just released this update on Friday and are getting back into the office tomorrow Monday. So hopefully they see this as an urgent bug and start working on it priority 1.


This bug has been logged for weeks. This topic has been active since the start of the SU11 beta.


That is NOT uncommon.

Especially when this Anniversary deadline came with a hard date. Literally the 40th Anniversary.

They had a working beta build and stuck with it as a release candidate in spite of the issues they knew of. That is kinda how it goes every time. But I especially understand why this SU needed to release when it did. People gots to get their new planes!


For sure, I didn’t mean to imply that it’s uncommon to take this long to work out fixes. I just wanted to point out that the bug had been logged since the SU11 beta since @LuvMyXBOX seemed to be under the impression that this bug had been discovered and logged in the last few days while the devs were out of the office.


Dear Devs. NZWN was one of the most photo realistic airport, even on xbox at Su11 beta it was looking amazing. I tested it a lot on beta. Everything was perfect including environments.
https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/u7wclw/nzwn_wellington_airport_taxi_to_gate_nzwn_by/ (not my photo but you got the idea)

Now it turned into a blurry, very low detailed airport. Here after 40th anniversary release how it looks like Imgur: The magic of the Internet

And 100% all the time it disables bing data world graphics option under 30secs-2mins waiting, i have to re-enable it. Last 3 images on imgur link, these warnings hqppens under 20secs and bing gets disabled, i have to re-enable it everytime. I am not getting this bIng issue anywhere else, only at NZWN, and it happens all the time. I was told that paid airports shouldn’t do this because of they have better lods, sadly it happens on other paid airports also. These downgrades or problems was not exist on any airports on beta.

I fully reinstalled everything to test. With all these visual downgrades it is really looking bad, this is too much of a downgrade. I never see blurry environments before.


Edit: Devs please don’t get me wrong, i was so happy with beta. Constant CTD’s on Xbox with 3rd Party Scenery & Airports - #338 by DrewmorKuZy. I took half zanax to be able to post this, need to rest or will panic attack. I am hoping you guys will find a middle ground to balance CTDs and visual downgrades.


Just tried the glider tutorial where you practice slips. I didn’t even recognize the airport I was supposed to glide to until I was very near to it and had to really slip in order to make it to some greyish line that was the runway as it turned out once the LOD got better with very low distance.



Xbox version SU11 is horrendous quality of scenery but SU10 graphics was fine. Which I believe effecting PC as well, and I’m disappointed because it ruins the Experience