XBox Users. What addons have you downloaded and do you rate them?

I have tried to be restrained when considering Addons. So far I have added FSDreamteam’s Zurich and EuroAirport Basel. They are great and I would recommend them. I added Flyingiron’s Spitfire it is awesome although there are a few bugs. The IndiaFoxTechno MB339 probably my favourite. I have also added the DCS F14 and F15. I haven’t done much with them so am still not sure about them. I also bought the Blackbox Simulation Islander. It’s a good plane, I like the avionics and flight model but still need some more time in the sim. I have also added ORBX London City Landmarks, it’s very good. Oh I forgot I have Quiberon by FSDreamteam. It is also of a high standard. Finally I have FlyTampa’s Copenhagen. Another excellent airport.

I want to develop European airports for medium haul. Ideally in a PMDG B737 or an Aerosoft CRJ. Looking forward to UK2000 airports coming to the marketplace and hopefully something medium haul to do them justice.

I think I would get Asobo’s Ju52 as it does look good.

So what have you added and do you rate them?

On Xbox, I can also recommend Zurich airport scenery although I still don’t have Jetways visible there.
Furthermore EDDS from JustSim is very nice and authentic…personally much more detailed then WU6 EDDS by Asobo (especially Bosch Carpark and exhibitions site)

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I will add Stuttgart to my list in the coming weeks. Just need the aircraft to fly the routes.

LVFR Barcelona is pretty good. ORBX London is ok-ish, it just makes the already present landmarks look better. So feels kind of low effort though. The CS777 (yes, I am about to hang myself by the…) looks good, but flies horribly - a complete disaster. Yes, I was aware of it being based on the 747, but did not expect it to be this bad. In the process of trying to get a refund.

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Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics (ground textures), they are great. Defaults are too plain, bright (default runways in particualr have very bright white markings) and not realistic. Grass now looks like grass (a wee bit brown & it overgrows the edges of taxiways in places) as opposed to a sea of green astroturf. Taxiways look great too. Well recommended. The best thing is they work on all airports by default after install so every airport you go to looks better with this one addon.


Stuttgart is enhanced already in WU6 it doesn’t need any more enhancing. It looks lovely. It may even have been an add on incorporated in WU6. Honestly go check it out.

Stuttgart is from Aerosoft in WU6. So it is very good in case of details.

I seem to have been burned more than most. To date i reckon I’ve dropped 250 quid since launch (not including premium edition of the game). Ive stopped buying games and thought I would invest in fleshing this game out to be as immersive as I can afford, and I really do love it if they can fix some issues.

Ok lets start.


Enhanced Airport Graphics - This is an essential purchase and pretty cheap. Adds in a lot of great textures to runways and airports in general, making it look a lot more diverse and realistic with dirty tire marks etc. its cheap too.

Spring N. & Fall S. Season Bijan Habashi

This adds in much more customised trees and honestly it gives the game a real lift compared to the defaults. You get the right types of trees in the right places and they look great. You also get varying colours. You can only install one set at a time so i tended to go with spring/fall.


Las vegas Airport and Landmarks by FlyTampa - This is a stunning pack and it seems to be run very well even with the updates lately. It doesn’t play nice with the 737 Max though. But you get a beautifully crafted airport with bespoke arrival traffic, working jetways and loads of Las vegas buildings. the lighting is magnificent

Airports by LVFR

I always look for airports from these guys because they give you such good content for the money.

Miami International

You get a beautifully designed set of terminals and some nice branded static planes from Amazon, American airlines etc. Theres an animated train in the terminal too. You also get some new buildings in downtown Miami and fixes to bridges and a reworked port with cranes and cruise liners.

One con is the jetways sometimes don’t work but will do if you quit and reload again.

Fort lauderdale Miami

Again a really nice airport with nice statics and jetways that work. Also comes with some nearby custom buildings, the hard rock cafe guitar building, more port reworks, cranes and container ships and some marina boats.

El prat barcelona

Superb value for money this. Comes with beautiful airport architecture, spanish plane statics (iberia) but best of all loads of landmarks that don’t exist. Cathedrals, monuments, theme parks, stadiums and a reworked port and ships.

Cons: Some elements tend to pop in and one of the spires is pink and missing a texture, needs an update.

Seattle Landmarks by Orbx

Really really nice pack. Has a lot of custom buildings and night lighting. Adds in two custom seaplane docks with people, cruise liners, ferris wheel, port cranes, static trains.

Cons: sometimes you get crane pop ins

Hong Kong Times:

Looks really amazing, over 200 custom buildings. Had a few pop in issues but not sure if it was my stream at the time. Loads of bridges and boats. very nice indeed.

Piper arrow by Carenado

A really decent plane, i love flying it. Comes with multiple liveries and options for when parked.

Cons: You need to turn an option off at the beginning to get the dashboard to display correctly as it seems to be a variant carried over from the pc but it all works. Sound could do with a little work.

Ayers rock by Auscene

This is a beautiful little airport not far from the great wonder. Comes with a nice static plane of a Quantas being boarded. Lots of really nice rendered people getting on and standing around by the car park. has coaches and static helicopters, a separate control tower further down the runway, animated flags and conveyer belt for luggage. Brings a really drab piece of earth to life.

Cons: had been pretty badly hit by the updates causing massive pop in. Auscene have a fix but still waiting for Asobo to publish

737 Max

A bit of a hybrid plane for the purest but if you want a commercial airliner that looks good, flys ok and has decent livery its worth a look. They have since added more features like flexing wings.

cons: sometimes doesn’t play nice with other third party airports


For god sake never buy a switzerland mesh… It causes weird morfing and stuters on Xbox, at least for me. The new Zealand on other hand is reals nice and works perfectly fine


Same here on PC, it‘s too heavy on the hardware.

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I went for:

Enhanced Airport Graphics

Yes, I think this is an essential purchase, it just adds immersion.

Fall N. & Spring S. Season Bijan Habashi

I picked this up at the start of the month and it nicely drops some autumnal trees into the northern hemisphere. I’ll likely get the others as the seasons change, prior to MS/A doing ‘Seasons’.

I’m not that interested in airports because I fly around widely so it’s not worth it for a single visit.


Enhanced Airport Graphics
Started work after WU6. Maybe there are some improvements on big airport runways. On small sirports I really do not see skidmarks and “mojo”. NOK for me.

Fall N. & Spring S. Season Bijan Habashi
It works well. I will purchase other Seasons too. OK for me.

Switzerland Mesh
Sim started to freeze every 10-15 seconds after installation. I got refund. NOK for me.

PA28R ARROW III (Carenado)
Great for fly. No lights for taxiing in dark. After WU6 can not close stupid tablet on yoke. So currently it is still in hangar and not operable. NOK for me.

Click top left corner of tablet to hide it, click centre of yoke to show again.

It does not work.
When I click on it - it hides for few miliseconds and show again :frowning:
Carenado wrote it will be fixed “in future” - nice example how they care about their customers.

Just click the small iPad button at the bottom. It closes.

That tablet show again within few miliseconds.

That’s so weird it doesn’t happen to me. But every flight I have to set it up which is a pain

It is , but it has an ILS LOC offset for me when trying to land. It would have taken me down 100ft or so to the right of runway 25 almost onto a taxiway. Had to switch to manual and line it up manually to land. I think it’s position must be out because of misalignment of the new scenery sitting on top of the original. As soon as I landed I taxied to the right and the localiser centred again. Then suddenly a minute later it jumped to where I would have expected it to be. It’s like there were two ILS signals, one offset positionly and the original pre WU6 default/original fs2020 one.

Enhanced Airport Graphics: I really like the increased immersion this DLC brings, runways look more realistic, there isn’t that “new, fresh asphalt” feel.

As per aircrafts, my main goal is to have the most exotic ones, paying attention to buying nicely made add-ons.

DCS F14: Really liked the details, such as retractable wings and HUD. Nice airplane for fast flights. I’ve noticed some bugs when raising/lowering the flaps, but still want to experiment a bit more to see if the problem is operator-related. The only drawback, although does not affect playability, is the lack of supersonic flight support from the sim, but I hope this will soon be implemented.

IFT MB339: Very nice aircraft, well designed, fun to fly.

ORBX EA7 Optica: Very exotic airplane, tends to be difficult to fly due to the design.

Asobo 103 Solo: Nice aircraft for sightseeing, very well implemented, a bit difficult to fly in strong wind conditions.

Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ: Same thing as the EA7 Optica, maybe a little harder to fly, but very nicely made. Some people complain about the interior textures, but they are pretty good for me.

Bluemesh Polaris AM-FIB: I have a lot of fun flying/sailing this one… very simple aircraft, but nicely made. Like the 103 Solo, very difficult to fly under certain weather conditions.

I am not interested in new airports because I’m keen on flying at lots of different locations.


Aren’t JF Arrows available for Xbox? Carenado Piper is rubbish by comparison.