Xcub custom variants

Is there any reason to keep developing the skis and floats versions now that those are available by default? I just downloaded the performance upgrade and the tundra version.

Well, you are not forced to download/use those mods.

I guess it’s everyone’s own decision which ones they want to use.

I for one am not going to tell the developer to stop, lol. I really appreciate their work.

Lol! I ain’t telling anyone one else what to do. Especially you. And I just stated I didn’t get those two versions this time when before I would have, so clearly I was not forced to do anything. I’m asking if there’s any advantage to the skis and float versions compared to the new default ones. I’m a huge fan of these developers and love the performance mod and the tundra version. I was very appreciative of the floats and skis when they added those and them having done so is probably why Asobo added them officially now. Hats off to BLL!! Wonderful addition to the sim community. Just seems like they can now use their time and talents on other things rather than maintaining those two. But if they want to keep developing those now seemingly redundant variations, they absolutely should do what they want to.

Hilarious you’d get all huffy over this and suggest it means I do not appreciate the developers or that I’m trying to make anyone to do anything.

LMAO, I’m getting “Huffy”…

Not at all, and didn’t mean to come down on you, if that’s how you took my msg.

I was only expressing every ones free choice, and just may have misread your post, just like you seem to have done with mine.

No worries though. Let’s just keep enjoying all these amazing mods.

Happy flying,

I’m guessing the Custom float/ski versions will still be appealing if you want the performance enhancements and flight model tweaks. Choice rocks. :slight_smile:

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Carbon is updating the performance mods to also affect the new floats and skis as far as i’m aware… I guess to some extent the old models will be redundant, but i suspect they will survive a little longer until everyone’s happy with what’s available performance and options-wise.


That wasn’t Waterski, that was just leveled flight … try now with version 2.1 of the Xcub Tundra

Just leveled flight ? Perhaps, but at the required level.
Like pinball it’s just a game of skill.
I’d like to see yours… In commercials they say "Just do it !"
Concerning the v.2.1 of the Tundra you’ll see in the vid water effects are OK but no more than the XCub or the Grravel.
And the Tundra have a great tendency to bounce making it much more delicate than others for this exercise.
(Note to the ones saying I’m cheating with the A/P: how do I move the plane like this with A/P engaged ? Try to think just a little bit).

And if you want to watch what real waterskiing is :

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It was not a critic to you skills, probably that’s more difficult even than real water skiing.
What I mean is that there is no physicar interaction between the water and the bush wheels.

The Gravel is for me now the most realistic plane for water skiing, I just miss the wheels rotating like in the previous version before SU5.

The Xcub Tundra 2.1 I find it bounces too much, I changed some params in flight_model.cfg, and send them to CarbonProp to see what he thinks about it

If there is no interaction between water and wheels, planes should not bounce. Nor nose dive, nor having wakes effects, nothing !

The bouncing is because modders added it, my complain is default planes don’t have it.

And the visual effects are just that, visual, not physical effects on your plane.

@CarbonProp Thank you so very much for this mod!

With your focus on the 215HP engine variant, do you plan on removing the carburetor heat from the panel since this engine is fuel injection?

The mod includes a patched graphic that makes the carb heat lever an ALT AIR lever. If you use a custom livery with a custom panel it will override the Alternate air graphic included with the mod.

Here is a screenshot of an NXCub with the 215HP engine and alternate panel.


This might be me barking up the wrong tree (very possible) but I’m having issues with CTD during loading (as the sim initializes the community folder and builds the Content.xml file).

Just stumbled on something interesting. When I remove the v2.5 of the XCub and revert to v2.3, it seems to fix the issue. I still get occasional CTD issues even with an empty community folder… but …I just tired loading 12 times and got the sim to load all 12. Put v2.5 back in the community folder (and removing 2.3) and first load, CTD.

Is there anything obvious that might be causing this with v2.5? I do have a few liveries for the Xcub, but none have panel configs. And all have been updated with the new SU5 fallback texture config lines.

Heres more info about the issue I’m having: CTD during load and occasionally in flight

Thank you for the reply! Incredible work and attention to detail! You have really turned the XCub into a high fidelity aircraft!

I noticed that you have what looks to be an improved version of the G3X…hope to see that update soon!

Also noticed the missing backup instrument…

Then all we need is opening doors!

Thanks again and happy flying!

That G3X is the WT mod for it… They’ve been super supportive of the G3X since pretty much day 1 luckily!


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Can i have the discord invite please?

Made an Alaska flight this afternoon with the xcub on floats, and had a blast.

The latest version is still way better than the default.

So, my two cents: Too bad it is no longer being further developed.

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