Yet another graphic downgrade! (water reflections)

Developers need to be flamed. They get paid big bucks and we as customer’s bought into what was presented as a graphical revolution with flight simming. Oh wait, Asobo is under pressure to address the Core i3 customers. Nevermind.


Dream on…

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Water reflections work normally, except for night lamps


Hi Rocking, can you post last screen with clear skies preset, please?

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Yes, I need to run the simulator. One minute

No, they don’t:

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Thank you, I think water for clear skies needs a little fix. This looks almost like oil.


About the problem of reflections and textures. I captured some images. Some beautiful, others, I will not talk ‘like a ■■■■’, but strange. All in the same position, only with different sets of climates, times or angles. Some are well saturated because of reflections, others lack reflections. Anyway, it still needs a good repair and polishing. This polished will be incredible and you can be sure that everyone will thank you later, lol. Because, in my opinion, they fixed the problem of ocean water looking like a lake and I also thought that the reflections in the water were not dynamic. It was not what I saw doing this test. Location: north coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sorry for any English mistakes.

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In medium waves and it will not reflect much of the building


Here’s another example photograph. As soon as there are waves, the reflections basically disappear. Matches what we now see in the sim.



Madrid After Update, since A320,

Nice Downgrade , No Antialiasing - textures bad- water- etc

right now this sim is different after the patch

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Hmm, I don’t have that problem. I’m doing great.

I’ll send a screenshot of Madrid and go to bed.

where? u will report this? is incredible. is other game different

This and the LOD issue. What was said tonight on the q and a is “we didnt reduce LOD”

Ok here’s what I found on my system
release version - very sharp took 4 mins to load a flight
first patch - slightly less sharp but flight loaded in 2.5 mins
second patch lod worse for me but flight loaded in 1.5 mins
I up the terrain LOD value from 2 to 5 in the .opt file and I have better quality back and my flight takes 4 mins to load

Btw this is a test flight - zero weather lunch time @ EGPF facing east rw 05

The facts follow the evidence of load time and LOD quality

I also notice something with anti aliasing … the cinematic shots before you take control in the release version were pin sharp on my screen, since patch 1 and 2 they have a slight blurr and wind turbines etc are not aa’d well.

Not wanting to start a fight but i have to ask are we a little gaslight here ? My loading times halfed from release to patch 2 and when loading the PCI bus is at full whack so thats 50% less stuff beng loaded.

Anyway, please lets get this back with some extended sliders I remember LM did this when they had a big change around default slider position vs actual LOD. I really dont want another sim where I spend a chunk of time editing config files and tracking down lighting and AA issues … a peaceful life just flying, not tweaking.

My 2c anyway your mileage and opinion may vary.


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