Your 2021 wishlist

I want the game to load.

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1.Performance optimization, increase FPS
2.Reduce CTD
3.Improve China’s map and airport data. At present, China’s data in the game stays more than ten years ago
4.Adding more features to the airliner
5.Improve the SDK so that third-party teams can better develop new extensions

This is easy to do - you can set up multiple profiles for each controller and just select the one you want depending on the plane you are flying

Happy New Year at you Asobo/Microsoft/and pilots

Hi @gordongreig,

Thank you for pointing this out to me! I was not aware that one can create multiple profiles per controller.


Glad to help. There are a couple of related wishlist items you can vote for if you feel like it:

1- No bugs on base planes
2- Dx12 (DLSS+CPU optimization)

That is all I need for this to be the perfect sim, that and studio level airliners of course

  1. Performance optimization
  2. DLSS
  3. More fps in VR
  4. Better multithreading
  5. Bug free planes

I haven’t got as much experience with Flight Sims (yet!) as others here have, so the only improvement I’d love to see is VR running smoother/better. I do need to upgrade my PC (I’m planning on building a new PC sometime soon instead) but it’d be nice if VR mode would already be smoother. It was gorgeous already, but it had some weird graphical lags that almost made me dizzy (when moving my head around).

I wish…

ASOBO would research which airfields have active tower personnel. i.e. ATC at fields which really do have a bloke on the mic.

OBS/SUSP button so you can do RNAV holds.

Proper glideslope capture (currently many times I don’t capture it until well after the FAF).

Fix changing arrival/approaches and show in GPS/flight plan.

Ability to change flight plan during flight either with GPS or menus (or both).

Ability to get IFR clearance after starting a VFR flight (get IFR in the air).

Working ATIS/accurate weather.

More accurate and less exaggerated icing. Working defroster in all planes.

Better flight systems (proper mixture/lean behavior, proper management of MP and RPM).

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I’d like the sim to work with all the features as shown in the official development and feature videos before the first release, as well as to have branded GPS and other systems work much more closely to their real-world counterparts, as well as with current databases such as those provided by Navigraph.

And all this without having to rely on 3rd party “solutions”.

two more:

leafless trees in winter
virtual sunglasses for virtual pilots also, not only their avatars.

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I agree with some previous posts, the update and down load times. They are frustrating. I have yet to have one that did NOT go through that looping garbage. It gets discouraging and by the time it is complete you don’t want to fly. HELP!!!

Better pop out instrument performance and all garmin controls avliable to third party software, specifically Air Manager.

Triple screen feature. Works well in Xplane and there is more to see in MSFS 2020. So immersive.

More detailed and accurate taxi directions to parking from ATC. Replace the taxi ribbon with something less intrusive and allow it to be toggled on/off via key mapping.

  • better stability
  • more consistent performance
  • properly working avionics (Garmin specifically)
  • Premium Deluxe planes that are at least on par with Standard Edition planes in terms of completion
  • proper touch screen support
  • multi monitor support that doesn’t drop your frame rate by 1/(number of monitors you have)
  • Seasons
  • Increased Bing Maps coverage, both aerial and photogrammetry
  • DirectX 12
  • Improved real traffic implementation
  • Touchdown effects, etc
  • Replay

sorry too many…

Raytheon? :rofl: :grin: