Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

Back to kind of on-topic. For those of us with Ever Increasing Hangar Collection disease (I call it “AA” for short… addon addiction) this tool, in development at the moment, might be of interest to you.

I (and others) have been helping the guy (@Sonicviz) to test and squash bugs as well as giving some ideas to improve it. Pretty nifty and definitely something I’ll be using.

It just drops in your community folder and adds a new button in the flight planning screen (World Map) that lists your planes in a table rather than large thumbnails.

Main thing is you can tag your favourites and sort the list by those, so your marked ones come to the top. Faster to find the one you want and with no typing and a lot easier to scan through than only seeing 12 or whatever it is per screen with the big images.

He will be doing a free one (which you can install now from his site) and a Pro paid one with additional features. To be released soon. It is pretty nifty!