Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

GPU Compute is the white one? All zeros?

I didn’t change any settings though. In fact I have tried making things lower (trees, buildings, less LODs).
DX12 for me was terrible last time I tried so never tried again. I am using DLSS Balanced. TAA is too much for my ultrawide and this hardware but DLSS was “acceptable” (I can look past the artefacts, but it runs pretty smooth… or did!). What do you think I should try then?

I tried a clean install of drivers last time I was on the PC (using DDU), didn’t help, but today it was so much worse. I could fly in non PG areas just fine last time. I see there is new Nvidia drivers out. Worth to try them? (I have RTX2070 so not sure if all the newest ones really do anything for my old card anyway).

Honestly I am so frustrated and upset, I will try anything you suggest. I took to speccing a new PC in desperation as I can’t fly tonight and had the evening to myself.

If I can get this back to how it was a week ago I would be delighted!

Still gonna get a Desktop soon though. You guys can help me pick as I am overwhelmed with the choices! Made a post here :wink:

I concur. From looking at all that it looks like the GPU is the BIG bottleneck. Odd. It shouldn’t be with that system.

I wouldn’t complain about the better Main Thread performance… but yeah, might need to recalibrate graphics from square one. Render scaling is the obvious place to start to get some extra frames out of the GPU, but it could be any number of odd things.

But why has it changed so dramatically when I didn’t do anything? And why is CPU at 100 Celsius?

Just a wild guess here, but your GPU looks to be slowing things down so much, your CPU can take its time between frames while it waits and therefore can run cooler. Cooler CPU, faster speeds available to it.

Just from those photos, I suspect something is askew in your graphics settings that is eating your GPU resources for lunch!

Edit: Ha! 100 Celsius. I saw that in Fahrenheit! :joy:

No clue why it runs that hot then. :woman_shrugging:

I would have reinstalled by now.

Hmm, well it’s 3.30am here so I better get to bed and think about this. I did a full reset on the Nvidia CP settings. I suppose I need to use default LOW preset in MSFS and test that first? Just really weird how I know that card can handle the settings I have in graphics options, so don’t really know what to change or WHY it suddenly changed and got worse every time I come back to the rig!

Yeah might be the next step - I did a backup of everything to my HDD today so I’m ready. Might just do full Windows reformat whilst I’m at it, but I can see other things going wrong then :smiley:

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Something is obviously messed up on your end.

And Occam’s Razor would lead me to this conclusion: The guy who champions all those addons ended up with one that caused some sort of conflict or corruption within the core sim. If folks haven’t helped you find a solution by now, all obvious solutions have been exhausted. Who knows what kind of software oddities can happen with your particular collection of addons and mods?

Well if that’s the case then I wish I knew which one it was so I don’t end up putting it back on again! :slight_smile:

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I bet you couldn’t reproduce it if you tried.

Like same set of mods. Same plane. Same airport(s). And who knows what combination of what caused something to just snap, and not go back to its original state after?

To be honest thermal throttling the CPU sounds more like a hardware issue.

With his PC I think thermal throttling is more its normal state. :joy:

:rofl: Hahahaha awesome!! It’s a hot ‘lil mamma!

But actually, it’s not like hot to the touch? I was feeling where I think the CPU is and it’s not as hot as an iPhone gets when gaming for example. Fans are running and warm air is coming out the top.

It’s just weird how it’s degraded to point of “unplayable” in front of my eyes!

I’ll start an MSFS reinstall tomorrow. Found the thread about how to clean remove Steam one. Get that going whilst I’m at work and see tomorrow night if I can play. If not then might consider starting Windows wipe but getting chipset stuff on for this device worries me! Nothing to lose though. But I might see if my computer shop can can see if heatsink has come off or needs new thermal paste or something first. I can’t play this weekend anyway so let’s see what happens.

Or just order a desktop tomorrow so it’s here for NEXT weekend —- very tempting!

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Assuming if this is the case, and it’s not a hardware issue, just taking a shot in the dark, but did you try a system restore to a saved “system restore point” before your problems started occurring? I think you had just updated a seafront simulations vessels addon and something else? So restore to a point before that…system restore has solved a lot of problems for me, not sure if it will restore msfs to a restore point or just Windows? I think it will undo any changes to your whole system that occurred beyond that system restore point you choose. Just saying…before you start taking drastic measures.

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Of course this is assuming you have “system restore” turned on and it is automatically saving periodic restore points.

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And I think that’s the problem.

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Yeah, might be you have asked that little mini computer of yours to do things it was not meant to do, and now your little computer is rebelling. You are fortunate that there is no law against computer abuse. Lol

Don’t know why I like going off-topic, just an Irish/Scottish rebel I guess? Don’t get me started on these off-topic discussions…haha!

Of course, the only things pilots love more than potentially having groupies follow you around is to sit around and shoot the bull***t with their hangar flying stories.

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My list for January:

JF 146
AzurPoly Fouga
DHC-2 Beaver
JPL C152
As DHC-6
JF Turbo Arrow
Discus 2c
AoA C172

That’s it. I am not an expert enough to give you reasons why these are my favourites. But I love these and fly them.:slight_smile:


I don’t have 10 yet, I only have 6 because I haven’t logged enough hours in the sim to do justice to anymore than these 7. Did I say 6…just thought of one more on the fly (no pun intended.)

In no particular order because too hard to make that judgment. Also, I’ve started out with these because they are all familiar and I am able to jump in them without learning where switches are or using checklists, with few exceptions. So it’s more of a confirmation of the high level of quality of these than anything else.

  1. WB-Sim 172 - because this (along with the 152) was also my primary trainer (and most everybody else’s) and I have lots of hours in them. This one is the best representation of a 172 in the sim right now and the most accurate, it’s not hard to envision yourself in a real 172 when flying this one in familiar airspace with good PG and the new sound pack. Would recommend a Cessna TPM throttle quadrant if you want to take it to the next level.

  2. JP Logistics Cessna 152 - for same reasons as above and I like the Bendix/King KX-155A radios, nothing fancy but nice for VOR to VOR navigation in the clouds and shooting approaches to minimums without all the spoils and assistance that a Garmin GPS panel gives you. Sometimes it’s nice to do things the old-fashion way!

  3. FSW Cessna 414A - just a well done and complete airplane, really nice with the Honeycomb Bravo and FS realistic, all the creaks and groans when taxiing. Very stable hands-off capable IFR platform. Realistic flight model and complete systems with analog gauges. Nothing much more to say that hasn’t been said already, very deserving to be in the top ten.

  4. MilViz/Blackbeard Cessna 310R (or whatever they call themselves now…lol) same deal as the 414A, a little twitchy in pitch stability but keeps your scan going. A challenge to land smoothly. Haven’t explored the ownership wear and tear aspect of this one yet but it will add to the experience and enjoyment I’m sure. I like the black carbon streaks on the engine cowls. Can’t wait until an engine blows up on me if I don’t maintain it.

  5. PMDG 737-700 very study level, I am looking forward to trying this one in VR with Vatsim. Will have my hands full and break a sweat for sure. It’s done a couple strange things like losing all electrical power half way to Vegas and entering a spiral at FL360 heading to KSFO while relaxing on autopilot. No doubt because I just started winging it from the gate, using acronym checklists in my head and not giving it proper attention and preflight diligence. So it came back and bit me like a true study level beast.

  6. JF Warrior and Arrows - flies like the real low wing Pipers, falls out of the sky when you pull the power to idle, unlike a Cessna, which is almost a powered glider. Don’t have a lot of time in these in the sim but feels like you are in the real thing and I like the radio options and using the old non flip-flop King radios. Another good one for old fashioned dead-reckoning, pilotage and VOR/NDB navigation.

  7. Mario Noriega C-22J - one of my surprises when I strayed off the beaten path. A fun and cheap little twin engined jet that is reasonably fast with great visibility out of the cockpit. As someone else said here, has a sports car look to it in the cockpit and feel to it when flying. A small plane that is a turbine powered almost hybrid glider looking thing. But it’s not a slow machine and seems very maneuverable, although I don’t have very much time in it yet. Also like the high pitch whine of those little turbines.

  8. Carenado Cessna 337 Skymaster - the owners call them their “push me/pull-me” airplanes. Very well done and realistic looking panel, good visibility sitting in front of the wing. Okay flight model, I like this one because of the panel and instruments. I have bought this before in FS9, FSX and P3D so of course I need to own it in MSFS.

Well, I guess I ended up with 8 after thinking about it. I haven’t strayed much so my list is pretty much the usual almost boring list by now, don’t even have the Kodiak, Wilga, or any Airbuses yet, except for the free ones. I’m sure there is a lot of addons that will bring pleasant surprises as I have been collecting them more than flying them in the sim.

EDIT: I can add a ninth - the PMDG DC-6, only did a couple of flights in it so far because it will take a lot of system and checklist learning. But the flight model seems excellent and I can envision myself flying around Alaska in one of these delivering cargo to various remote locations. I am ready to start packing my bags.

Did not mean to imply that I don’t use checklists but most of these can be flown with generic acronym checklists you memorize like GUMPS and RAGSSS, Lights, Camera, Action etc. I have several custom acronyms to make it easier for me that covers everything on GA airplanes.


Islander! Such a cool plane! This thread is NOT helping my aviation addiction!!!