Your Percentage of VR vs. "2D" use

About the comparison made a bit earlier about the immersion level between a VR headset and a real cockpit simulator: yes VR is much more immersive.

Of course a real cockpit has many advantages. You will get the best possible view and interaction of the cockpit itself. This is unbeatable.

However, out of the cockpit, even if you set 3 video projectors etc… you’re still looking at a 2d picture with absolutely no sense of depth or distance. It might not be critical when piloting a liner, but it’s still an immersion breaker. I have made two sessions in a a320 cockpit simulator (for general pubkic, not for real pilot training). It was very cool to seat in that cockpit for sure, it was great to pilot the plane like that. However, when flying a difficult approach (Kaitak or Calvi), the view i was getting was a disappointing, not as impressive as it should have been.

Now, considering how many thousands of dollars you have to spend for such a cockpit, the fact that you still don’t get a correct view (liners are a thing, but what about a fighter or an helicopter?), and finally the extremely painful point that you literally cannot fly anything but the ONE plane that matches this cockpit, it’s easy to understand why VR headsets ate unbeatable.

You get the correct cockpit, even though you can’t physically touch it. You get the correct view with the correct perception of distances, heights, depths etc… when looking outside. And you get that with any kind of aircraft you might want to fly today, without wasting a full room of your house. :slight_smile:

EDIT: replaced two words that kind of auto-corrected to nonsense :stuck_out_tongue: (like “coockout” instead of “cockpit”???)


Personally I find having physical controls that I can reach out and touch with my hands – regardless of whether they are replicas of any particular plane – is much more important to a feeling of immersion than the slight increase in peripheral vision that VR goggles give.

I’m still happier with a flat monitor and TrackIR than I ever was trying to fiddle with VR, and still have no desire to invest in a newer, higher-resolution headset. shrug Takes all kinds!


Do you think us VR pilots don’t have physical controls? We have those too.

I have an Alpha and bravo, along with the TCA for stick planes, and a X-Touch mini that has another 8 rotary encoders and god knows how many buttons. With a bit of muscle memory I can rotate any of these blindly to set the FCU in the Fenix…or, if I so choose at this point in time, I can with my physical hand and VR controller reach out into 3d space in the virtual world and rotate the virtual alt dial or whatever. I can lean back, look and reach up and with my controller flip the fasten seat belt sign. Or I can flip the switch on the Bravo.

Just wanna clarify here I think a lot of people are assuming we fly only with the controllers or whatever.


Many people enjoy VR, with all your controls! I hope you have a good experience with it. Personally, the goggles detract from being able to see and touch things.

(I’m not erasing your experience! I’m making sure people don’t erase my experience. Thanks for your understanding. And yes, I’m aware that muscle memory exists and that it’s possible to touch things you can’t see; I’m also aware that it comes with trade-offs and that different people may make different choices about those trade-offs. :wink: )


Right, thats perfectly reasonable. It’s just you phrased it in such a way that sounded like it was either or, touch controllers with your hands, or use VR. Just wanted to make sure people understood that that’s not the case.

Thanks (I guess?). I’ll be honest I read this 5 times and I don’t understand what this means but I’m not a native speaker so forgive me.

Anyways, happy flying

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I see and touch things with my headset on…:yum:


99,9999527609% VR

VR rulez!


I positioned all my controls where they would be in reality. So i do not need to see the Stick/Yoke, power quadrant or pedals i actually touch, as it is simply there where i see in in my VR headset.

I never use any of the VR controllers in MSFS

The control is exactly the same as in 2D. It is just the visual immersion that is different and thsts where VR is much better than 2D from my point of view.


I agree, it’s a personal preference, I posted this earlier but going to do it again. If in doubt start with head tracking it’s free if you have webcam or really cheap with your phone! Still looking for more than VR is the final option. Maybe there are people flying with rigs that simply can’t handle VR.

Personally I sold my VR headset and flying with head tracking. Main reason for me is the long flights and charts. The head tracking I can freeze. Anyway it’s all in the short video.


You can bring charts to VR in many ways:

  • Navigraph Charts VR panel
  • various VR panels displaying vector based charts (FSKneeboard, AllInOneTablet)
  • pdf viewers (OpenKneeboard, AllInOneTablet)
  • finally you can bring entire windows desktop to VR (Windows Mixed Reality, VNC function of AllInOneTablet, FSDesktop).

100% VR, I can never go back lol

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100% VR. For me “not possible to go back to 2D” takes literal meaning because I bought this game for VR and never tried 2D once.

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100% VR with Quest PRO. I am using my simulator for my PPL training in C172 and built a cockpit optimized for VR and practicing all procedures. Everything is exactly how is in real plane for building muscle memory.


Why is it every time we have this sort of discussion, there are a couple VR naysayers who always seem to insert themselves in VR discussions and end up revealing they truly have ZERO experience nor knowledge with VR tech?:rofl:
It’s always the same story as well…" well I sold my VR headset long ago because it blinded my access to hardware controls" Did you even give your brain a chance and some time to learn of it’s core amazing functions? Muscle memory anyone? I just find it strange folks have purchased VR headsets, but still claim counter points as if VR is just a lower res 2d image virtual screen stretched across one’s face that fully incapacitates a flight simmer from finding, feeling and reaching for a hardware switches, buttons and knobs. As if we don’t have a plethora of toolbar/navigation/chart apps with VR functionality.
Did you really own a VR headset or did you mistakenly buy a welder’s helmet instead?:upside_down_face:

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anyone who sold their headset long ago, bought it even longer ago and it probably had such low resolution that it was nearly unusable.


100% VR in Pico 4.


For convoluted reasons I run a Quest 2 on an RX 570 8GB, I know, don’t ask. And even with that VR is still my go to GA experience.


I broke down and bought the 34" oled and love it for the resolution because I never got my Q2 to get even close to satisfactory. I have a 7800x3d and a 4090 and tried for weeks to get the settings right but was never happy. I guess I’m a resolution guy. I will say these new (expensive) headsets are tempting but without a way to try them out, I’m out on VR. I might mention I’m a PC dummy but I followed suggestions from several experts on getting my Q2 tweaked but no joy. If there were a dealer in Virginia that could help me with the setup, I might give the newer headsets a try but no brick/morter stores carry them.

Isn’t Amazon or Pimax direct offering the return policy for Crystal? You will need to spend some cash to try, but you may have option for getting your money back if you won’t be satisfied (unlikely, especially if you fly mostly GA planes and if you enjoy exploring the scenery outside the cockpit).
For airliners, the VR benefits are not so clear.