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//42 is bringing the technology from the Freedom Fox Complete Package to every single aircraft in the simulator.

Place items, take flight, re-pack camp with 1 button, and place those items back down again in 1 click. These assets aren’t tied to your aircaft like the Freedom Fox, so this means you can place your assets on the ground and fly around worry free. //42 is bringing bush camp outs to everyone.

(Not developer, just sharing knowledge based on development streams via theskyloungetv)

//42 Discord Server - Parallel 42


Out now for PC via Orbx: https://orbxdirect.com/product/p42-campout

MSFS in-game marketplace for PC, out now as of September 8th.

Xbox, TBA.



//42 Campout is out now for ~ $25 / €24,94 / £21.09

Blog: RELEASE: //42 Campout add-on for MSFS on PC & XBOX | by Parallel 42 | Aug, 2022 | Medium




This is fun! Super easy to use, barely an inconvenience. Looks great and goes really well with the soundscape that Asobo has created. Looking forward to future enhancements


this is the life!

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A little downside I noticed. In many off airport locations the grass is very tall, drowning and clipping the gear a bit. I wonder if it’s possible to provide a function in a future update that allows to flatten/shorten or even clear the grass in the camping area.

Downside of nature (and ai)!

Not the best spot to camp IRL, not likely to be the best spot to camp in-sim. I suggest scouting prior to landing.


Dev note: tech hurdles and internal direction restrict us from going further and squashing land/grass. We are really focusing on protecting the natural environment in sim, allowing pilots some of the decision making and the thrill of “finding a great spot”


So how does the camera work with this? does this add-on allow you “walk around” or are you still using the drone cam? sorry if I missed it, but didn’t see anything about that on the blog.

No mention, because no camera features. Like with any addon, it uses the sim camera of your choice. Your plane remains the focus, unless you go drone.


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Ok - thanks for the reply.

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That’s fine! Adds more to the flying adventure. :wink:

Love it! :smiley:


Looks good, like to see more developments along these lines with persistent objects.
The campsite remains persistent, does the aircraft as well? I.e. if you loaded into another and flew back, would the plane you left also be there with the campsite.
Lorby’s ‘Where Are My Aircraft’ does this but it’s still a beta for MSFS.

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Thx for your feedback. However, it would be best received if you’ve used the software. At this time it doesn’t sound like you’ve spent any time in it, the aircraft is not a placed object, it’s the user selected aircraft.

You’re in it and are able to fly away and return as you wish to a persistent camp.

This might help!


Hi. That was sort of my question. It would be good if there was an option for your current aircraft to become a persistent object in the ‘scene’ so you could fly there in another and see it.

Then have an option to load into a saved flight from that location and see the other aircraft left there.

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The concept of plane camping is truly based on flying in and camping out of the aircraft you flew in on. Sorry, but I can’t say that a feature like that would fit the goal of the experience of this product. Cool feature, but it’s not a fit for //42 Campout.

I like this and thought about buying it.
While i’m not a cheapskate i still try to not spend money wildly but more considerate.
My consideration was: It looks fun but at that price i’ll pass and get fun out of the sim which has so much to offer everywhere.

But still i love the idea and it seems really well done!


Lorby’s WAMA tool does that for P3D. The MSFS version of that tool is being developed and there was a beta available some time ago. You could combine both tools.


No worries, thanks for the reply. Still going to be a buy for me.

Yep, I mentioned that in my post a couple or so up.

When I first saw this I thought it looked cool but the price really put me off but I kept on thinking about it and ended up buying it. It’s pretty neat. Kinda lacking in content though, wish there were more things to place but I really dig the whole system and it looks like more will be added with time. Still think 23 quid is too much though.

Anyway, a nice relaxing camp after a nice relaxing landing :wink: