747 screens and controls not working, pilots visible when switching to cockpit view

Quite often when flying 747 and switching from external to cockpit view some screens go missing, controls become non responsive and there are low poly pilot models visible (see screen below).

Sometimes it randomly starts working again when toggling views but in most cases I have to restart the flight.

Happens on latest and previous build/update. I don’t have any Community add-ons. I’m not using Developer mode. Game installed via Steam.

PC: Intel i5-6600k@3.5GHz, GeForce GTX 1070, RAM 16GB

Hey there. Unforunately this seems to be a common bug, with no real universal fix. It has to be acknoleged and fixed by Asobo, but even though this has been going on for some people since the simulator launch, still no word from Asobo. I’m having similar issues.

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