About the Discussion Hub category

This sub-category is for discussion of any and all core or 3rd party products and features in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please see the User Support Hub for help questions. 3rd Party Support/Bug Reporting should be sent to the designated support funnels of each 3rd Party Developer, and should not be conducted in these forums.

Please Adhere to the Following Rules

  1. Do not request support or post bug reports here. Contact the addon authors directly (see table below)

  2. Do not post download links. Any links must point to the:
    a. Addon creator’s website, forums, or
    b. A post on another platform from one of the addon creators.

  3. Search this category before posting topics about a product.

  4. Do not create a topic with the sole purpose of quoting or linking an article or statement from another website. Link to that website.

These addons are not vetted by MS/Asobo, may break your sim or cause other issues. Only download and install addons, from creators and websites that you trust

3rd Party Support & Bug Reporting

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