After MONTHS FS2020 is still CTD?

Please tag your post with #pc and/or #xbox. PC

Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version? Microsoft Store

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it? NO

Brief description of the issue: CTD unable to complete flight.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered: Event Viewer saved TXT or JPG

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: While in the FS2020 Menu, no CTD. CTD occurs when I press FLY or it may Fly for a few mins to max 20 mins then CTD.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant: Intel i9-11900K, 32 GB Ram, RTX3090 GPU, Fast Gen 4 Corsair 2TB, Corsair 900w PSU, Saitek X52 Flight Controller. Oculus Quest 2 VR, Ultra Fast Broadband.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: Previous versions to version and CTD continues after latest update.

MS Win10 Event Viewer at exact time of CTD shows Faulting Application FlightSimulator.exe and Faulting Module as ■■■.dll (double-u, tee, eff.dll) , previous CTD showed Faulting Module as CoherentUIGT.dll. Community Folder is EMPTY. Rolling Cache is OFF, HAGS Graphics is OFF, FS2020 set to High Performance, Latest Win 10 and Nvidia updates, No USB conflicts detected. Exception for FS2020 with BitDefender. Win 10 and PassMark memory test performed, took several hours, NO errors or problems found. Command Prompt ‘scannow’ and ‘chkdsk’ performed NO errors problems. NO other problems with Win 10, ANY other App, Sim or Game. PC starts and runs very fast. Benchmark Tests shows PC as very fast, no problems. CTD’s happen in Medium or Low graphics settings. If able to start a flight, in 4K, Ultra Settings FS2020 runs very smooth with NO stuttering even in dense areas. CTD can happen above water with clear sky.

Do you have CaptureOne installed?

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After no CTDs for a while with 1.21.18, I’m back to getting random CTDs with 1.22. During loading the sim, during loading flights. It just never ends with this sim, unfortunately.

It may not be the same for you but I have been getting crashes since the last update before last. Have you tried turning off all photo scenery and online data. It worked for me. I got fed up of flying online vatsim and always getting them. If you fly jets and ifr it does not make that much diffrance to the emersion as you are up high in a jet. VFR I turn it back on. I was getting crashes online and off. This has stopped my problem. I think it is something to do with the servers .

so far I remember the “wtf.dll” was mentioned in relation with mods or Anti-Virus tools…

But in your topic here ( where you get lots of hints )

your answer for the question which @GIEI asked you too:

resulted in a POST from your side agains the Code of Conduct => how ever a yes|no question can cause that. In case the answer is “yes” for that simple question : see here.

Otherwise there are also lots of reports where VR software/drivers running in parallel which causeing issues. In case your report is about VR, you should also correct the category.

Also have in mind, that system issues are hard to find. May be limit your FPS and do some test-flights ( setting low oder medium is a different thing, it not prevent that your 3090 runs with x-hundret watts in full load , this can only a fps limit prevent ). We also assume no OC, and no mods installed.

In relation to my CTDs, see my loads of previous posts, over 4 months now! Zendesk asked for several system, FS2020, and screenshots files. I am still waiting to hear from them, 2 weeks now. I upgraded to Win 11, as Microsoft encouraged me to do so. The PC starts up even quicker, and all my other apps, sims and games, starts quicker and runs very smooth. Started FS2020 and it did load the menu quicker, and I thought that Win 11 may have cured the CTDs. Again a big NO. Tried a landing challenge, a sparse scenery, runway in South America. Started to Fly, within 2 minutes it CTD! So that is it. I have a feeling that FS Support are not able to help me. I will give them a few more weeks and contact them again. If no solution. Then uninstall FS2020, and forget about it. I do have another Flight Simulator that I can use, and will upgrade the scenery on that. PC: Intel i9-11900K, RTX3090, Fast Gen4 Corsair MP600 Pro 2TB SSD, Super fast Optic Fibre BB, ALL UPDATES, and now Win 11.


Do you have another PC you can beg borrow or steal, and try to see if it will install and work on that at your location?
You can install on any number of devices you want, but you can only be logged into one at a time.

It would be nice to find out if it is PC related.

Just received a reply from FS2020 support (zendesk). They have analyzed all the system and other files they requested. They suggest BitDefender is causing the CTDs and I need to uninstall it?
However, I did have an exception for the whole FS2020 folder, and they know this. Even with the exception it must continue to cause a conflict with FS2020? This is what they found:-

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator Support today.
sqlite3 938.09 KB (960,600 bytes) 20/12/2021 16:41 Bitdefender c:\program files\bitdefender\bitdefender security\sqlite3.dll
txmlutil 258.59 KB (264,792 bytes) 20/12/2021 16:41 Bitdefender c:\program files\bitdefender\bitdefender security\txmlutil.dll
Close Microsoft Flight Simulator
Uninstall BitDefender by following the instructions detailed here Uninstall Bitdefender: How to uninstall or remove Bitdefender on Windows
Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and try again.

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That’s weird… I have been using BitDefender for over a decade now, even now. And I rarely get any CTD from MSFS. The usual CTD are the ones that we know of like connecting a hardware peripheral in the middle of a flight, or Community folder issue. But not as often as caused by my BitDefender.

Try their advice, and see if it works.
If not, you can always re-install Bitdefender


similar to what we already mentioned ( issue with AV software ) and where we are waiting for an answer from your side whether you checked that ( and of course, because your existing excludes will not work, we assume disabling or just uninstalling for a test-case ).

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I have not had a chance to check this out yet. I am having to deal with damage caused by the 80-90 mph wind damage where I live in London UK. Would not like to be flying in these winds! I have contacted BitDefender about this. Maybe I could just disable BitDefender or parts of the BD modules, and then re-enable it again when not using FS2020?

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Yes, you probably can.
To confirm it is the issue though, I would uninstall it for now.


yes…we point to this some time :wink:

Uninstall… do a Test flight… report back…

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I have contacted BitDefender and they want to resolve this issue. They have requested me to disable each BD module individually and then test fly FS2020. I know most of you suggested me uninstalling the whole of BitDefender, but then re-installing BD would likely create the CTDs again? So I am left without BD to protect my PC? I have had several incidents in the past, relying totally on MS Windows Defender where my PC security WAS compromised. This way I can find the conflicting module, and then with one click I can disable the module each time I fly in FS2020, then re-enable the BD module, for other PC stuff. That has to be easier and safer. Report to BD so they can create a reliable exception for FS2020 that does not cause CTDs.

this is what we want to find out the whole time: does BitDefender cause the issue. And this you can do with un-installing of the tool. May be also, like BD support tell you “disabled all modules”.
If you get no longer a CTD without these tool you know the issue is caused from Bitdefender ( and MSFS team can not help ).
In case you not visit very strange websites, the ms-defender should be in meanwhile sufficent in most cases. The most so called anti-virus solutions on the market comes with 95% useless stuff in it, which cause issues. Users need a anti-vir and mail-check only…

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I have just completed a flight. A discovery flight all around Sydney Australia, landing at Kingsford Smith Int, taxi round the airport then taking-off, flying low around Sydney Harbour about 350ft and then up to 5000ft . Flight time over 1 hour, I don’t think the taxi time at airport was included. No problems, in 4K and ultra settings. Very smooth flight. I will need more test flights, but it is almost certain BitDefender AV was the cause of the CTDs. I just disabled a few BD modules, and I can easily re-enable them for other PC stuff. CTD’s at long last are fixed. Very Happy. I will get back to this, after few more tests, and let you know what BD say about this, to improve its exceptions to FS2020. Thank you all.


Wow, that was certainly an epic saga to get back into the sim.
Nice to hear you finally realized the solution!

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I think we need a new word for “epic” :rofl:

HiDo you have more details on what BD modules needs to be deactivated for FS2020 ?

That would greatly help a lot of people here.