[BUG LOGGED] CTD caused by Capture One 20 codec

We’ve been discussing similar CTD issues in another thread and Nvidia drivers came up. It sounds like 471.96 is known to cause instability and CTD issues in some games, and 471.41 seems more stable. What version are you running? Im just trying to figure out how many moving parts this fix has.

471.96 Version; date: Ago, 31, 2021.

FWIW, I have Capture One 21 build 14.3.0.
That DLL is there, but it isn’t loaded in my flightsimulator process.

Hi EmmaPeel,
I have Cone21 and will try your solution.
Hope it makes MSFS flyable again!
Will report back


The Nvidia drivers are stable. Atleast in my case they are not the reason for the CTDs with the error code 0xc0000005 in combination with either the ntdll.dll, clr.dll or ucrtbase.dll.

Currently I´m running 471.96 again since it does not make any different what driver I use.
I tested the version 471.68, 471.41, 471.11, 466.47, 466.11, 461.92 and 461.40 today. No CTD with the renamed Capture One .dll.

All without any driver related crashes like 0xc00000fd codes and some nv or nvmxxx.dll modules involved. Then they also would be random and I would not be able to reproduce them.

Further I can say the stuff like defective RAM, limiting your FPS, OC hardware, too less space on an SSD/pagefile , internet bandwith etc. are not the cause for those reproducable crashes with the the three .dll in my case. The following opinions are my observations and based on my test.

  1. Defective RAM
    Can be ruled out. You can test your RAM and if it does not show any errors its fine. When I installed a old broken 8GB memory module I get some random crashes with a total different error in the windows logs. Those CTD and errors in the logs cant be reproduced with broken memory.

2.FPS limitation
Does not makes a difference. Doesnt matter if I use low end or Ultra settings. Still crashes at the same spots.

3.OC hardware
If you massive do it, it will cause some graphic glichtes and some random crashes due to higher temperature but not with the .dll files. Also it crashes the whole system and not just MSFS. Downclocking the hardware like the GPU by 10-100 Mhz still crashes at the same spots.

  1. Too less space on the SSD/pagefile
    Tested it again with only 600 MB left on the same SSD as MSFS. Does not produce any of the .dll related crashes or any CTD at all. Also I barley get MSFS to use more then 12 GB of RAM in total. If you have over 16GB of RAM the pagefile should not fill up.

5.Bandwith limitation
Just increases the loading times of the scenery and does not create CTD. Limited to 5 Mbits or unlimited still crashes with the same .dll crashes. Rolling cache activated does not make a difference.

So far I would say those ntdll.dll, clr.dll or ucrtbase.dll CTDs in combination with the 0xc0000005 error code is completly on the software side and is not a hardware problem, driver problem or corrupted Windows installation.
Why MSFS loads that Capture One .dll file has not a valid reason in my eyes. Capture One was installed in March 2021 on my system and MSFS did not crash a single time. The crashes started with WU5 and the console release. MSFS seem to load some unrelated .dll files, cant handle it and then crashes since WU5.

The ball is at Asobo to solve the internal code problem.

I would recommend if someone has a CTD will flying in a certain area or starting/loading at an airport, they should check if the CTD always happend on that spot. If you can reproduce it, its some software conflict on your system.


I assume these capture one register itself for some codes, or whatsever and MSFS is simple a windows game :wink:

Heres as example a similar issue, where these tool let crash the explorer:

where a user mentioned the same solution as the OP mentioned:

Problem is solved!
You need to rename the file in the path C: \ Program Files \ Capture One \ Capture One 20 \ WIC \ WIC64
P1.WIC.NativeComWrapper.dll to the name P1.WIC.NativeComWrapper.old
Works! Explorer does not crash!

May be these explorer integration can be in meanwhile disabled within that tool, if these was the reason.

Second Flight with this FIX, compete Barcelona - Madrid.
I haven’t taken precautions. Top of addons, ULTRA config, like a Boss. And… completed without problems!!! :blush: This FIX work for me!!

OMG, I have Capture One 20 (and Capture One 21) installed on my machine as well.

Note that DLL is present both in Capture One 20 and 21, so I’m renaming both just to be safe.

Like a few others have mentioned, I began noticing a definite pattern to the CTDs, it would always occur during/just after takeoff at KOLM or within the vicinity of Yelm Wa (06WN). It doesn’t appear to be “random” at all like I first thought.

DLLs renamed. Will report back findings after extensive testing is complete.

How did you discover this DLL is being loaded by the MSFS processes? What tool did you use?

Renaming the DLLs resulted in my first successful flight in over 15 attempts.

You’re a genius.

seem to get CTDs every time I enter a glideslope at any airport but only with airliners. RNAV, ILS it doesn’t matter still CTD. I have C1 so I’m going to give this a try. Hopefully it works, will report back!

Just open the task mananger and then go to tap performance. In the left down corner there is the resource monitor. Open it and then switch to the CPU tab. Then all the open processes are listed. Start the MSFS and the FlightSimulator.exe shows up.

Click on the white box next to FlightSimulator.exe. You will see then an check mark. After that go to the Associated Modules tab at the bottom. There should be a orange wall with the text “filtert of FlightSimulator.exe”.
Then all the .dll files that MSFS has loaded will show up and their installation paths.

Should look the same as on the picture I posted above.


And Xbox series x and s

Hi EmmaPeel,
Thanks for this find. I ave capture one 21 and renamded the dll to .off
Tested with a problematic flight lo LIML, first with stock A320, then with FBW mod. Set active pause for one hour during cruise of flight, In both cases NO problem whatsoever on ILS, landing and taxi!!
I thank you very much. I will amend my ticket with asobo and give you all the credits for this find and solution.
You saved my flying online. Really great job!!!

with sincere thanks,

Further information:
After renaming the dll,
Capture one 21 is still functioning ok:
Tested import, export and edit photographs.


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Unfortunately I did not help prevent ctds in my case, which are 99% of the time caused bei clr.dll… I have hoped so much…

Thank you, thank you very much! This trick solved my ctds!

only one codecs pack i use is k-lite mega, and what i know about dll, some time they are injecting by itself in the all specific program, same hook politic have much scripted files from tons of soft, like admuncher, or glassbrick, last i think create trouble, i notice some time when i disable it, no crash or less of them, i think in that case msfs guys have to rebuild their kernel for prevent injecting anything out of certificate for msfs, like fsuip or whatever msfs addons use, today we got billion software what can become problem in the games from lite as magnifiers to heavy like anti-virus/malware/whatever…

Ever since the mandatory update in August, I haven’t been able to complete the load up process without it CTD. as soon as I renamed that one file, it’s up and running/

Thank you


Excellent work @EmmaPeel7259 - Well done on spotting this!!

I had CTD issues since SU5 and ended up wiping my PC and only re-installing an OS and the necessary drivers and apps to get MSFS up and running. I did this the day before reading your post and, as I had Capture One 21 installed previously, it looks like you could have saved me a lot of work :slight_smile:

In my case I use both (CO and Logitech Multi Panel). And I’m having continuous CTDs.

You should not give up software that normally does not give any problems in Windows and that you use normally.
For example, Capture One, a widely used software among photographers, is not to be blamed.
Asobo must check this issue.