Air Canada's Newest Regional First Officer!

It’s been awhile since my last update, and we have been under full winter conditions for the last month or so which has made the flights allot more interesting.

As well, we’ve since had the introduction of “third person” with FSRealistic, which makes the walkaround process much more enjoyable.

Does anyone know how many Static Wic’s are on the CRJ-900?

Of course it’s not snow covered everywhere we fly!

I was fortunate enough to take a month off for Christmas vacation this year (December 6th - January 2nd) and with that, we went “on vacation” from the Virtual Airlines to do some other types of flying!

Last stand into YYZ for a little while.

Next up, we re-visit an old friend!


sorry my bad I meant to say “I haven’t even reached 50 hours yet but* hopping to reach them”. And do we get a reward for reaching a surtin amount of hours?

Your reward is a sense of accomplishment. :slightly_smiling_face: There are no tangible rewards in the sim.


January and February were busy months for the CRJ!

We burned through the (nautical) miles finishing off all of the Jazz regional runs out of YYZ and YOW.

And in turn, finished out with 200 flight hours reaching our goal of 800.

While the CRJ has its share of quirks, and lacks some options / features of other airliners, it was both satisfying and rewarding to learn and fly.

Especially during the descent and approach phases as I found this to be the busiest cockpit so far during those times and most rewarding once you learned the techniques used by real world CRJ pilots to get down safely and effectively (lack of VNAV).

With the CRJ / JAZZ career wrapping up we are taking sometime to get back to GA and family flying while training for the next chapter with the mainline.

In the meantime, a few shots from the last few months.

And the final approach into a cold, hazy, YYZ.

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It’s been a couple of months since switching over to the A320 to the CRJ and with the recent release of ini’s JFK it was time to fly a few VA regional routes.


As luck would have it, VATSIM was fully staffed for NYC on JFK launch day so we had full coverage in and out. This also meant the sky’s and ground were busy!

A quick turn around and we were headed back into Toronto.

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Where, when and what I fly are not random occurrences (and if you follow my threads, that will come as no surprise) OCD.

I fly for Virtual Air Canada ( and keep a detailed list of every real world route for each Air Craft I am ranked to fly.

From that list, I sort it by Payware / Handcrafted airport availability, then further by what I own, or where to buy it.

I will admit, I’ve become a payware airport snob and detest flying into Autogen airports.

I keep all of this documented on a spreadsheet

And then also keep a spreadsheet of all my completed flights (currently offline)

So as new routes pop up, or routes that didn’t previously have a payware airport now do, I’ll either complete them, or re-do them.

With regards to Air Canada Jazz (Express) after completing the CYYZ - KJFK run on ini’s new airport. I noticed there were a few new runs that I had not yet completed.

First up was CYQR (Regina).

Weather in Toronto was beautiful, warm, sunny, nice puffy clouds.

By the time we got to Regina, we were back in a winter wonderland, AKA blizzard. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any screenshots as the CRJ requires all hands on deck to bring down versus the A320 and it was right down to minimums (with 125ft to spare).

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Our turn around was delayed by a few hours due to weather (aka hockey tryouts for my oldest) but we were finally given the green light.

First a quick stop at the de-ice pad.

After a spray down we quickly taxi’d to the runway and took off without delay before the weather had a chance to close in around us again.

I absolutely love the CRJ, is it complete, nope, is it quirky, yep, but it can be a fun handful to fly and once you learn how to work around the quirks it’s fantastic.

One thing I’d love to have fixed, is the windshield heat actually function :slight_smile:

It was bumpy coming out but before long we had the sunset at our tail and clear sky’s ahead.

Routine landing into CYYZ and just like in real life when heading to the D gates, this big girl was getting ready to head out.

Still a few CRJ runs to complete, but they aren’t scheduled for a little while so back into the A320 for now!

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