Airliner exterior lighting bug

When in the A320neo and the nav lights are switched on during night. Only one eye renders the lighting on the tail.

Steps to reproduce
Select A320 neo
select London Heathrow, clear skies, time 00:00
switch on batteries and external power
turn on nav lights
switch to external view

I can see the same bug with the DA40 SBY gauges integral lighting too.

I have the Same problem on the tail light in the Neo and and on some internal gauge lights…Only displaying in my right eye

Using Quest 2 with offical link cable


There is a bug that displays a series of opaque planes only in the right eye and changes depending on the angle to which one looks:

CJ4 Cabin

NB: there are other similar bugs with the lights that illuminate the instruments (from memory in the Baron and/or the G36) with different images between the two eyes, and vertical and alternating lighted/darkened bands over analogue gauges at night.