Always a new bug

It’s unbelievable how there’s always a bug in MSFS. I’ve had all kind of different bugs, no connection while my internet is working, aircraft glued to the ground, those horrible giant messages at the center of the screen in the midle of the flight saying I lost connection while my internet is perfectly fine, A TON OF CTD (basically one every two flights), dozen of times my configurations reseted and now it won’t even load the flight, all of that after I spent hundreds of dollars at their marketplace and only use official third party addons. I really hope they do a better job at MSFS 2024, because I’m sick of all these bugs.


I fire up MSFS every week or so, let it update if it needs to, then start it to see if it works.

It doesn’t, so I return a few weeks extra later each time, until one day I won’t do it anymore.

Then I come here to see if anyone has still got it to work. Some do, some don’t.

Rinse and repeat, until one day I realise it is there taking up disk space and is removed.

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I guess something you don’t want to hear, but have you tried without the tons of thirdparty addons?


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I can’t wrap my head around “Why…?” MicroSobo (both companies) cannot or did not make a “install stand alone” version of MSFS 2020 for Simmers who don’t want all the extra stuff that they are trying to cram into this SIM. A stand alone version of MSFS with no server connection dependency would be a good marketing idea. IMO

Because the standards of scenery etc that MS insisted on can only come from an on-line source.

Unless you’ve got several petabytes of storage of course.

There’s also things like Live Weather, multiplayer etc, all features that were promulgated right at the start (we’ll ignore for now how well or not these actually perform 'coz that’s another thread).
Have you actually tried switching to off-line after loading the sim (General Options) and seeing the result? In all honesty I think you’d be better off using one of the other stand-alone flightsims that are out there. Just my opinion of course.

It’s unbelievable how there’s always a bug in MSFS - for some people!

You probably don’t want to hear this but there are thousands, probably millions of users out here flying happily every day, problem free. If there wasn’t, a company such as MS would surely be slated left right and centre by the worlds journalists, Utubers, Facebookers etc.

If things are so bad for you the problem MUST lie within your setup. There are any number of reasons why things don’t work but given what I’ve already said, it can’t ALL be down to MS/Asobo.

And I’m not a “fanboy” either so don’t go there! I’ve had my share of problems and managed to sort them out, often with help from other subscribers. Yes, there are still a number of shortcomings and I get as frustrated as everybody else, but they don’t stop me enjoying the MSFS experience.

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I’ve walked away from MSFS for the interim but I’m staying active in the forum to keep up to date until I come back. Some days I just don’t know why I bother, with all the bugs and issues (as per the forum). It is what it is I guess.


Just four (rather significant) issues where the problem absolutely does not lie within the users’ setup.

Users have, and will continue to have, problems caused by themselves (e.g. bad PC configs, poor upkeep of mods, etc.). Yet, there are some serious bugs still in the sim. This is a combination which significantly increases the likelihood of flight simmers encountering problems.

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Not sure how you can say the problem “absolutely” does not lie within the users’ setup.

Gonna stick my neck out here and suggest all four of those problems point directly at an internet connection, be it slow, erratic or plain poor. It doesn’t matter what speed the connection is supposed to be or even if it’s fibre or old-fashioned copper wire. If there’s a dodgy connection somewhere you’re bound to get problems.

My next step would be to have the line tested - your supplier should be able to do this quickly and easily. I was having speed problems and eventually the road was dug up and a new cable laid. No problems since.

I take it you missed Bing terrain data going offline for several hours – an issue on the server side?

I get that users are often the cause their own problems, but you appear to be leaning hard into the source of faults having little to do with Asobo/Microsoft.

I listed four issues where significant testing has been confirmed as reproducible by hundreds of flight simmers.

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If we just use common sense, without even going into the technical reasons behind issues, why has then Asobo logged, fixed and included descriptions of errors in the release notes of 13 SUs so far? It´s 3 years after release. We all know this game and it´s official content is full of a significant amount of bugs. We also know when server issues happen because they are simply reproduced worldwide, not on a city only or at a particular time of day. It´s hard to believe that all those problems are caused by users setups, mainly when we have consoles and PCs failing at the same time and with exactly the same failing behaviour or error code.