Assigning key commands to GPS main buttons?

Hi all, first post here (and very excited about this great sim!)

Does anyone know how to map keyboard shortcuts (or HOTAS buttons by the same token) to the main dials of the Garmin GNS 430 (or other glass display)? I am talking especially about the main right double-button that chooses all the pages and data within the GPS:


These are very hard to operate with the mouse with Track IR and a bumpy weather and It is nice when one can operate it with keyboard shortcuts… I have looked carefully through the whole list of controls and didnt find any???



I am surprised that nobody is interested in this topic? All of you guys dial the various GPS (Glass Cockpit) with your mice and it doesnt bother you? I am just wondering if I am missing a command that is perhaps named differently or hidden? Or perhaps there is NO binding as of yet and some DEV could just tell us that they are aware of this and working on it? Anyway, sorry for insisting but I am eager to know about this since it is quite important in flight!





I‘m interested in this topic too. In my homecockpit I use the RealSimGear G1000 Suite and therefore follow the support pages of RSG and Mindstar to get any information how to get it work with MSFS2020. Both are saying that at the present stage there is no solution as MSFS2020 is not able to deal with such complex components but there will be one in the future. No idea how long it will take but I still can use XP11 for flight training and MSFS2020 for fun flying so it’s no problem to wait until they have figured it out.

But I understand your point … it’s a little frustrating having state of the art hardware direct in front of you but having to look over the glareshield and moving the mouse around the screen …

exactly Dulrakk,
Especially that (despite how much I love this new sim!) the implementation of the manipulators around those knobs is not perfect yet (to say the least) so it is very difficult to use them actually… Personally, I am a pilot myself (private) and I feel that we finally can do ‘real’ VFR and navigation (contrarily to all previous sims, Prd, FSX or XP11) and the use of the GPS (or G1000 of course) is paramount! I guess it is just a matter of time so that they can extand the range of commands that have a keyboard (or peripheral) assingment…

Jarrod from RealSimGEar here, yes we are waiting on the addition of the GPS commands, these are all missing from the current SDK. As soon as these are supported we will be able to release a plugin that allow these to work with our hardware.


Thanks SpiringB. you confirm at least what I was asking: the commands ARE missing… oh, lets hope they come soon, not only for plugins, but even for within the sim…

Having the Garmin button commands exposed in the SDK will allow me to use Stream Deck to control the Garmin instruments.

This is EXACTLY what I am trying to do. I have an entire G1000 page ready to map to the buttons!

Same situation, I use a MIDI controller with many knobs on it and it’s terribly frustrating not to be able to map them to in-game Garmin knobs.


YEs this is incredibly annoying.
I want to wire up a Air Manager panel which uses sim connect events.
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I tried FSUIPC 7 as they are listed for buttons but they don’t work yet. But I hope they get supported one day because it worked well in P3D

Same here :no_mouth:

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I cant believe it, i hoped i just didnt find the keys… :-/

I agree with this. A couple months back, I built a button panel for the C172 in XP11, and it works wonders as XP11 has made it really easy to use microcontrollers to directly access flightsim commands. Disappointed to see the lack of these in MSFS. Like, now I have to scroll through the list of keybinds guessing what they do, and worse, like over half of them are missing

As someone juste “heart”-ed my old post, let me add that I no longer have this issue at all, I use Axis And Ohs and I’ve now mapped most of the G1000 / GNSx30 functions to my MIDI controller.

Hi Jef. Did you ever find a way to get this working?

Sorry Funkyenerman,
I have not been following MSFS2020 very much recently, too much work and perhaps a bit of DCS.
I dont know if the new patches have made it easier to assign some keyboard shortcuts to dial the various controls of the G1000 and other GPS, sorry, perhaps someone else with more time in the game can chime in?

Same problems here they need a popout like xplane 11 or/and away to control the GPS 530. For the time being I use a great app called msfs2020 mobile companion. It does the job. And it’s free.

I would also very much like to see this implementation developed