Bird sounds

The sound of birds is missing

This is an Flight Simulator.

Thats so true!

At the same time i think it wont be high on the developers roadmap for some time. But i voted for you! :wave:


Its just an idea and i think not so important than other issues and wishes. With trains and more noice in cities, the sim look more alive :slight_smile:

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and stars reflection on the water, and more quality of clouds mirroring

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The flight over seas sure could use some nice details to make crossing a sea more pleasant.
Usually I’m not looking forward to fly over the sea & i’ll check how long it will take to arrive back at coast,wishing it was already over & i was there…So yea,some things to make it feel less like a void would be nice
A few tunes that might make crossing the gap more pleasant for now :crazy_face:
Ocean Trip
Floating Across Water (Sea Theme)

perhaps wildlife ,like surfacing whales,dolphins, would make nice addition too .More variety in wild/calm sea based on weather etc.

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“The sound of the sea and birds is missing”

I don’t think the sea sounds are missing. Go park on a beach, turn engine(s) off, go external camera. Can clearly hear the waves washing up. Choose a prset and select 50knot surface wind for even more.

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I have changed your post to be just about bird sounds. The rules of Wishlist ask for only one request per topic:

While it may sound like a small thing, some day someone will create another Wishlist topic about bird sounds and rhinoceros sounds or something, and it makes it very difficult to merge topics when they don’t match up.

There are bird sounds in the game. The background ambient sounds change depending on where you are and the time of day. Try an outside view in an open field in the country with the engine off. I’m listening to them right now in Wisconsin.

If they’re missing in your area or not to your liking, that will probably have to be fixed with a third party scenery add-on.

It’s also a world simulator if you haven’t noticed. If the devs are going to put actual flora and fauna in the game, they might as well try to reproduce the ambient sounds of the environment… and they do.


ambient sounds of the environment is the key.

made a suggestion/wishlist topic for a new “ambient tour” game mode a while ago here New activity :Ambient tour (relaxation mode)
I guess more ambient sounds might be part of creating such an experience

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I absolutely agree with you

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I was listening to birds yesterday at Droitwich Airport [EG40] but I had to turn off the engines first to hear them.