Biting the bullet and migrating from Xbox to PC - A Journal

I have been sort of an Xbox apologist ever since the game was released on the platform, with over 1000 flight hours logged and a growing collection of peripherals. I’ve been a very vocal and largely optimistic advocate for the Xbox experience and it’s been very easy to applaud all of the mountains being moved to allow for Xbox simmers to have a great experience.

Anytime I considered the idea of abandoning Xbox in favor of PC, I’d talk myself out of it almost right away: with WASM support things are only going to get more exciting, with MSFS2024 things are only going to get better and more stable, more hardware will be coming out with Xbox support, and the ease of a pick-up-and play experience without obsessing over FPS made it so that I never really gave much thought to absorbing the HUGE cost of entry over my $500 beast of a console.

A week ago, I attempted KMKE > KSTL in the PMDG 737-800 and was realizing as I was setting the flight plan up in SimBrief that I’m purposely choosing non-enhanced airport scenery solely out of fear for the game crashing. I’d also made concessions in not using live weather or live traffic; both elements that I enjoy and would rather use if possible. I just wanted to get a full flight in so I treated this one very cautiously. And even as I was going through startup procedures and cockpit setup, I became aware of the lack of excitement I had for my upcoming flight - replaced instead by this nervous and cautious and bummed-out feeling that something’s probably not going to work right (black avionics, CTD, freezing, blah blah).

Sure enough, approaching my STAR the cockpit froze, the flight was over, and for the first time ever I started to feel a VERY strong urge to roll up my sleeves and dive into the pros and cons of what moving to PC would look like.

With Xbox’s memory limitations (I assume this is the bottleneck here), the process of troubleshooting CTDs, black avionics and failed flights has now become an exercise in omitting things that are integral to my personal enjoyment of the sim. Deliberately turning off traffic and purposely flying out of ugly default airfields is not the way that I want to enjoy a game this deep and with this much potential (and third party devs are getting SO clever with what they’re putting out there) - I want to experience the sim for all it has to offer, and the idea of being able to play with that sense of freedom (and relief) became very exciting to me literally overnight.

I didn’t really have any idea where to begin, and I know barely any more now than I did a week ago, but I thought maybe this thread might end up eventually being helpful to others considering the same move; I’d like to chronicle my build and setup experience and I’m sure at some point down the road it’ll end up being a retrospective on whether or not I feel like it was all worth it.

Big thanks to Razortek, sound, Mort, and some others who were helping me out with a lot of VERY basic and dumb questions that I had in the Discord - I basically just started firing off as many hardware compatibility questions and personal experience-type questions as I could think of. I had one eye on all the time off of work I have coming up at the end of the year, and I knew that if I used PC Part Picker to come up with a reasonably nice build and if I could get everything ordered in time, I’d be able to use my time off to build it up, get my desk set up, and get the game configured the way I want.

Also had to get my wife’s blessing on the whole thing :wink:

So on December 9th, I gave almost $2000 dollars to for:
Fractal North case
Ryzen 7 7800x3d CPU
Thermalright CPU cooler
Pure Power 1000watt power supply
2x16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 memory
3 Thermalright 120mm fans
GALAX GeForce RTX 4080 GPU

and I gave another $500 to Newegg for a 4TB SSD and MSI MAG X670E Tomahawk motherboard.

I’ve probably watched a dozen hours or so of YouTube videos explaining in detail the process by which these components are installed, the experience I can expect to have in MSFS when running with this setup, and DEFINITELY a lot of videos on 4080 vs 4090 comparisons; this was the hardest decision of the entire build, by far, and I hope I made the right decision here in saving almost $1000 to use the less powerful 4080. I still expect I’ll be blown away, as long as I can find my way around the newly-expanded Graphics Settings menu.

Question I kept getting when asking for graphics advice was what kind of monitor I plan to use, and I’m opting to keep using my same Samsung 4k monitor. I’ll certainly play around with VR maybe, in the future, but I’m targeting a smooth 4k experience.

When I started thinking of money I could save by NOT buying a new monitor, I also started thinking of all the things that I can sell once this is set up: my Honeycomb Xbox Hub, my Xbox headset, certainly my Series X and my expansion SSD card, all my physical games. Realized I can just run my Bravo right through to my PC now, meaning I can have a clean throttle and stick setup for Airbuses without the Alpha in my way, since that’s how you need to do it on Xbox. I’m beginning to feel lighter and more excited with every thought of these new doors opening to me on PC.

So I’m spending the last week or so waiting for parts to arrive and coming to grips with all these new things to look forward to that before, I could only read about: Vatsim, VR, headtracking, Neofly, SPAD.neXt, FSLTL, the Fenix A320…it’s really staggering the list of things that I’m excited to try and wrap my head around and see how they fit into my enjoyment of this sim. It is SUCH an awesome feeling and it’s this feeling that kind of led to my idea to make this thread.

Anyway, the first parts to show up were my fans, the power supply, CPU cooler and RAM. Not enough stuff to make for a cool social media picture yet :slight_smile: also got some thermal paste, an anti-static wrist strap (probably completely unnecessary) and a nifty screwdriver set.

7800X3D showed up the next day. Starting to get excited again.

Yesterday, the case shows up. MUCH bigger than I expected! That Fractal North case is SO sweet looking and I kinda built a lot of my other components around it, certainly for space considerations but also in kind of a mature-looking, anti-RGB type of setup. Clean. A bit later on yesterday, the RTX 4080 shows up, and this stupid thing is almost as big as the computer case (at least the packaging) - haven’t opened it yet, but I understand why people are so excited to upgrade these components. It’s all a very premium feeling experience and definitely a dopamine rush to look forward to these parts in the mail.

Got nothing coming today, but tomorrow my last components show up - the motherboard and the SSD. I should be able to start assembly tomorrow night. I’m expecting it maybe not to go very well, but there’s a lot of info out there and so I’m just going to try and be as careful as I can. I hope it all works and fits the way I’m expecting. Big advantage to console here: these were things I never had to worry about when starting up a game console to sim.

So, without being able to get started on my build until tomorrow, I took what I think will probably be my last flight on my Xbox last night. And I figured it’d go one of two ways, either it would be a good experience and I’d go to bed feeling a little regretful at all the money I just spent to squeeze more performance out of the sim, or something would go wrong again and I’d feel…vindicated I guess? Or like this is all gonna be worth it? Yeah, black screens on final. All done.

I LOVE the Xbox MSFS community, and I will never ever join in the chorus of gatekeeping that you read on here and elsewhere sometimes. I’ll still look forward to Marketplace drops on Thursdays with everyone else. But I feel so excited for the first time in a long time on all the new things I’ll get to tinker with, all while not looking with a suspicious eye at the game if I didn’t do the delicate little dance just right to get it to run well start-to-finish.

Will be updating this thread with information and pictures on how the build is going, what my impressions are like, and how overwhelmed/nervous/frustrated/excited I’m feeling at given points through the process; hope it ends up being interesting to some of you who may be considering the same thing. A beginning-to-end, “if I can do it anyone can” type of thread has been something I’ve been searching for on here and I can’t really find any good examples of that, so maybe this will end up filling some kind of a gap or foster some good discussions.


Great start to your journal. Good, honest appraisal of your current situation.
Look forward to your unfolding jouney.


It’s funny because I made the same decision to move from Xbox Series X to PC for the same exact reasons, and over the past week I’ve also been reading and watching videos on PC building in detail! I saw your YouTube video and immediately knew the feeling as the screen went black as you were on approach.

I’ve spent several hours over the last few days going back and forth on specific parts, especially the GPU. For me, it’s between the Radeon 7900XTX and the RTX 4080, and I am leaning toward the former as I’m not likely to rely as much on DLSS in glass avionics aircraft that I fly and I am bullish on FSR over the long-run.

I’ve also had to figure out stuff like which RAM has EXPO compatible with my chosen motherboard, how flashing a BIOS works, and case airflow mechanics. It’s all been very fun and I haven’t ordered parts yet!

Other than the GPU and 2TB of SSD, my tentative build is similar to yours and I’m leaning toward the Lian Li 216 case and fans. But the Fractal North cases also look great!


You picked some awesome parts there! I have a Fractal case too, they just ooze quality. Have fun building and good luck! It’s pretty easy really.

Don’t be discouraged if you get a few stutters running MSFS, SU14 has just brought that on everyone… I have the same CPU as you but also a 4090 and still get them. They are CPU related. Big CPU spikes for seemingly no reason, that didn’t exist during SU13. Real shame, hopefully Asobo will drop a performance patch soon.


Thanks for helping to temper my expectations; I’d take stutters all day long if I can at least make it to the “gear down” phase of flight with no crashing :joy: I too hope they figure out the memory spikes for everybody’s sake.


Very nice build! Can you elaborate on your explanation of glass cockpits and DLSS when you have a moment? By FSR are you referring to the FSReborn Piper? You lost me with that but I’m running a bit slow today.

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Funny thing is you don’t even know what you have begun yet!!! Hahahah.

Be prepared for expansionism to take a strong hold. Sure 4tb is enough?! :stuck_out_tongue:

At least you will have plenty of stuff for future birthday and Xmas lists for your wife to buy you. If you’re anything like me I’m hard to buy gifts for until this sim took over lol. There is always something else you “need”. You’re gonna have great fun. Excited for you!

Subbed to your channel so I look forward to your “my first PC flight” video man!


Somebody’s getting serious haha. Good luck. Hope it all works out for you. Funny though cuz I just bought an Xbox Series X and in 3 weeks I have yet to get a CTD. Honestly don’t know why people are having problems with them. Anyway you’ll enjoy the freedom of all the freeware. Hope its worth the money. TBH I’ve never had CTD problems with my PC either. I think it must have to do with third party scenery cuz I don’t use any. And remember, PCs aren’t immune to CTDs either. If you push hardware to the limit it’s going to crash, be it console or PC.


Try some poorly optimised third-party scenery if you seek to empathise with those of us having problems…

Some users seem to have more than their fair share of problems, however I don’t tend to put myself in that category.

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I had to make the same call and I don’t think you’ll regret it. The 4080 can easily handle 4K 2D and frame generation just adds the cherry on top. I fly only VR and even there it’s enough GPU for now.

Enjoy the Build and don’t rush it, especially things like thermal paste application/fan seating. Take your time and double-check every step.

I’ve build many systems over the years and there’s still that apprehension when you fire her up for the first time but then the sweet release when it all just works.


Yes, but this is much more easily fixed on PC thanks to hardware configs and setting options used to run the sim. Folks on PC don’t report the same systematic black screen and CTD issues as Xbox users, and that’s why.


DLSS 3.0 can increase FPS quite a bit, but it does have an issue with blurriness in glass avionics as a side effect of the frame generation. I’m not sure how bad it is but the linked thread might be helpful. That said, the 4080 is still solid and DLSS I’ve heard is quite great outside of this issue!

FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is AMD’s upscaling technology similar to Nvidia’s DLSS, though the quality is generally not as good. But long term, I hope it matches DLSS. We are also still waiting for FSR 3 support for MSFS too.

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I did the same, albeit after 48 hours :slight_smile:

Never looked back!


@Red81Trekker welcome to this well trodden path! Many have gone before you and I don’t remember a single regret post. Personally I only wish I’d made the switch 12 months earlier.

6 months on for me, zero black screens, I think the sim has frozen and got stuck once (as I pulled into the gate at LEBL) and CTD twice, but one of those was droning around the Fenix looking at all the amazing detail, so I didn’t lose a flight. On the other hand, hundreds of flights and many hundreds of flight hours and every day I can’t wait to turn the sim on, I never have that fear that is conditioned into long term xbox users.

If you like bus driving the Fenix is an absolute joy, and while you can definitely do your best to seriously fly airliners on xbox (and I’ll never criticise anyone for trying) you can’t actually achieve it because so much is missing. On PC you need to load it up with some extras (navigraph, GSX, fenix2gsx, FSLTL, etc) but then you get the real deal. Big learning curve and many hours invested to get it all running sweet, but then plenty of time to enjoy it.

If you like rotary I’m really digging the HPG and packs, so much fun.

If you’ve been missing a replay tool (and who doesn’t want replay?) then check out the freeware skydolly or the payware FlightControlReplay which is my preference.


The 7800X3D / RX 7900 XTX with all the extra awesomeness that I built to replace my Series X has brought me nothing but joy since I put it together in April/May.

I never think about the Xbox other than pangs of sorrow for my ex-compatriots as they still deal with Xbox-specific annoyances that take away from their enjoyment of the sim.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your future sim experiences!


That’s awesome! What’s your opinion of this combo compared to an Nvidia card with DLSS, and how does it perform with add ons? Could be helpful for us still specing out build options!

I cannot compare it to the nVidia cards, because I don’t have one with which to compare!

I have not felt a need for DLSS or frame generation or whatever they call it.

I run my setup on a 4K display, DX12, TLOD 400 and all the other graphics maxed. I have vsync setup for 60 FPS.

I see (who doesn’t??) less frames when on the ground at a mega airport (KlAX, for example) with a high fidelity aircraft (the Asobo/WT 787 is especially bad, but the PMDG 737 is actually pretty great), but once I’m wheels up I the FPS resumes trucking along at high speed again.

I mainly fly GA and, so, I rarely see performance issues, at all.

I see people complaining of temperature spikes and whatnot on the 7800X3D thread, but I don’t see that at all. My CPU never seems to go above 60° during my flights and my GPU is around that, too.

I have front-loaded my system with a 1200 PSU, which it barely taps into, but having all that headroom is what allows it to not work.

I’ve got an NZXT H7 flow case with the perforated front panel and an NZXT Kraken 360 AIO. I live in a VERY hot place in CA during the summers and the room in my vintage house gets very hot during peak hours. My system laughed at the high summer ambients and never, once, got hot enough to have howling fans nor did I see the CPU or GPU get much hotter than they are right now approaching winter. I struggled in the heat, not my PC.

I wouldn’t change a thing that I purchased for this build. It just works.


Thanks for posting this. My own use of MSFS on Xbox X started as an affordable and relatively simple way to try MSFS without having to build a PC. And that has been ok, but I also eventually want to be able to maximize immersion with triple monitors, feedback yoke, better ATC, traffic, scenery, etc. Since MSFS 2024 will likely bring significant changes, I’ve decided to wait, but I’ll be following closely.


Really well written journal entry! I look forward to your continued reports. Welcome to the PC universe. You purchased well.

If I may suggest one simple addition. The 4080 is HEAVY, and can put significant stress on the motherboard PCI-e slot. I use this for my 3090 Ti, and it’s a perfect solution, IMHO. There are many brands, and different styles out there. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to position the shelf so that it doesn’t interfere with the GPU fans. Really not a big issue.


Thank you! I’ve seen these in builds before, but for some reason assumed this was included in the GPU box. Will order one.