Black Square Analog Beechcraft Bonanza A36 / G36

This is great stuff :heart_eyes:


Yes, looking forward to it coming out too.

Maybe tomorrow?

Probably not but you never know.

Technically it’s no longer a G36, it’s an A36.


Certainly got my eye on this. I quite like flying the modded G36 but the standard glass interior is probably the dullest cockpit I’ve come across. The detail with this looks stunning.

For me there’s no challenge to a glass cockpit, all the information is at your fingertips, you don’t have to worry about anything but following the line. I love the old style gauges. Maybe if I was flying in RL, I’d appreciate the glass cockpit more, but I’m not any more.


another aircraft with incredible gauge physics in coming :heart_eyes: since yesterday (C208 update) I enjoy even more flying vor to vor in the C208, can’t wait to get this deeper signal degradation in my Kingair aswell.
About this Bonanza, I m seeing this one as a good opportunity to return to the basics of piston aircraft with a Turbocharger variant allowing some aerobatic sessions :innocent:

Experience with the previous two BlackSquare aircraft means that this will be a day one purchase, as will be the case with the Baron. They have really nailed their approach and the system fidelity and depth make their offerings deeply satisfying to operate and a lot of fun too. They are a real pleasure to be in. Since release of the initial aircraft in the form of the Caravan and then the Kingair, I can honestly say that I have not flown anything else since last August. Round the package out with a GTN (I use the TDS xi version) and it will put a very big smile on to your face. Cant wait for the release.


I was surprised to see the Baron announced. Isn’t it a Premium aircraft? Did they model it from scratch? Or is the Premium version required for it to work?

looking at the bottom of the product page, deluxe edition is required

for those interested, FlyingFabio gonna fly it today 13:00Z on twitch !!! :partying_face: :heart_eyes: and we got a release date :scream_cat:


When is the release date?

9th, I think. Please refer to the product page for details.

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It’s indeed today! Although he sent this “today” as I read, and says “tomorrow”. Timezones, again!

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Yup, Thursday 9th.

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Holy smokes! I’m pretty new to this flying thing, and have been spending pretty much all my time in the Improved G36 mod with the glass cockpit. I’ll stick with it while I learn more of the basics, but I can easily see myself jumping into this one eventually for a more realistic experience. I don’t need airliners, or fast jets to have fun (no offense intended if that’s your thing.) I’m happy pretending I’m flying a responsive GA that tests me, yet doesn’t beat me over the head like a C152, which is simple but has such a limited flight envelope. The cockpit of this new A36 looks spectacular, and I know I’ll have fun getting into a more study-level aircraft after a while.


there is few previews that are showing up slowly !


Thank you for posting these. This Bonanza is just the kind of high fidelity AC that I am after.

It looks great and I am very much looking forward to this when it drops on Thursday. I heard (can’t recall the source) that there is also a 25% discount on the Baron too if we also buy the Bonanza. If this is correct then I might also get the Baron too.

I must confess that I was initially not a fan of paying around £25 for what is basically a mod of a default AC (not sure if the Bonanza is sim version specific) but having bought the King Air I am now definitely a convert of these Black Square enhancements. Seriously, it’s very immersive stuff and with penalties for not flying by the book :slightly_smiling_face:


After the KA and Caravan, for me almost any price is a bargain. Will also get the Baron on day one as well.


Does anyone know if the liveries of the stock Bonanza can be used or if special liveries are needed for the Black Square Bonanza?

According to the manual stock liveries are usable but you have to go in and make some changes to the layout or manifest file. There’s a whole instruction set in the manual. I’m surprised though seeing as it has tip tanks and weather radar mounted on the wing.

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